Backlash Frenzy in the US of A: "He Would Never Do A Thing Like That!"

Reality Check: Who’s Side is Obama on?

After three jihad terror plots uncovered in the U.S., Obama frees three more Gitmo detainees


New York/Denver. Dallas. Springfield, Illinois. Three plots, three released detainees. No, I am not saying there is some connection, some jihad terror plot-for-detainees exchange program. I am saying that the plots show that there is a manifest jihad threat, and that Obama continues to act as if there isn’t. Release more Gitmo detainees — what could possibly go wrong? Another Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Alert: “Obama Administration Frees Three More Gitmo Detainees,” by Jake Tapper for ABC News, September 26 (thanks to Pamela):

Illinois Muslims are shocked! — shocked! — that a Muslim there would be involved in a terror plot

Spencer: I don’t have a statement from the Muslim in Springfield who was plotting the terror attack that Muslims are so shocked about in this article. However, around the same time, another Muslim, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, was plotting a jihad terror attack in Dallas, and he said this:

I truly say it that my dream is to be among God’s soldiers, first for the support of Islam and my beloved Sheik Usama, may God give him long life. I don’t know what is in me, but I love him as I love my father….

In the name of God, the Gracious and Merciful, this is my vow to you, my brother, that I am ready. And if you were a lover of Jihad as I am, then, by God, I am ready for the Jihadi life. What you will see of me will please you and your commander….

“My brother in God, God and His angels are with us. With the permission of the Almighty Lord of the Worlds, we will have victory and allies from God Almighty. He is the powerful and helpful. Victory is coming, is coming to defeat the Romans [i.e., Christians] and for the destruction of the Jews. God is Most Great. We shall attack them in their very homes. Brother, by God, we shall attack them in a manner that hurts, an attack that shakes the world. Oh Brother, let the backsliders know that the time for their destruction has come.”

Now, if “every Muslim — young, old, woman — knows this is not of Islam,” as is claimed below about the Springfield attack, then how did Smadi ever get the idea that he should mount a terror attack…to defend Islam? And why don’t these American Muslims who are so shocked by this terror plot bother — ever — to explain how it is that people like Smadi got the ideas about Islam that they got, and what they’re doing to make sure there aren’t more Smadis?

And why am I the only person on the planet who notices this cognitive dissonance, every time, and calls their bluff, every time, while the Michael Kruses and S. I. Rosenbaums and all the rest of them take these statements at face value, every time, despite their obvious flimsiness and manipulativeness?

“Terror Plots Shock US Muslims,” from IslamOnline, September 26 (thanks to Maxwell):

CAIRO — Shocked by a series of terror arrests, American Muslims are joining hands in condemning any attacks against their country.

“Everyone here unequivocally condemns this,” Driss El-Akrich, a doctoral student in public administration at the University of Illinois at Springfield, told the State Journal-Register Saturday, September 26.

“For somebody to claim they are doing this in the name of Allah, they are betraying the values of the faith they are claiming to serve.”

A 29-year-old Muslim revert was arrested Wednesday in Illinois on charges of plotting attack against a courthouse in the state.

Police said the young man left an explosives-laden van near the courthouse and used a mobile phone to try to detonate the vehicle.

“I had to listen to it (the news) again and again,” Javed Cheema, director of Horace Mann’s project management office, said.

“I couldn’t believe this was happening in my hometown.”

The arrest came four days after three Americans of Afghan origin were arrested on charges of preparing a 7/7-style attacks in New York.

On Thursday, police arrested a 19-year-old Jordanian on claims of trying to bomb Dallas’s 60-storey Fountain Place skyscraper.


Muslim leaders denounced the attack plots as un-Islamic. “Every Muslim — young, old, woman — knows this is not of Islam,” said Sheikh Ahmed Fauzi, imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Springfield’s mosque on Stanton Ave.

Fauzi said he was saddened by the news of the plotted attacks in the name of Islam.

“If you read the Qur’an, you do not commit crime,” Fauzi said during the Friday sermon. “You do not spread crimes throughout the earth.”

