Australia: No Visas Necessary for Afghan Asylum Seekers

No visas, boys? Welcome to Australia!

Per Express to KRuddistan:

THE Rudd government last night moved to overturn John Howard’s controversial policy of processing all asylum-seekers off-shore, allowing a group of detained Afghan youths to leave Christmas Island and arrive on mainland Australia without visas.

fuck-off-we-are-fullIn an unprecedented move that coincided with the arrival of yet another boat of asylum-seekers at the Indian Ocean territory last night, the 10 boys boarded a chartered Qantas jet carrying 56 newly recognised Afghan refugees from the island to Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

The move, confirmed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship last night, was welcomed by the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre as a “substantial departure from the previous policy of condemning everyone including children to detention on Christmas Island”.

The flight departed Christmas Island, which was excised from Australia’s migration zone in 2003 by the Howard government, just hours before a further 52 asylum-seekers and three crew landed on the island after being intercepted by HMAS Ararat near Ashmore Reef on Saturday.

There are now 665 people in immigration detention on Christmas Island; 571 of them are single men being kept at the Howard government’s $400 million immigration detention centre on the island’s northwest point; 62 are living in a converted construction workers’ compound; and 32 are in houses on the island in what is termed “community detention”.

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11 thoughts on “Australia: No Visas Necessary for Afghan Asylum Seekers”

  1. Here in NZ , we are just starting to have trouble with young afghan gang members..thumping people etc. There seems to be universes between them and their parents which means the parents quickly lose control over them and they join gangs.
    Why would any country want these young people?

  2. I suppose they will make work for social workers and prison officers. Whenever muslims move into western countries the need for social workers greatly increases.

  3. Diversity officers, muslim reference groups, UN “rapporteurs”, and all
    the other trappings of a decaying nation state. And food critics, to tell us
    how wrong we are and how peaceful islam is.

  4. yes guys ,
    They seem to be getting more vocal here in NZ..really was all predicted in some book or other , when they get to a certain percentage of the population they start acting up and then the demands never cease.
    A judge has banned a woman from wearing headscarf in court. Naturally , she has already gone to the human rights commission and no doubt will be banging on about it until she gets her own way.

  5. I wonder who might be involved in the siege currently under way in
    Roselands, following a bank robbery in Lakemba … too soon to say,
    but one doesn’t need to be a prophet to hazard a guess.

  6. Okay , Rudd will have to answer for this – I need to check the legislation first.
    If this report is correct then Rudd can be politically crucified and then kicked out with his PC cronies and human rights apologists.

  7. There’s still a vestige of sanity in the Federal Govt – no madrassah at
    Bankstown Airport:

    [The Australian]
    Airport building hopes reined in: Bankstown
    Steve Creedy, Aviation writer | September 04, 2009

    TRANSPORT Minister Anthony Albanese has warned the nation’s privatised airports against inappropriate development on airport land and flagged new regulations making it more difficult to build some projects.
    Industry sources said a catalyst for the letter was a controversial attempt to build an Islamic school at Sydney’s Bankstown airport.

  8. Well Kaw ,
    You will all have to remind your fellow citizens at election time . People have very short memories and young people are dangerously uninterested in anything political.

  9. hi Theresaj,
    Yes – for example young folks are actually the reason why KRudd is in power, and I don’t bother arging politics with these folks usually – it is difficult to argue with someone who knows 10% of the story but is convinced that their knowledge is complete. However that is democracy, its strength and also its archilles heel. One can only try and point out what is passing in front of their eyes – they can choose to look and understand or turn away. An islamic school at an airport – fly-away terrorism – can someone pass details on this attempt to build an islamic school on airport grounds.

  10. Personal Information:

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    Place of birth: Helmand, Nad-e-Ali district, Naqil Abad village
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    Children: 1 boy and 1 girl

    I have done my high school and English studies, which makes me graduated from both high school and English language institute in 2008.
    After I finished my primary studies, I had to feed my family somehow.
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    While I was working as an Interpreter for British forces, my family was in Nad-e-Ali district of Helmand Province which is considered as the restive district of Helmand and nobody knew that I work for AISAF.
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    Now, my life is in a big danger- I can’t live in Afghanistan and I have to get out of Afghanistan before I get killed.

    Therefore, I am writing you this letter to help me out and grant me asylum visa in Australia, if at all possible.
    Please, please help me in this regard- my life depends on you now!

    Akhtar Mohammad.

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