F*kc Turkey!

Turkey, Hide &  Hubris:

Turkish protests fan Muslim fury

Turkey says “World’s Muslims Await its EU Entry”

No Turkey to EU
The Star — Adam Tanner/ thanks to Counter Jihad
Muslims around the world are awaiting the conclusion of Turkey’s half-century-old application to join the European Union as a sign of tolerance from the West, a Turkish official said on Friday.

“This process is very closely monitored, followed and evaluated by 1.5 billion Muslims in the world,” Egemen Bagis, minister for EU affairs, told Reuters. “Every meeting I have with my European counterparts, I can feel the pressure of these 1.5 billion people on my shoulders.”

* Is there nobody in the whole of Europe to nail this headbangers coffee-filter to his skull and send him back with seasons greetings? Why should we care about the “pressure” by billions of Muselmanic  lunatics?

Turkey, which straddles Europe and Asia, applied for membership to the EU’s forerunner in 1959 and became an EU candidate in 1999, but remains far from membership. The issue remains politically divisive among the bloc’s member states.

If the EU turns its back on Turkey, not only “Muslims all around the world, but all people, all humans, will somehow feel that they have been isolated from the West,” Bagis said.

*   “all people, all humans..”-  remember: only Muslims are human, unbelievers are the vilest of creatures…

“If a country like Turkey … is still discriminated against … then the message that those billions of people get is going to be a very negative message.

The second Turkey is accepted into the EU, the rest of the Muslim world will follow  >  the end of Europe.

Boycott Genocidal Turkey!

The Armenian Genocide

by Baron Bodissey

This is an excellent program about the Armenian Genocide. It presents a wealth of archival documentation; I had no idea there was so much motion picture evidence from the period:

Bare Naked Islam

Muslims around the world condemned China’s crackdown in Xinjiang with thousands taking part in anti-Chinese protests across Turkey.

At least 156 people have been killed in unrest in Xinjiang over the past week and the Islamic world has sought to bring attention to the plight of Muslim Uygurs in the Chinese region.

In Istanbul, about 5,000 people demonstrated outside the Fatih mosque after Friday prayers, according to NTV television. ”No To Ethnic Cleansing” demonstrators chanted, while burning mainland products.

Armenian genocide
Massacred child by Turkey

About 700 people took part in a similar demonstration at the Kocatepe mosque in Ankara. Other protests were held in seven other Turkish towns.

Uygurs are Turkic speakers and Turkey, while recognizing Chinese sovereignty in Xinjiang, has been particularly outspoken on the Uygur case.

Massacred Armenian children
The Armenian genocide by Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the violence in Xinjiang was ”an atrocity” while Trade and Industry Minister Nihat Ergun has called for a boycott of mainland goods.

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  1. “The second Turkey is accepted into the EU, the rest of the Muslim world will follow > the end of Europe.”

    Pretty much sums up what I was going to say in a single sentence!

    I hope and pray that I, nor future generations of British and European people, never see the day that muslims conquer Europe through the EU’s suicidal policy of inclusiveness.

  2. Those pictures are of Armenians massacred by the Turks in WW1. Most of my family were killed at that time.

    Hey Europe, are you nuts? Do you have a death wish?

  3. China has just released the figures, 180 odd killed, 136 of which were Han. It appears the headbangers went on a murder spree against them, the Han got together and went against them which is when the army interfered.

  4. u still talk about war happened 200 years ago??? silly u look at the germany as ur neighbour killed millions of jews witht he same mentality why do u accept them??

    at the same time just america and ur united nation killed milions iraqi people in last 10 years what about it? U dont even know what exactly happened you cant know what does war mean,if it happens you will trow atomic bombs every where with your cowards asses and then say Turks did it maybe… screw u all….

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