Muslim leaders are worried that such individual acts would have a negative impact on the Muslim community as a whole.

“I didn’t know to be more angry, scared or frustrated — that this was being done in the name of Islam,” said Cheema, the director of the Horace Mann’s project management office.

“It puts all of us in a bad situation. The community has been very, very welcoming to us.”

American Muslims, estimated at between six to seven million, have been in the eye of storm since the 9/11 attacks.

They have become sensitized to an erosion of their civil rights, with a prevailing belief that America was targeting their faith.

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that American Muslims are still discriminated against other than any religious groups in the US, eight years after the 9/11 attacks.

In fact, no.

Hugh Fitzgerald:

Since the greatest Value of the Faith of Islam is that of Protecting and Promoting Islam itself (in Islam, Islam is the true object of worship), and at this time, 2009, and in this place, the United States of America, such acts do more harm than good to Islam.

Protecting Islam from increasingly irritated and suspicious infidels:

Illinois Muslims are shocked! — shocked! — that a Muslim there would be involved in a terror plot

Let’s come up with a few variations on that headline:

The Swiss are shocked! — shocked! — that a citizen of their home country loves to eat chocolate!

San Francisco Castro District’s residents are shocked! — shocked! — that there is a gay couple living in their neighborhood.

The French are shocked — shocked! — to learn that a Frenchman likes escargots and foie gras.

The Bavarians are shocked! — shocked! — that a resident of their region likes to drink beer!

A high-school student is shocked! — shocked! — that he might have to study hard to get a high SAT score!

The mother of a new-born is shocked — shocked! — that her baby’s diapers have to be changed every few hours!

And we could go on, and on, and on…

22 thoughts on “Backlash Frenzy in the US of A: "He Would Never Do A Thing Like That!"”

  1. All I see from Spencer’s statement is that he wishes to sell books. His tiresome quoting of radicals only shows that he is concentrating on radicals and thus again fails the basic academic quality of looking at the entire subject and making judgements based on that.

    Fitzgerald, on the other hand, continues to try and make a more serious attempt at basically propoganda and deliberate misdirection, confirming my view that he is the more sinister of the two.

    His saying, for example above that “Islam is the true object of worship” is simply false. Time and time again and called out to the entire world and within each Muslim’s daily five prayers is the phrase that there is no God but Allah ……. . If such a basis is not understood by Fitzgerald then it is impossible for him to be, as the blog-owner put it, a walking encyclopedia. Fitzgerald comes across with a lot of “the Muslims are this and the Muslims are that” and his failure to show the simple basics of the reality of the Muslim’s lives is the most condemning example of the hypocricy of both he and Spencer.

    That anyone puts value in their statements is certainly an earmark of agenda or a simple child-like love for scandal.

    As for the topic, and of course avoiding any comments from Pamela, the level of terror activities has increased. It is not the role of the authorities to promote it unless it is of value to raise alerts in specific area. I know from my own business that the level of activities jumped siginficantly in the last four months and I am very thankful that the US and other governments have learned their lessons, concentrated on the areas and Intel that they have and with the above results and not wasted their efforts in following right-wing agendas like in the past.

    The biggest hypocrisy of all is that blogs like this rather than saying, great the hard work is coming through and shown by the identification and arrest – instead take the rather morally base concept of taking political agenda point scoring by criticising it.

  2. * Time and time again and called out to the entire world and within each Muslim’s daily five prayers is the phrase that there is no God but Allah …….

    Not something that will be called out for much longer – Jesus Christ,
    the Son of God, will return & put a stop to such blasphemies.

  3. Blah blah blather…

    ““Islam is the true object of worship” is simply false”- sez solker the Islamic scholar who knows best, like allah, Muhammads alter ego.

    And don’t you doubt it, infidel! Or else…!

  4. They have become sensitized to an erosion of their civil rights, with a prevailing belief that America was targeting their faith.

    The reality is that for political reasons, there has been an erosion of civil rights right across the board. As PC also applies, authorities go out of their way to show that they are not targetting Muslims by being more strict with non-Muslims, even whern there is no reason to be so.

