Melbourne: Somali Courtroom Jihad

The arrested Somali’s won’t stand for the judge and call Australians the “real terrorists”- straight from the Al Qaeda playbook….

Four muslim terrorists (top) Saney Aweys, Nayef El Sayed. (bottom) Yacqub Khayre, Abdirahman Ahmed

What’s next? Will Yusuf Irfan call Amnesia Intentional and whine about “torture?”

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Andrew Bolt

A tiny, unrepresentative minority of Somali Australians – charged over an alleged terrorist plot – turns out to have a few friends:

A Melbourne Magistrates Court hearing for the men yesterday was tense, with family and friends clashing verbally with police as they entered the court.

Inside the court, one of the accused, 33-year-old Wissam Mahmoud Fattal, launched a tirade about the Australian military being the real terrorists.

“You call me a terrorist, I have never killed anyone in my life,” Mr Fattal shouted.  “Your army kills innocent people in Iraq.”

Mr Fattal also attacked Israeli forces, commented on the Palestinian situation and said Australian troops were killing innocent people in Afghanistan.

“Take me from this country,” he said as he was being led from the court by security guards.

In the courtroom, supporters of the accused showed little respect for magistrate Peter Reardon, reading newspapers, talking and even pointing out to one suspect in the dock that his face was on the front page. “It’s not a library, if you want to read the newspaper, go outside,” Mr Reardon snapped at three young men.

Of course, these may all be people who are sure of the men’s innocence.

8 thoughts on “Melbourne: Somali Courtroom Jihad”

  1. I believe this SOMALI or LEBANESE descent AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN also shouted “YOUR Army is killing innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan” . Interesting for an AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN to call the AUSTRALIAN Army “YOUR Army”. This man is quite clearly a TRAITOR with no allegiance to Australia at all and should be stripped of his Citizenship and deported. Or rather SHOT AT DAWN like the traitor he is. How many more lessons are needed that you CANNOT TRUST MOHAMMEDANS.

  2. “Take me from this country,” he said as he was being led from the court by security guards.

    Nobody wanted you here in the first place !

  3. Shoot him, and then deport his body and charge the muslim community for all costs. Give him a last meal of pork as well, served by some bikini clad waitresses. KRUDD would like us to be like the chinese – so lets take that page from the red-yellow book.

    The major problem are the lebanese – the somalis are just brain dead machine gun fodder – the real danger lies within the lebanese muslim community.

    Our army spends a lot of time in ensuring that the correct muslim scum are taken down. They go to a lot of trouble to identify civilians in order to avoid civilian casualties, often putting themselves in harms way to protect ungrateful and stupid muslim civilians. Our army is NOT killing innocent people anywhere.

    The rants of this muslim are typical – no substance, no logic, just noise and the louder the better!!!!

    Furthermore, these scum should be made to respect the courts.

  4. What the Muslims don’t realise is that they are destroying themselves. But when you have an ideology that paranoid and schizophrenic behaviour is seen as something to praised, then you have a recipe for failure. Throw in a good helping of consanguinity and whammo, the Islamists will be going out through the backdoor quicker than they entered.

  5. I like Magistrate Peter Reardon, I really do. He seems to be taking no nonsense from the Muslim Mobsters.

    Another thought – for anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with Islamspeak, it is necessary to bear in mind that in Islamspeak, ‘innocent people’ =’Muslims’. All Muslims are ‘innocent’…because they are Muslims (unless they are accused of having apostasised, or insulted Mohammed and/or the Quran, or unless they are female and rumoured to have committed zina, sexual immorality, in all of which cases, they become guilty, and their fellow Muslims are entitled to dispose of them, with or without process of ‘law’). We non-Muslims are ALL guilty people – guilty of refusing to bow down to ‘allah’ and to the ‘prophet’ Mohammed.

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