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Hope and Change

President Disaster/Atlas Shrugs

Not in charge, not responsible: Who’s In Charge?… 53 Days Later Team Obama Still Not Sure Who’s In Charge of Worst Environmental Disaster in US History (Video) Gateway Pundit

Multiculti really worx beautifully: Moral Multiculturalism in action

President Party Boy

The wrong kind of leadership

Last week’s jobs report tanked the stock market; the president took weeks to assert control of the oil spill that threatens doom on the Gulf Coast — but at the White House the Gatsby-like parties roll on as if happy days were here again.

Just yesterday, President Obama held another fun-filled White House event, a picnic for Congress members, complete with hot dogs, cold beverages and a fire pit.  Read more: http://www.nypost.com

Treatment of Afghan refugees in Iran:

poor Afghan refugees are asked to slap themselves on the head and then slap their compatriots in front of them and then repeat loudly ‘I will not come to Iran again!’ while those ordering the humiliation can be heard creasing up with laughter in the background.

IHH Speaking Plainly: We only work through Hamas, although we don’t limit our aid to its followers,” he said. “We consider Israel and the United Nations to be the terrorists, not Hamas.”

“Strange demands” in Vienna:   “Wake up Hitler”

The Neo-Nazi/Islam Alliance Redux Atlas Shrugs

The left-liberal Viennese weekly Falter headlined this photo from a recent anti-Israel demonstration in the city: “Strange demand.”  “Wake up Hitler”

Jihad News:

Breeding for Al Qaeda?

THIS is the British mum set to give birth to Osama Bin Laden’s grandchild.Louise Pollard, 24, is acting as a surrogate mother for the al-Qaeda warlord’s son Omar Bin Laden, The Sun can reveal.  She is undergoing fertility treatment, thought to be IVF, in an attempt to conceive using Omar’s sperm and eggs from his British wife Jane Felix Browne.  Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk

JIhad News

From the Religion of Peace:

Two Sikhs Beheaded by Religion of Peace

Because they didn’t pay the jiziya:

Sources said the Sikhs were kidnapped from the Bara area of Khyber Agency by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. They were kidnapped 34 days ago and the Taliban had demanded Rs 30 million as ransom. Two of the Sikhs were beheaded after the expiry of the deadline for the ransom payment, sources said.

Allowing other religions to practice their religion is  Un-Islamic.

Islamic supremacists murder another Copt in Egypt, outside building Muslims feared would be used as a church

Numerous Muslim attorneys volunteered to defend the Copt killers for free as seven attorneys representing the interests of the victims looked on.

10-Year-Old Yemeni Girl ‘Raped Daily’ by Older Husband…

Aisha & Mohammed

After a week of fighting off her husband every night, Aisha’s father was called. He had received 200,000 Yemeni Rial ($1,000) for his daughter in ‘shart’, a Yemeni dowry, which he could not pay back.

“My Dad made a cup of tea and put some pills in it, which he gave me. The pills made me feel dizzy,” said Aisha. “My Dad told me to sleep with my husband, or he would kill me, but I refused.”

A girl can be married at just nine…..

Muslims Desperate to Enter West Scuttle Boats with Children…

(Sweden) Muslim Immigrants Driving Jews Out of Malmo…

The lead paragraph in this Telegraph article says that Sweden’s reputation as a tolerant, liberal nation is suffering — as if Swedes have suddenly become anti-Semitic. But when you read down into the article a bit, you see that it is actually Muslim immigrants who are responsible for the anti-Semitic attacks. So the problem is that Swedes have been too tolerant and liberal, in tolerating the planting and proliferation of a hateful, supremacist, and anti-Semitic ideology on Swedish soil.

Inner Struggle Around the Globe!

No Pensioners needed in Talibanistan: Gram-pa to the front!

talibanTaliban secret weapon: Islamic invention, patent No *745333

Ramadan = Lower Productivity, Higher Crime, Heart Attacks…(look out Solker, your next!)

Interfaith Cooperation: Orthodox Jews Grab Muslim Who Robbed Catholic Church (that’s the spirit!)

Peanut Khadr: just call me doctor Evil!

Former US President Jimmy Carter has an op-ed in Sunday’s Washington Post describing his recent visit to our region with the arrogantly-named ‘Elders’ group. The ‘Elders’ include two other vicious Jew haters who were recently awarded Medals of Freedom by Carter protege Barack Hussein Obama:Mary Robinson and Desmond Tutu. The ‘Elders’ were ostensibly here to ‘support Israelis and Palestinians seeking peace.’ As you might imagine, Carter’s op-ed is completely without context.  Carl in J’lem has more>>

Muslims riot in England

Hamas “Inner Struggle” Watch: My Allah is better than yours kills good Muslims….