  5. DP111 is almost right.

    Since Sept 11 and with 8 years of a far-right government in the US and the power of global communicaitons in particularly the internet, Muslims have felt the pressure. Additionally, the older generation of Muslims remember still the age of colonization and radicals in the Muslim world constantly spout that the poverty and corrupt governments are the cause of or are run by the west – thus making for suspicion.

    But DP111 is correct that some governments in fear of being pointed out as bigoted, trying to not lose the relationship with Muslim countries (for oil or because they have a large ethnic community from that location) have tried the very foolish “positive descrimination” concept. BBC that I used to watch until this year had for 36 months had gone overboard with its Islam-friendly programming to the detriment of other communities. I am, as we know a Muslim, and I objected to it.

    Balance is out the door, mind you this blog wishes things to teater the other way which is “just as bad”.

  6. So the question – who has decided to foster “positive discrimination” upon us – at best a flawed concept – and why are they being allowed to get away with it??

    Get rid of these fools and some of the problems we have will start to resolve themselves.

  7. Kaw, regretfully the way many learn is by trial and error (rather than learn from examples) and the error is costly. 9/11 being one and that is why I will not be suprised if the way things will change is through another major event. I see the UK having something akin of the riots of twenty years ago with the military being moved in and basically a series of no-tolerance laws for both right-wing haters and Muslim radicalims, BNP, EDL and a number of Mosques closed down, deportations and a very long reconcilliation process to see what is still achievable. Be sure leftist groups to be banned as wel, just I do not know them to comment or give names.

  8. I happen to like Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Spencer’s thoughts and detailed analysis…I believe they both speak the truth and nothing but the truth…but that doesn’t matter, really. The only thing that matters is the response I am going to give the first moslim who attempts to convert me.

    I feel that allof my fellow Americans need to know what happens if they refuse to accept islam. I am making it my business to instruct them. I have “converted” more than 100 people since 9-11 to the dangers of islam and moslem belief and behavior. Come and try to convert me Solhkar…it’ll be the last thing you ever do.

  9. Brian, your allowed your votes and this is the second time you have used the some threat if I come and “try and convert me”.

    Since that implies you do not read the posts, you will note that I despise prosthelitizers most of all, be they of any religion. If you fear of anyone trying to convert you on this site, it already has its fundamentalist/evangalist who does that.

    As for your boast of converting people to hate or whatever about Islam, that is your problem that you will have to face at some point when you realise your own hatred makes you a lesser of a man.

    But on the subject of 9/11 leave the battle against real terrorism to the professionals of which I am very proud to say I work along side and perhaps would be willing to say a part of.

  10. I despise”prosthelitizers (sic)” says the arch proselytizer Troll continuing his demonstration of misspelling and hypocritical stupidity.

  11. here, Solker: for you. A letter I saved for a special occasion like this:

    Having lived in Muslim countries, I learned that everything in Islam that is good is that which supports Islam and advances it throughout the world. From the viewpoint of Islam, a Muslim is correct when saying Islam is peaceful. Because there is no peace without Islam, therefore Islam is peaceful and everything else is warlike until Islam is present.

    That is why Muslims never agree to peace treaties unless Islam is completely victorious. Otherwise only a truce or ceasefire can be agreed upon, to be broken once Islamic forces again are ready to fight. What we call terrorism is not terrorism in Islam because actions of the ones we call terrorists are advancing the cause of Islam. We who are non-Muslims are the terrorists because we are opposing Islam.

    The OIC is correctly arguing, from its Islamic viewpoint, that Islam is not connected with terrorism and that Muslims are not terrorists. In the same way, CAIR is Islamically correct when saying is an internet hate site because it opposes Islam. Islam is peace, is war.

    We must be very careful to understand that Islam does not use the same definitions for words like peace as in all other societies. In Islam, “peace” means the “presence of Islam.” For most of the rest of us it means “absence of conflict” or something similar. Another example of the need to understand Islam’s definitions of words is when the Iranian president says the USA is a terrorist nation. He is speaking correctly as a follower of Islam, in a “peaceful” country (i.e., where Islam is present), about America opposing Islam (America is not Islamic and therefore is a warlike country). More scary is that when he says Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, he is correct because its purpose is to advance Islam. And how might that “peaceful” nuclear program be used? To destroy Israel.

