Watch how Muslim Mobs Gang Up On ONE MP Who Walked Out on Segregation

Lord Patel condemns Fitzpatrick’s ‘cowardly attack’ on Muslim constituents

A Labour peer has demanded an apology from Jim Fitzpatrick, the Farming minister, after Mr Fitzpatrick publicly criticised the segregation of men and women at Muslim weddings.

Lord Patel of Blackburn, a senior figure in Britain’s Muslim community, accused Mr Fitzpatrick of launching a “cowardly attack” on Muslims who opted for a segregated wedding, accusing him of pandering to “anti-Muslim sentiment” within his constituency. (Who in the f*#k made this turd a “Lord?”)

Independent, 18 August 2009

Segregated weddings and opportunistic MPs

Sunny Hundal rubs it:

One of these days I’ll hopefully get married and a ceremony is likely to be held at a Sikh Gurdwara (more because my parents will want to have a ceremony there rather than on account of my own religiousness). In a Gurdwara the guys sit on one side and girls sit on the other side, and the bride-groom in the middle. If some MP came and didn’t like it, buggered off, and then sent a press release to all the media going on how about insulting he found it – I wouldn’t speak to that tosser ever….

“I have a suggestion: why don’t Labour MPs ban the practice of British women adopting the surname of their husband once they get married? That’s a pretty unequal situation too and I know plenty of feminists who won’t do it. It’s only right these MPs register their disgust and refuse to stand for it.”

Sunny Hundal at Pickled Politics, 18 August 2009

4 thoughts on “Watch how Muslim Mobs Gang Up On ONE MP Who Walked Out on Segregation”

  1. Silence about the muslims who launch a “cowardly attack” on British
    who opt to swim in bikinis & budgie smugglers in shared swimming pools. Muslims demand that they have the segregated pools and emu
    smugglers(?), otherwise they get hurt feelings and upset sensibilities,
    become marginalised and then … well, anger has to be vented!

  2. Solution: Make a donation to Israel in “Lord Patel of Blackburn’s” name…photoshop him wearing a yarmulke. Make it known that he contributes to “On the Wings of Eagles”, the group that helps Russian Jews settle in Israel. It won’t matter if it isn’t true…the rattlesnakes he associates with only need to have the seeds of betrayal and paranoia planted in order to eventually bite him on the ass. This is what happens when illiterate and emotionally immature rapists who follow the death cult called Islam are your compatriots. No need to butcher “Lord Patel of Blackburn” with his own knife…let the idiots who adhere to the rape cult do it for you…thank you Sun Tzu.

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