Turkey: “I wanted to kill a Christian that day"



“Mentally disturbed Muslim” stabs German businessman as he leaves church.

Predictable. “Nothing to do with Islam”… check out the comments from the Muslim detractors here: one even tries to smear the victim  as an “escaped prisoner who escaped from a German prison… a possible hit-man…” (sic)

ISTANBUL, July 28 (Compass Direct News) – On a crowded street here last week a German businessman died after a Turk with a history of mental problems stabbed him for being a Christian. Witnesses saw Ibrahim Akyol, 26, stab Gregor Kerkeling in the chest on July 20 at 10:50 a.m. after following him out of St. Anthony Catholic Church in Istanbul’s central district of Beyoglu. Church security cameras captured the attack on Kerkeling, who regularly visited the church when he was in town for business. Akyol, a Muslim who reportedly had been visiting area churches scouting around for a Christian victim, followed Kerkeling out of the church building and asked him for a Turkish lira. When Kerkeling refused and gestured him away, Akyol repeatedly stabbed him in the heart and chest area before passersby intervened. In a statement to the prosecutor, Akyol reportedly confessed that in the morning he woke up and decided that on that day he would kill a Christian. “I wanted to kill a Christian that day and was visiting churches for this reason,” he told prosecutors, according to the Hurriet Daily News. “I saw the person and killed him.”

4 thoughts on “Turkey: “I wanted to kill a Christian that day"”

  1. Islam again – and so much for the turks who claim that this was just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. Apart from the cruelty and callousness – the stupidity .
    You kill someone you don’t know for no good reason then you lose
    your freedom – (forever , I hope )

  3. Maybe he would “celebrate diversity” and kill a Jew or atheist tomorrow.

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