How to make a Muslim/get ’em early…

The islamization of America

Pissed hussein.

Obamessiah: furious as Israel defies settlement freeze call (lets get rid of the Pali settlements!)

Germany’s Muselmaniacs attack the Police

Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated two articles from Bild about the horrendous conditions under which German police are currently working in the cities of Hamburg and Bremen, plus an overview of the current crisis of violence against the police.

First, from Hamburg:  We stick out our necks for €1800 a month

It was an orgy of violence against the police: about a thousand totally unleashed blackhoods raged in street battles. They threw stones, bottles, heavy firecrackers — and injured fifty police officers. More>>

Germany Avoids Criticizing Radical Islam and Radical Muslims

The usual suspects: stuck on stoopid in the sixties!

Cohn-Bendit said the maiming and killing of innocent people “has nothing to do with Islam.” And radical Muslims are fighting a justice war against their oppressors. He also argued that foreign troops must leave Afghanistan and Iraq and “leave the people of these nations in peace.

The accusation of racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

We need to stop playing defense and go on the offense. The people who use these sorts of tactics are scoundrels. Read further…

Islamic Baby Boom in Vienna

Read further…

"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"

mo-aishaThe above quote is, you guessed it, from Muhammad, prophet of Islam

“If you look for an evil hard enough, you will find it eventually – even if it does not exist.”

Morally bankrupt morsel from our resident Moslem troll Solkhar who doesn’t want us to see evil in Iran: Top Shia Cleric and Ahmadinejad’s Spiritual Adviser Says Islam Sanctions Rape of Political Prisoners, Both Male and Female…

Misunderstander of Islam & Jihad in the US:

Burhan Hassan

Islam is part of Minnesota from Counter Jihad

Islam is part of Norway (so is Rape Jihad…)

Clit-cutting is part of Islam: CNN promotes the  politically correct “cultural” BS line…

Six Christians Gunned Down after Being Told to ‘Convert or Die’…

Ever heard of ‘racist’ eggs? Britain’s PC brigades just invented them: “Racist Eggs Thrown At Mosque”

Mali Muslims Protest Rights for Women…

Lockerbie cover-up: What is the White House trying to hide?

“I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama”

Pakistan Arrests Christians for Eating During Muslim Holiday…

Taliban Chief who Threatened Prince Harry Killed…

California Politicians Break Ramadan Fast with CAIR…

(New Zealand) Immigrant Youth ‘Pack Attack’ 14-Year-Old…

CAIR Takes Aim at Talk Radio, Internet Critics of Islam…

Niqabs and Burqas: The Threat Continues

Dutch to Prosecute Arabs Over Holocaust Denial Cartoon….

Was the prophet of Islam a transvestite? Father Boutros puts Muslims in the hot seat…

Moe's Jihad News


Indonesian Muslim Butchers Attack Christian Village, Slaughter Children

Atlas Shrugs:

Non-believers in Obama’s childhood homeland, Indonesia — the largest Muslim country in the world — are suffering under a violent jihad. Where is Obama? What say Obama? He grew up on the streets of Jakarta. Who better to quell the unspeakable violence against Christians than an Islamo-Christian Indonesian like Obama? His father was Muslim, his step father too, his mother was ………. don’t get me started.

This is not new. This horror has been going on for year

Philippino Jihad:


‘Abu Sayyaf knew we were coming’—soldier –hmm, why would that be?

At least 23 soldiers and 20 Abu Sayyaf militants were killed when the army raided a training camp run by the Al-Qaeda-linked rebels in the southern Philippines, the military said Thursday. More>>

Jihad News links:

Counter Jihad:

Bye bye: UPDATE: French burqini-Muslim considers leaving country

Chicago Muslim charged with terrorism hoax
Another Somali-American Muslim terrorist pleads guilty
Guilty verdicts in Muslim terror trial
Saudi terror training continues in American
Muslim terror Leader Lured Recruits With War Stories
FBI agents raided Somali travel agency where young Somali terrorists tried to buy tickets
US deports Muslim cleric for Hamas fundraising
American Muslim Terrorist Sentenced to Prison for Supporting Taliban


Hamas terrorists fighting other Palestinian Muslim terrorists


Gaza: Possible Showdown Between Al-Qaeda Supporters and Hamas at Friday Prayers…(Update)…As Expected, Fierce Fighting Between Hamas and Salafi Jihadist Group Breaks out, 5 Killed and 50 Wounded….ZIP

Palestinian gunmen of Ansar Allah, Arabic for Partisans of God

The Examiner offers up apologies for Islamic Jihad:

To say that “all Muslims are terrorists” would be as inaccurate as saying “all Americans are members of the KKK.” (stuck on stoopid) Most of the 1.5 billion Muslims live peacefully with their neighbors. But to say that radical Islamic militants — about 15 to 20 percent of the Muslim population — are not a threat to Christians and Jews . . . is naive. Despite President Obama’s assertion that the “United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam,” radical Islamists are at war. Christians in Muslim countries today are living under violent persecution in the name of Islam.

