Poll Results: Is Britain's BNP Anti-Semitic?


BNP fails to find support among European far-Right parties

The British National Party’s first foray into Brussels ended in failure yesterday after it was unable find enough allies on the far-Right to form an official group in the European Parliament. More>>

27 % voted Yes

43 % voted No

21 % voted “only some of them”

9 % think the BNP is “worse than Muslims”

(Well, at least they don’t have a religious mandate to wipe out the Jews ‘to the last’)


Here’s the BNP’s Mission Statement (this is not en endorsement)


Muslims, Mosques and Mosquitoes

Gates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey

The British author Paul Weston steps in again with a guest-essay on the much-debated question of how many Muslims actually live in Britain. More>>

New Poll starts Today:

Do you believe in Global Warming?

  1. Absolutely not
  2. I’m a sceptic
  3. Global worming is real
  4. Another tax-fraud to transfer our wealth to the 3rd world

8 thoughts on “Poll Results: Is Britain's BNP Anti-Semitic?”

  1. Hey Sheik,

    I can’t even access the BNP site from my work computer, as it is labelled ‘hate speech’.

    Have a look:
    ‘Access denied by WebWasher DynaBLocator content category. The requested URL belongs to the following category: Hate and Discrimination’.

    However, I have no problem accessing ‘Islam.com’…..!

  2. The BNP has at least one Jewish councillor,and the party’s treasurer is also Jewish. That is apart from hundreds of Jewish members. In my local group of activists (we go leafletting,not burning down synagouges) I know of 3 part jewish members,including myself.
    These days,it is quite difficult not to be anti-semetic with the likes of the miliband bros and mandleson spouting their garbage at every opportunity.

  3. While accusing the BNP of outright nazi-ism, guess what ol’ David Cameron’s tories have been getting up to in the EU parliament:


    A party that honours Latvia’s Waffen SS veterans was named among David Cameron’s new allies, as the Conservatives identified members of their anti- federalist group in the European Parliament.

    One MEP from Latvia’s For Fatherland and Freedom Party (LNNK) will be among the 55 MEPs from eight countries in the European Conservatives and Reformists group, which the Tory leader pledged to form during his leadership campaign in 2005.

    The Conservatives have been criticised by their own former MEPs for leaving the main centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) group of 264 MEPs in Strasbourg, distancing themselves from the parties of Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel.

    William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, said yesterday that the party would still be able to work with parties that take a greater pro-EU stance when necessary.

  4. Jesus said to his apostles “ye shall be few in number.”
    The BNP, of which I am a proud offshore member, and despite certain reservations I have with some of its policies, together with Mr. Wilders’ Freedom Party, is the only body in western Europe which is “telling it like it is.”
    J.S. Bach wrote “Sleepers Awake!” Pay attention.

  5. Urban11 and Jack Straw- him of ” There is nothing worth saving of the English race”.
    Then his- “The English are very aggresive and violent people”.

    Who the hell votes for these people- Loonies?

    With his family of well,- not very savoury types he should keep his big gob shut!!

    There are Jews and Jews!!

    1. Jack Straw, the man who famously said “the alternative would be too horrible to contemplate”- (when asked what if the millions of Muslims in Britain will not integrate or assimilate?) I’m still looking for a link or evidence for it, though. Would be nice to have evidence for the above quotes. In any case, while Miliband is more of an airhead, Jack Straw is certainly guilty of a dereliction of duty, if not treason. But treason is no longer punishable in this post-colonial world of multicultural mush. But then again, if its still on the books, then why isn’t he prosecuted for aiding and abetting a foreign power?

  6. The BNP, like all the major parties, accept that ‘Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish homeland.’ Unlike the other parties, the BNP says that the native Britons should enjoy a similar advantage, and this is to their credit. They are by this objective measure much less racist than the main parties.

    However, while the BNP accepts that the Jewish character of Israel means that the Jews have the right to refuse other peoples – including the English, Welsh and Scots – the right to immigrate into Israel; the BNP does not say that the British charcter of these islands would allow us to discriminate against Jews. This is disappointing. The BNP, far from being anti-semitic in terms of its relations to Jews and the peoples it claims to represent, actually grants the Jewish people more priviliges than it does the native Brits; it is a little, just a little, anti-‘gentile.’

    Again, I must stress that in comparison to the other parties the BNP is a paragon of fairness. But still, it should be totally fair.

  7. Folks, I need a link: if these are indeed quotes by Jack Straw we gotta get this out into the open. If that doesn’t break his neck I don’ know what will:

    ” There is nothing worth saving of the English race”.
    “The English are very aggressive and violent people”.

    So, where and when and in which context did he say that?

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