Britain's dumbest Jew: "There Are Circumstances in Which Terrorism is Justifyable"

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Al-Maqdessi (R) announced the start of theocratic rule in the Palestinian territories

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David Miliband:

“There are circumstances in which terrorism can be justifiable

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Pamela is right: this guy doesn’t know the difference between good and bad or right and wrong.  That’s why our world is turning to mush. A careering creature like Miliband  who stands for nothing will fall for anything… Miliband is the strawman for the value-free society…
Daily Mail via Atlas Shrugs

Foreign Secretary David Miliband was accused last night of condoning terrorism after declaring that there were circumstances in which it was ‘justifiable’.

His remarks – made in support of the ANC’s armed struggle against apartheid in South Africa – were swiftly condemned by the Conservatives, who accused him of giving succour to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The military wing of the ANC carried out a number of terrorist attacks during its campaign, including the Church Street bombing in Pretoria in 1983 in which 19 people were killed and more than 200 wounded. Many of the victims were civilians.

Asked by presenter Matthew Parris whether there were any circumstances in which terrorism was justified, Mr Miliband said: ‘Yes, there are circumstances in which it is justifiable, and yes, there are circumstances in which it is effective.’

He added: ‘The importance for me is that the South African example proved something remarkable: the apartheid regime looked like a regime that would last forever, and it was blown down.

It is hard to argue that, on its own, a political struggle would have delivered. The striking at the heart of a regime’s claim on a monopoly of power, which the ANC’s armed wing represented, was very significant.’

Last night, Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague said the remarks were ill-judged. He said: ‘Ministers must be very careful before advancing any argument that seems to legitimise terrorism in some circumstances.

When so much of the efforts of our security services, and the sacrifices of our troops in Afghanistan, are devoted to defeating terrorists, this is hardly the time to argue that terrorism is sometimes acceptable.’

There’s more. Such stupidity is beyond ……

There is a disconnect. When there is no sense  of right, wrong, country, principle – when one stands for nothing, they’ll fall for anything.

Apartheid was a horror.  So is the ANC’s heinous destruction of that country for well over a  decade.  No mention of that. No mention of the Boer farmer genocide. No mention of any of this.

Modern terrorism is ripping our society apart at its seams, hardly the time for a “foreign minister” to put a damn smiley face on it.

At one point in the programme, Gillian Slovo suggested that if her father was to be termed a ‘terrorist’, then so should ‘the Bush administration for going into Iraq’ because it was using ‘terror to pursue political ends’. Mr Miliband did not contest her assertion – despite the Blair Government’s role in the invasion.

Of course Miliband wouldn’t contest it, he’s a lowlife.

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  1. sheik

    Know anything about this ?

    ” The government of Bangladesh is currently investigating links between a UK-based NGO and a madrassa housing a substantial cache of arms. Security officials in Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), which raided the Green Crescent seminary and orphanage on Tuesday, have stated that they have detained four alleged militants and are still hunting for a British citizen, known by the nickname “Faisal”. “Faisal” is believed to be the owner of the British charity that established the seminary on the remote southern island of Bhola four years ago. “

  2. persikas…..
    This story has been around awhile, not covered in the UKs media as usual.

    David Miliband- Marxist Fabian Fascist!
    Taught at the knee of his father Ralph- Again proving immigration has been deadly for Britain!

    In January 1940 Miliband became a student on a course provided by the International Commission for Refugees in Great Britain at the Acton Technical College. While studying English History (1066-1914) at college he became a Marxist. Although he initially received poor marks his improvement was spectacular and in October 1941 won a place to study at the London School of Economics (LSE).———— LSE School of Marxist economics and Fabianism!
    Britain has sheltered and spawned the likes of Marx and Joseph Stalin, then we wonder whats “BROKEN BRITAIN”
    Note how very, very few ENGLISH actually rule ENGLAND……………..

  3. I went to that school (LSE) too Sally. (1968/69)

    I did well and I was never infected with the Socialist virus. In fact I never knew what Fabianism was until a few years ago.

    In 1973, after 4 years in the Far East as a musician, businessman and impresario, I gave it another shot and tried to study political science and philosophy in Berlin.

    Confronted with Marxist professors, militant homos and lesbians, Mohammedans and social engineers, it was me against the mob. The mob won. It was worse than a mental institution. I gave up after 5 weeks.

    Wakademia sux.

    I have never come across more fuckwits in my life.

    But today these people rule over us. You go figure!

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