Here are recent examples from the Voice of the Martyrs website:

Taliban Kidnapping More Children for Use as Suicide Bombers…

world-385_594110aYid with Lid is baffled:

The part of the war on terror that I do not understand is “How do you make peace with people who INTENTIONALLY put their children in the line of fire?”   You don’t…
Last month the Washington Times reported that the Taliban in Pakistan are purchasing and/or kidnapping CHILDREN some as young as 7-Years-Old, then they force these kids to act as homicide bombers. Any homicide bombing is disgusting, but having little kids, elementary school kids, strap on a bomb and blow themselves up is incomprehensible.  No, its not. In Islam, anything that furthers the cause of Islam is moral. More>>

North Carolina Man Converts to Islam, Plots ‘Violent Jihad’...nothing to do with Islam, mind you..!

Nigerian Death Toll Rises to 150 as Islamic Violence Spreads…


“Bruno” gets a Fatwa (well, sort of) A self-proclaimed reformed Aksa Martyrs Brigades operative is claiming damages from Sacha Baron Cohen for portraying him as a terrorist in his new movie ‘Bruno.’

Britsh PC police force issues its WPCs with Muslim headscarves complete with badge for mosque visits


Dumb facial expression and cow-like cluelessness  is part of the job description:

Women police officers are being issued with headscarves to wear when they visit a mosque. They are expected to put the scarfs on shortly before they enter the mosque, in keeping with Islamic custom.

Just to make sure everyone is clear on which is the dominant culture. “Muslims welcome police scarf move,” from the BBC,

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

* 50 roasted in Paki mosque blast

2009.03.27 (Jamrud, Pakistan) – Over fifty people are slaughtered by a horrific Taliban suicide attack on a rival mosque.  Associated Press

*    “Islamist threat to Turkey’s secular system” set to win fresh mandate

Turkish secularism on the ropes. Sharia is advancing in what is always held out to be that exemplary beacon of democracy in the Islamic world, Turkey. Bloomberg

*   Women told: ‘You have dishonoured your family, please kill yourself’

 As Turkey cracks down on ‘honour killings’, women are now told to commit suicide 

Whoops: Afghan suicide bomber accidently blows up fellow jihadists

No virgins for you, buddy. Just imagine how embarrassed he will be in front of Atta and the gang when he shows up expecting to be admitted into Paradise (Qur’an 9:111), welcomed by the virgins (Qur’an 44:54), and finds out that instead he faces an eternity of drinking molten lead in hellfire (Qur’an 18:29) because he killed fellow Muslims (Qur’an 4:92).

“Afghan bomber accidentally blows up militants,” from Reuters, via JW

Pakistan: “Schools” preparing boys for jihad, via “martial arts, archery and horse-riding skills”


Raising “questions about the Government’s pledge to crack down on terror groups accused of high-profile attacks in Pakistan and India, and ties to global terror plots.”

“The schools where pupils prepare for jihad,” by Chris Brummittin for the New Zealand Herald

UK: 200 jihadist schoolchildren identified!

Hey, kids! What time is it? It’s jihad time! “Police identify 200 children as potential terrorists,” by Mark Hughes for the Independent, via JW

Full article  below, scroll down

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Jihad News around the world

Dynah Moe hum:


Pali Myth Machine spins like an Iranian centrifuge

Thousands welcome Erdogan on his return to Turkey from Davos. Sickening. Video here. 

Mideast: Hamas backs Erdogan over Davos walkout

Europe urged to consider Arab feelings and not help prevent smuggling weapons into Gaza.

Egypt warned European countries on Tuesday to think carefully before sending ships to patrol Gaza’s coastal waters to prevent arms smuggling, saying such a move could have significant consequences on ties with Arab states.

Morocco: Ex-Italian imam jailed for suicide attacks

Andrew Bolt: The school Israel didn’t shell

Andrew Bolt – Friday, January 30, 09

Every Israeli operation to defend itself has one. And the “bombed school” was the ”Jenin massacre” or the ”bombed ambulance” hoax of Israel’s operation this past month in Gaza.

In early January Israel was once again accused of a horrific war crime – an allegation that ran and ran. Some examples:

From Britain’s The Independent:

Massacre of innocents as UN school is shelled

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Moe's Jihad News: German Embassy in Kabul gets hit

* Lying Bastards: BRITAIN’S most prominent Muslims have denounced rising anti-semitic attacks in the UK inspired by the Gaza conflict.



