U.K.: Police told not to charge Muslim "extremists" in hate crime cases for fear of "radicalizing" them even more


UK, the bottom of the pits:

British police go to hell 
The Daily Express – Macer Hall/with thanks to  Davey, JW and Counter Jihad

POLICE will be ordered not to charge Muslim extremists in many hate crime cases – to stop them becoming more militant.

Guidelines will tell forces to press for conviction only in cases of clear-cut criminal acts. Officers will be advised not to proceed when evidence of lawbreaking is “borderline”.

British police home grown terrorist

Examples of crimes to which a blind eye may be turned include incitement to religious hatred or viewing extremist material on the internet.

God Bless Hitler

Last night critics warned that the move could mean Islamic radicals being give the freedom to encourage violence.

Some saw the move as a politically correct attempt to appease extremists who hate Britain.

Europe will pay

It could even mean officers tolerating many activities of Muslim preachers of hate like the hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza.

Tory MP David Davies said: “This sounds like abject surrender. Everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law.

Muslims burning union jack

“It doesn’t matter whether someone is suspected of incitement to hatred or shoplifting – they should all face the same risk of prosecution.

“There should be no special favours or treatment for any section of the community.”

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Officials insist there is no suggestion that people who have clearly committed offences will avoid prosecution.

* Then, why did officials initiate this discussion? Are Muslims to be treated equally under the law with the majority population, or, per Orwell’s coinage, “more equal than others?”

Instead, they want to avoid alienating Muslims on the fringes of extremism by dragging them to court over petty allegations unlikely to result in conviction.

Anjem Choudary the jihadist

One fear is that some young Muslims are falling under the influence of extremist preachers while serving prison sentences or on remand awaiting trial.

A senior Whitehall official said the guidance was being drawn up as part of a drive to use persuasion rather than the criminal justice system to fight extremism.

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He added: “The aim is to stop people being dragged into extremism.

“We are not talking about letting someone off who has committed a clear offence, but where it is unclear if an offence has been committed.

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“For instance, where there has been incitement or someone has been on the internet there can be a grey area where there is some discretion and it would be more sensible to avoid going down the criminal route.”

The Government’s counter- terrorism board is drawing up the advice, which will be sent to all police forces, including the Metropolitan, later this year.

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  1. “Run you kaffirs!”
    “Run you dogs!”

    (muslims getting away with incitement in dying Britain)

  2. More muslim incitement to racial/religious violence that has conveniently been ignored:

    The caption across the St George flag is:

    “We start with your cross, we end with your blood”

  3. they can incite racial hatred
    we get prosecuted for it
    they can have 2 or more wives and get paid for it
    we marry two women and we get prosecuted

    and this is /was our country

  4. What’s f’kn scary is that these idiots honestly believe that this policy will be seen as strength. They need to be awakened to reality at the polls but I feel that the only party willing (refer BNP’s Griffin: Islam is a cancer) is open to attack.

    I believe that this policy has been in place for a very long time with only limited exceptions – they do not want to admit to its failure and to extend it they simply pretend a new beginning.

    Mainstream British politicians are easily corruptible, basically have not guts and like all socialist extremists have a warped view of the world especially with regard to right and wrong.

    To all decent Britons

    Good luck

  5. Looks like the policy is working as intended:

    ‘Kill soldiers’ Muslim blogger is back in job as Treasury civil servant

    A Muslim civil servant suspended amid claims that he used his personal website to justify the killing of British troops in Iraq has returned to work at the Treasury.

    muslims – taking the [camel] piss out of the UK every day

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