Glenn Beck Wishes America's Muslim POTUS a Happy Birthday

…and movingly  surveys his life…

“Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon”

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3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Wishes America's Muslim POTUS a Happy Birthday”

  1. That Glen Beck video is an absolute classic and deserves to go viral. The funniest part is that everything he said was absolutely true. But I am certain ‘libtards’ will think he just made it all up. I was arguing with a virulently anti semitic ‘libtard’ on PJM and he produced a list which HE thought were all NeoCon lies about Obambi .What a BALLOON they were all true he was just too stupid, unifomed and uninformable in his ‘libtard’ masters voice cocoon to know it.

  2. I have a couple of interesting questions on the ‘Birther’ issue.
    1) Obambi’s COLB lists his fathers Race as AFRICAN but the COLB is supposed to be an ACTUAL copy of the Vault BC which if written in 1961 would call his father NEGRO the common practice at that time. So have they changed it if so why and if they can change this what else has been changed?

    2) Obambi had a Passport (Pakistan trip 1981) a Drivers License, College admission applications, Bar admission applications etc. ALL of which would require a BC and ALL of which were completed long BEFORE the 2007 issue of the dodgy COLB. So WHAT Birth Certification Document was used and WHERE is it now and WHY is it not available ? Could the REAL reason behind the sealing of all of Obambi’s paper trail be that some of these documents might contain information from this PRE 2007 COLB BC document which the Obamanation is trying so desperately to hide. Who know because the TRANSPARENT ONE is so OPAQUE and such a LIAR and HIDER.

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