How Much did Willie Clitman Offer the North-Korean Poison Dwarf to Spring the Two Lefty Journo's?

Bill Clinton in N.Korea, meets Kim Jong-il

By Jack Kim/The Star

SEOUL (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton made a surprise visit to North Korea and met its reclusive leader on Tuesday to try to win freedom for two jailed American journalists in a move that could re-energize nuclear talks.



By: Daniel Pipes

Returning to pork: both Islam and Judaism abominate the flesh of pigs, so this prohibition offers a direct and revealing comparison of the two religions. Simply put, Jews accept that non-Jews eat pork but Muslims take offense and try to impede pork consumption. That, in brief, explains why Western accommodations to Halakha have no relevance for dealing with Shari’a. And why the Shari’a as public policy must be opposed.

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