    Killing Jews is a tenet of Islam, so using nuclear weapons to eliminate them and wipe Israel off the map would be a “peaceful” solution because it supports peace, i.e., Islam. When the Jews exposed Mohamed as a fraud, he never forgave them, and they are still suffering his vengeance. In signing off, I must say that I can’t understand why the supposedly intelligent people of the news media, who have reported for many years about problems involving Muslims and their actions to advance Islam, still seem to have no clue about what Islam involves and the grave danger Islam poses to civilization, including the free press. I say to them: RTKS! (Read the Koran, stupid!). Islam is not just a religion; it is an ideology that has been waging war against the world since the seventh century.

    Posted by: shallen at December 6, 2008 1:31 AM

  12. Green NAZIS
    Blatant bare face LIARS
    Colossal EGOISTS
    Race Card PLAYERS
    Unbelievable HYPOCRITES
    PC MC left wing MOONBATS

    Are all cut from the same cloth.

  13. Realist must post when he comes back from his nightly visit to the bar at some hotel. It comes from the fact that he obviously does not read posts, does not contribute items but only blurts out attacks.

    When have I prostheletized? I have never. I find the lowest base is when someone has to try and sell their religion. I also have condemned and told those Muslims in the west that have done the same. The South Asian Jama’at al Islaami beign the worst of them.

    As for spelling, do I have to remind you that I am not a native english speaker? Must have been to busy doing the whinging Pom process and missed that….

  14. Blog-owner, I can write and print anything as well……. not that it makes a difference…….. You have this sad habit of posting dribble and claiming it to be factual.

    Remember this is the blog-owner that claims to know Islam better than a Muslim but then contradicts himself so that we know now that he is a liar or hiding facts that do not support his argument … . which is rather the same.

    1. Solkar, You have this sad habit of posting dribble and claiming it to be factual.

      Kindly point out where I tied myself in knots like you do every day.

      I certainly don’t make a fool of myself by trying to smear others without proof like you do. You must really enjoy soiling yourself, solker. Waiting….

  15. solhkar
    Your so called religion is a blight on upon humanity and has been since ole mo crawled out of the desert to screw his first nine year old. You can try and lie to us proud infadels but alas all the muzzy propaghanda is not going to change a thing. In fact all it proves is that when a muzzy runs his suck, it means he is lying.

  16. You tied yourself up in a very big knot by claiming on the “Muslims riot, attack Jews on Temple Mount” thread that you know more about Islam than Muslims and Imams, thus you had to be aware of the Muslim holidays and that they coincide with manhy of the Jewish ones and will continue because of the sharing of the same lunar calendar.

    But, in the same thread, you asked the question why did Muslims chose days to have demonstrations etc, on Jewish holidays like Kipur. Anyone with the smallest understanding of Islam would obviously know that this holiday was also a Muslim one.

    Thus we can assume only two things from this, you lied that you are know Islam better than all the Muslim World or that you purposefully hid the fact that you known the answer and thus possed the question to raise more disinformation.

    Either way, it shows a disgusting and questionable if not purposefully hate-based attempt to confuse.

    1. ” why did Muslims chose days to have demonstrations etc, on Jewish holidays like Kipur. Anyone with the smallest understanding of Islam would obviously know that this holiday was also a Muslim one.”

      Muslims have the nasty habit of attacking other religions on their high holidays. They also like to blow up each others mosques (shiite/sunni conflict)

      So the mohammed worshippers had a holiday that coincided with Yom Kippur? Ask me if I care.

      What did they celebrate, solker? Yom Kippur?

      We have nothing in common, that’s the point here.

      You missed it, as usual.

  17. Changed the subject yet again, this blog is full of it. So we can say either your a liar or your the expert on Islam and thus you know it and did not mention it…….

    I think your just the liar, who has the problem of not being able to control your own blog anymore.

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