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Indonesian Muslim Butchers Attack Christian Village, Slaughter Children

Atlas Shrugs:

Non-believers in Obama’s childhood homeland, Indonesia — the largest Muslim country in the world — are suffering under a violent jihad. Where is Obama? What say Obama? He grew up on the streets of Jakarta. Who better to quell the unspeakable violence against Christians than an Islamo-Christian Indonesian like Obama? His father was Muslim, his step father too, his mother was ………. don’t get me started.

This is not new. This horror has been going on for year

Philippino Jihad:


‘Abu Sayyaf knew we were coming’—soldier –hmm, why would that be?

At least 23 soldiers and 20 Abu Sayyaf militants were killed when the army raided a training camp run by the Al-Qaeda-linked rebels in the southern Philippines, the military said Thursday. More>>

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Bye bye: UPDATE: French burqini-Muslim considers leaving country

Chicago Muslim charged with terrorism hoax
Another Somali-American Muslim terrorist pleads guilty
Guilty verdicts in Muslim terror trial
Saudi terror training continues in American
Muslim terror Leader Lured Recruits With War Stories
FBI agents raided Somali travel agency where young Somali terrorists tried to buy tickets
US deports Muslim cleric for Hamas fundraising
American Muslim Terrorist Sentenced to Prison for Supporting Taliban


Hamas terrorists fighting other Palestinian Muslim terrorists


Gaza: Possible Showdown Between Al-Qaeda Supporters and Hamas at Friday Prayers…(Update)…As Expected, Fierce Fighting Between Hamas and Salafi Jihadist Group Breaks out, 5 Killed and 50 Wounded….ZIP

Palestinian gunmen of Ansar Allah, Arabic for Partisans of God

The Examiner offers up apologies for Islamic Jihad:

To say that “all Muslims are terrorists” would be as inaccurate as saying “all Americans are members of the KKK.” (stuck on stoopid) Most of the 1.5 billion Muslims live peacefully with their neighbors. But to say that radical Islamic militants — about 15 to 20 percent of the Muslim population — are not a threat to Christians and Jews . . . is naive. Despite President Obama’s assertion that the “United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam,” radical Islamists are at war. Christians in Muslim countries today are living under violent persecution in the name of Islam.

Here are recent examples from the Voice of the Martyrs website:

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  1. * Chicago Muslim charged with terrorism hoax

    “He was a good boy”
    “We saw him at the mosque once or twice, but he wasn’t a part of it”
    “We are shocked, shocked!”
    “He thought it was a role-playing game, and didn’t know it was illegal”

    and if all else fails

    “He had a history of mental illness”

  2. All this muslim violence !
    Birmingham UK muslims beating up locals doesn’t seem so bad ( I’m not grateful they ‘only’ beat up the locals – the muslim rioters should have been shot ) compared to
    the burning of house with Christians inside in pakistan .
    But how long before that kind of violence comes to UK ?

  3. Re the two news stories from the Philippines. First of all: my condolences to any Filipino non-Muslim who may be reading this. Your brave soldiers are on one of the major battlefronts of the Third Jihad – that is, the third attempt by the Muslim Mob, or Ummah, to conquer the world. The Muslims in the Philippines do not just want a *part* of the Philippines; if they are given control of Mindanao and other southern Islands for an Islamic state, they will treat all non-Muslims within that area, like dirt; and they will use that state as a base from which to attack the rest of the Philippines…next stop Manila. Islam drives them to dream of conquering *all* of the Philippines and subjecting you all to the hell on earth that is sharia…polygamy, slavery and brutality. Your soldiers stand in the way of that infernal goal. May the non-Muslim Filipinos prevail.

    Second: as I read those two reports, how I wished that Australian soldiers were OUT of Afghanistan – where they are totally wasting their time in a sharia-soaked hellpit where the local people hate them – and in the Philippines instead, helping our Catholic Filipino regional neighbours to clean out nests of jihadi gangsters.

    Final thought: longterm, if Filipino non-Muslims desire to live in peace without the continual threat of bombings, kidnappings, murders, and Muslim raiders charging out of the jungle to raze and pillage Christian villages, then there is nothing for it but to flatten every mosque in the Philippines, and evict into Indonesia every Muslim who is not willing to renounce Islam. And then the border with Indonesia and Malaysia will have to be continually defended. It will take a will of iron.

  4. Spoken with good Catholic zeal in defiance of His Holiness the Pope and the Cardinal in Manila, let alone the aspirations of the rebel movement in Mindanao.

    Though the rebels are certainly linked with radical Islamists and there are more “tit” than “tat” in the destruction of Christian villages compared to Muslim Villages on that Island, both happens.

    What is most interesting is that the chief of the Armed Forces though recognizing the on-going conflict on the Island, has correctly stated that the greatest danger to the Philipines still rests withe communist-based insurection and terrorism from the north of the Philipines and not the Islamists that stick the the island of Mindanao, which confirms that is their goal. That rebellion is still technically a poltical movement unlike what this zealot thinks.

    A last comment, the real war is in Afghanistan and in correcting the imbalance and stupid level of tolerance in Europe for radical communities. Fix both and everything will change.

  5. When there is no one else to kill Mohammedans kill each other its what they do and its waht Islam is a HATE AND DEATH CUlT. and no taqqiya BS from Solkhar who does not even know if the Krap Kran is a 7th Century HISTORY book or the ‘actual unalterable eternal word of God ‘ can change that. Islam is as Islam does.

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