Bradford: "We dont want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out"

Teen jailed for five years for “racist” stabbing

Cultural Enrichment in the land of Churchill & Enoch Powell: must be our fault, because of Abu Ghraib and Gitmo,Israel and because  of social injustice and humiliation. All we need to do is improve social conditions in Mohammedan countries around the world and everything will be just swell…

Telegraph UK

A teenager, Amir Rehman, who stabbed and slashed a random passer-by in a brutal racially motivated attack in Manningham, West Yorkshire, has been jailed for five years

Rehman, 18, shouted racial abuse as 51-year-old Ronald O’Connor walked to a shop for a loaf of bread, near the gates of Lister Park, Manningham, last December.
Leeds Crown Court heard that Rehman shouted: “Manningham belongs to Muslims. We dont want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out.”

* Its happening in Australia too, but don’t bother looking for the Muzz word:

Barbarians at the gates – or through them

His victim tried to get in the shop, but Rehman ran towards him and stabbed him twice in the upper arm with a four to five-inch bladed knife.
Rehman, of Manningham, tried to slash Mr O’Connor’s face and the victim also had the palms of his hands slashed as he tried to defend himself.
Richard Gioserano, prosecuting, said: “Rehman was swinging at him over and over again with the knife. Mr O’Connor was in great pain and in fear, literally, of his life.”
He ran into the shop, police were called and Rehman was arrested outside.
Mr O’Connor had to have surgery at Bradford Royal Infirmary for a deep laceration to his palm while he also suffered lacerations to his fingers and two incisions to his upper arm with apparent nerve damage.
Rehman and two friends, Amar Farooq and Tanveer Hussain, committed a series of robberies only hours after Rehman appeared at court for a preliminary hearing in March.
The trio were drinking heavily at the time of the attacks and the robberies targeted children on their way home from school.
During the callous street muggings some of the youngsters were threatened with being stabbed, though no knife was seen.
A 15-year-old schoolboy who was making his way home at 3pm on 4 March, was grabbed from behind, punched in the face and had his iPod and mobile phone stolen.
A group of three more pupils, two boys and a girl aged 14 and 15, who saw the attack were the next victims.
Hussain asked to borrow a mobile phone and when all three said they didn’t have one, Farooq said: “You have 10 seconds to give me your valuable stuff or I will stab you all.”
The girl ran off and Farooq grabbed one boy shoving him against a wall while the other two stole £1.10 from the other boy, said Mr Gioserano.
Their next victim was an 11-year-old boy.
Jonathan Devlin, defending, said there were no explanations or excuses for the offences other than drink.
All three pleaded guilty to three robberies and Rehman pleaded guilty to wounding with intent in connection with the Manningham incident.
Rehman was sent to youth custody for five years while Hussain, 23, of Manningham, and Farooq, 25, of Garlington, were jailed for 30 months.
The judge, Recorder David Bradshaw, told Rehman he had committed an unprovoked attack on an innocent man causing horrendous injuries.
He said: “I am satisfied it was accompanied by racial abuse and seemed to have a racial motive.”

Racist school bully walks free

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  1. “The trio were drinking heavily at the time of the attacks”

    Maybe this is one instance where we should let sharia courts take over. Instead of our Western idea of a short prison sentence, let Islamic law take over and give them 40 lashes or whatever. After all, this is what they’re clamouring for.

    The judge obviously hadn’t attended enough sensitivity training. Doesn’t he realise that only whites can be racist?

  2. Touché Cassandra! The woman in malaysia who (horrors!) drank beer is to receive a caning of six strokes. Surely we can extrapolate from this sentence that “drinking heavily,” robbing children and knifing at random a law-abiding British citizen would merit at the very least the amputation of some apendage.
    I know, dream on; at the end of the day the perpetrator will probably be released and financially compensated for being a “disaffected youth.”
    O tempora! O mores!

  3. No, I think that given the guiding principles of Taqiya (forgive spelling) a Sharia court will be guided by the principle of “making islam look good”. If this means that the muslims feel a guilty verdict is not positive then the perpetrators will be released. Secondly, this is criminal law and sharia should NOT be allowed to enter this sphere of legal activity. We should be enforcing our existing laws and not making excuses for not doing so!!!!!

  4. What angers me most about this issue of racial assaults on the indigenous population here in the UK by muslims. Is that the seriousness and the quantity of the attacks are always downgraded or suppressed.

    Living in London, I have seen and experienced many such racial slurs by muslims. One such example, was an assault on on my 2 year old nephew as he was happily playing in a sandbox in a park . A six year old muslim somali boy attacked him as he ran by my nephew. What did the boy’s fat hajib wearing mama do as she witnessed the assualt? Why, she hugged her future little terrorist, of course. Thereby validating that it is acceptable to assault, nonmuslims. Medieval backwards peasants.

    Events like these are more common here in the UK and in Holland, but the governments work very hard not to talk/acknowledge such racial attacks on the indigenous populations.

    Europe has made a serious mistake by allowing muslims in to Europe as a labour source to prop up the socialist dream. As the last UK census has proven muslims are the largest demographic on benefits and the government should immediately limit the numbers of uneducated peasants into the UK. But, we know that won’t happen under labour because they would lose a possible voting source.

  5. Fair enough this attack was wrong, there was no excuse for it; but you can’t bring religion into it; how do we know he said ‘“We dont want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out”, how can we be so certain that the victims telling the truth? Unless you was there at the time you can not judge Amir, fair enough the stabbing was wrong, and the punishment he got for it he deserved, which was obviously linked to the heavy drinking. The media exxagerates, and the victim was in a situation where his word was on a much stronger level than Amirs due to the situation, which was obviously why the judge believed him over Amir. The victim is bound to do or say anything in order for Amir to get the highest sentence he can, which is what he did. Anyone would do that.. Please don’t judge him as you don’t know him personally. Obviously Islam teaches us not to carry out these violent attacks, there’s no need to state the obvious, every Muslim’s aware of this and so was he. Bye

  6. And stop pushing the line that the muslim cretin Amir was hard done by. It deserves to be hung!!

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