WTF? Anger Management?

Menopausal Road Rage Watch:

138roadrage_smAN IRAQI doctor who crushed a pregnant woman with her 4×4 car in a road rage incident has been told she can resume her medical practice.

Huge Muslim Drug Ring Smashed in Britain…

“If you say Islam is not a Religion of Peace we kill you..”

Qatar Newspaper

DOHA: Islam is a religion of peace and mercy and denounces all forms of terrorism.

The Western media continuously propagates the false information that slam is a religion of terrorism and the tiny minority of Muslims who are involved in terrorist activities are the victims of western imperialism, according to M M Akbar, Director of Niche of Truth, India. He was delivering the key note address at the concluding session of three months long campaign organized by Qatar Muslim Islam Centre on the theme “Islam is Mercy not Violence,” recently.

“Islam teaches peace and tolerance. Qur’an says that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), was sent as mercy to the whole mankind. On the day of Makkah Victory, the Prophet re-entered the city after 10 long years of living in Madinah. The Muslims had emigrated to Madinah, when the oppression of the pagans of Makkah escalated unbearably.

“Many Muslims were harassed, abused, tortured, and even murdered, their houses and possessions plundered. Despite all this, on the day of victory, when the whole of Makkah lay at his feet and his enemies stood in surrender awaiting his verdict, the Prophet of Islam announced forgiveness and amnesty to all his former enemies. This incident shows the patience, tolerance and kindness taught by Islam and Prophet,” he said.

“Islam permits fighting in self-defence, in defence of ones faith, or on the part of those whose basic rights have been violated but under strict rules and under apt leadership. This permission is not violence or intolerance but a noble endeavor in defense of one’s faith,” said Akbar.

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  1. The iraqi ‘doctor’
    I thought I was past shocking with the British PC crowd .

    Here’s just one sentence from the article – the arrogance !

    At a General Medical Council fitness to practice hearing last week, Dr Arnaot angrily interrupted the panel chairman, Professor Kevin Dalton and vowed not to treat British patients.

    I don’t think any sane person would want to be treated by her .
    Don’t tell me Brits are going to carry on going to her surgery after reading this !

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