What Islam is Not…

With thanks to the Tundra Tabloids.

The video has a few flaws, and I tend to agree that Islam is more than anything a cult that transformed itself into an all encompassing (totalitarian) way of life. But the video  shows what each state is to expect once their own Muslim populations reach critical mass. Only the self deluded believe that their societies will somehow “get it right” and successfully moderate/secularize their Muslim communities.

If Islam was just like any other belief system, then it might be so, but it’s not, and history bears this out to be true, as huge swaths of formerly Christian, Hindu, Buddhist lands etc., have become Islamic, either by the sword or though harsh dhimmitude, an institutionalized second class status for non-Muslims, that in part, induces the lower class to convert in order to better their lives.
I would also disagree with “second class status”- Dhimmitude is closer to slavery than ‘second class’. The Dhimmi actually has to buy his life from the Muslim rulers, who squeeze him like a lemon and keep him in abject poverty, unless he escapes, gets killed or converts.

20% of EU will be muslim in 40 years — even more sooner in UK, Spain, and Holland

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  1. “Macaskill said he recently had a “pretty difficult” video conference with US relatives who reject Megrahi’s claim that he is innocent and believe he should die in prison.”

    Yes, I bet it was ‘pretty diffcult ‘ but you politicians are used to doing things like this – you took a deep breath and told the grieving families that the person who killed their loved ones deserved ‘compassion’ and should be released .
    Luckily , it was by video – face to face might have been quite awkward !
    Then you said to yourself, ” I’m glad that’s over ” and carried on with your career .

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