* CIA Director Calls Search for Bin Laden ‘Hideously Complex’- “we can’t find him because he’s hiding..!”  Somehow, I think this guy is not quite up to the job. What do you think?

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati  

* Iranian cleric calls for shooting Livni

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati says during Friday prayers at Tehran’s main mosque, ‘Every time the picture of this woman is shown, I really wish that somebody would expend a bullet on her’


Israeli Cabinet Readies Cease-Fire Vote as Battle Rages in Gaza

“For eight years, they have been shooting at us,” said Yigal Hakmon, manager of a convenience store. “We can’t stop in the middle. We have to finish. We have to kill all the Hamas people.”

Israeli forces pounded dozens of Hamas targets early Saturday as the army kept up pressure on the Islamic militant group ahead of a crucial vote on whether to end Israel’s punishing three-week-long campaign against Gaza’s rulers.

The military said it struck some 50 Hamas targets. But one shelling attack struck a U.N. school packed with refugees fleeing the fighting, killing two Palestinians and drawing a sharp condemnation from the United Nations. Israel had no comment on the incident, the latest in a string of attacks to hit a U.N. installation.

Click here for photos of the conflict.



Hamas: We will continue fighting if cease-fire demands are not met

Hamas will continue fighting against Israel if none of its demands for a cease-fire are met, an official from the group said Saturday. 

Apparently reacting to reports that Israel could call off its offensive and declare a unilateral cease-fire without considering Hamas demands, Beirut-based Osama Hamdan said fighting would continue. 

“Today, the movement’s delegation arrives in Cairo. To be clear, we have nothing new to offer. We are not going to go back to the first point in the discussions and dialogue. Either we hear what we want or the result will be continuing the confrontation on the ground,” said Hamdan, who is close to movement leader Khaled Mashaal.  More from Israel News


Suicide bomb attack on German embassy in Kabul kills four Afghans

* Mymymymymy! What happened here? And I thought the Germans were safe because they refused shooting at the Taliban!

A suicide car bomb attack outside the German embassy in Kabul has killed at least four Afghan civilians and injured five American soldiers.

Suicide attack on German embassy in Kabul kills four    

Several passing Afghan vehicles were caught in the blast Photo: EPA

The saloon car packed with explosives rammed a jeep driven by the American soldiers who were guarding a petrol tanker making a fuel delivery close to the embassy according to witnesses.

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Moe's Jihad News


* Just a friendly gesture from our friends and allies:

More than 160 US, NATO vehicles burned in Pakistan

                            Rows of destroyed Humvees and military trucks are seen at the Portward Logistic

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Militants torched 160 vehicles, including dozens of Humvees destined for U.S. and allied forces fighting inAfghanistan, in the boldest attack so far on the critical military supply line through Pakistan.

More from RIAZ KHAN, Associated Press 

* Muslim hajj pilgrimage culminates on Mt. Arafat

*  “Jihadist is a victim of some very complicated ideology”

* Mumbai terrorist came from Pakistan, local villagers confirm

* DANIEL PIPES: Westerners welcome harems

* Muslims & Swine in the Philippines: Display of national dish containing pork a focal point for “tensions” between Muslims and Christians in southern city

* Collective Punishment for Christians in the Islamic Comoros

* Germany: “Train Bomber swears by allah that he never wanted to kill anybody”

Riots in Greece

Nothing to do with Islam,  (of course not) the “youths are wearing hoots”

                       Protesters throw stones to riot police during clashes in central Athens on

Athens: “Migrants are wreaking havoc in the capital”

ATHENS, Greece – Rioters rampaged through Athens and the northern city of Thessaloniki Sunday, hurling Molotov cocktails, burning stores and blocking city streets with flaming barricades after protests against the fatal police shooting of a teenager erupted into chaos.

By ELENA BECATOROS, Associated Press

US moves to declare former Pakistani officers international terrorists

Former ISI chief Hamid Gul.

The US government is seeking to add several former Pakistani intelligence officers to the United Nations’ list of international terrorists,The News reported. A senior US intelligence official familiar with the effort to rein in Pakistan’s intelligence service confirmed toThe Long War Journal the US wants the United Nations Security Council to designate several senior former officers of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence agency as international terrorists.


Report: ‘India Was Ready to Strike Pakistan’

The Pakistani High Commissioner in London, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, says India was ready to launch a military strike on Pakistan in retaliation for the Mumbai terror attacks, Sky News reported.


Dec. 6: Protestors hold Indian national flaags and burn effigies of the Pakistani President