Bangladesh Destroys Hinduism, Buddhism

Islamization Blamed on UK for Partition of British India

Update: 5,000 Pak. Hindus Flee Forced Conversions, Kidnappings, Rape


Mohammedanism:  Cult of Terror & Destruction

By Lee Jay Walker

Tokyo Correspondent/Seoul Times

The nation of Bangladesh is witnessing Islamization, just like Afghanistan in the distant past and currently now in Pakistan. It is clear that the Indian sub-continent flourished under both Hinduism and then Buddhism which came afterwards. Both faiths nurtured the very fabric of society but invading Islamic armies and the partition of India was one disaster after another. Therefore, just like Afghanistan, it would appear that one day you will have either complete Islamization or a very small minority which is on the margins of society.

Many stories are never told because of several factors. This applies to not being deemed important because of political factors and of course because of the abject failure of the mass media. Nearly everyone knows about the Palestinian problem or Tibet, but of course we have a deadly silence about the ongoing Islamization in Bangladesh and Pakistan.  Continued below…

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However, the current crisis in Bangladesh should be headline news because minorities need to be supported and senior politicians in India must do more to raise this ongoing crisis. Also, the United Kingdom is responsible because the partition of India took place after the British colonial period and the Commonwealth should think about suspending both Bangladesh and Pakistan, on the grounds of failing to protect their respective minorities.

Before the partition of India took place you had sizeable minorities in what was to become Pakistan and Bangladesh. For example in modern day Pakistan the Sikh community is very small but prior to partition this community thrived in parts of what was to become Pakistan. Yet during partition many Sikhs were butchered and killed by Muslims, therefore, they had to flee from the outset.

Of course all religious groups suffered during partition and many innocents on all sides were murdered. Therefore, innocent Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and other minorities, fled in various directions because the situation was chaotic. However, if we look at events many decades later we see one clear reality and this reality is Islamization.

After all, the Hindu and Sikh communities of modern day Pakistan are very small and they face many hardships and it is clear that Islamization is in full swing. Also, in Bangladesh the Buddhist and Hindu minorities are dwindling rapidly and both communities have suffered greatly and the Christian community also faces many problems because of radical Sunni Islam. Yet in modern day India the Muslim population is still strong and vibrant.

Of course you have other minorities who also suffer enormous persecution, for example Christians and Ahmadiyya Muslims in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Also, in India some radical Hindus have attacked Christian minorities. Despite this, the nation of India is democratic and people from all faith groups can reach positions of power.

Also, the government of India believes in pluralism and Ahmadiyya Muslims have more rights in India than they do in Pakistan because radical Sunni Islamic zealots persecute the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in this nation. The same also applies to Shia Muslims in Pakistan, because often Shia Muslims are killed by Sunni Islamic extremists but in India they have much more freedom.

Therefore, Muslim minorities have greater freedom in India and other religious minorities like Jains and Zoroastrians can pray and worship freely in modern day India. It also must be remembered that Zoroastrians fled to India in order to escape religious genocide because Islamic fanatics destroyed Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia (modern day Iran) and other places in Asia where this faith had thrived before the rise of Islam.

If we look at the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan then it is clear that millions of Hindus have fled both nations because of systematic persecution. The consequences of partition are clear and the same applies to the nature of both dominant faiths. After all, the Islamic population remains vibrant in India because of the nature of Hinduism; however, the Hindu population is in freefall in both Bangladesh and Pakistan because of the nature of Islam and its theory of superiority, dhimmitude, and inequality in law which is sanctioned by Islamic Sharia law.

Clearly the growth of Hindu militancy is the legacy of countless Islamic invasions and many massacres throughout history; and the legacy of British imperialism which enabled partition to take place. Also, the ongoing de-Hinduization of Bangladesh and Pakistan is ongoing, therefore, Hindu militants are rightly worried that Bangladesh and Pakistan is following the Afghanistan scenario, whereby all non-Muslims turn into dust and even ancient monuments face destruction at the hands of radical Sunni Islamists.

Therefore, several years ago the Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) held a major exhibition in America in order to highlight the continuing persecution of all minorities in Bangladesh.

Amalendu Chatterjee, HRCBM director, pointed out that the Hindu population was over 30 per cent in the 1940s in what was to become Bangladesh, however, today it is a mere 11 per cent. Given this, Amalendu Chatterjee comments that “It is time that the world should know what is happening with the Hindu minorities in Bangladesh.” He also stated that the reasons for the decline of the Hindu population is “…..because of the atrocities perpetrated on the Hindus by the ruling class all these years.”

Utsav Chakrabarti, a member of the Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism (FACT) stated that “All the representatives and their staffers reiterated the need to protect the rights of minorities and to deal with Islamic groups in a resolute manner.”

American political leaders gave their support and Ed Royce, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, wrote “The international community must take an action against these genocidal acts now before this culture is extinguished and the minorities forcibly killed, converted or exiled in the face of an underground jihad.”

Ed Royce also focused on the extreme ” … persecution faced by Hindus, Buddhists and Christians due to the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh.” This threat, just like the systematic persecution and killings of Christians in Somalia is ongoing and it is based on the Koran, the Hadiths and the teachings of Mohammed.

Frank Pallone Jr. who is a Democrat member in the House of Representatives stated that “I was proud to be the Congressional sponsor of this important exhibition on human rights in Bangladesh. I believe it helped bring much-needed attention to the plight of minorities in Bangladesh who have suffered from increasing attacks over the past few years.”

Rape was also highlighted because some Islamists use rape in order to convert Hindus to Islam forcibly. It is also important to add that Islamists use this same method in Egypt because countless numbers of Coptic Christian women have been raped by Muslims and then forcibly converted to Islam.

Therefore, Rosalind Costa who is a social worker highlighted the case of two girls who were raped and then forcibly converted to Islam after being gang-raped by Muslim jihadists. This applies to Rita Rani Das and Purnima Shil who were both gang-raped by Islamists.

The current reality is simple, in Pakistan the Hindu population is in complete freefall because only around 1% of the population is Hindu and now Islamization is taking place in Bangladesh. At the same time the Muslim population in India remains strong and vibrant. Therefore, it is clear that state sanctioned policies, Islamic radicalism and persecution is to blame and once more we are witnessing the reality of Islam in action.

Today all minorities face persecution and alienation in Bangladesh and Pakistan because of the role of radical Islam and natural Islamization based on discrimination and persecution. After all, inequality and discrimination is part and parcel of Islamic Sharia law and the Hadiths.

Therefore, will the international community stand up and debate this issue seriously or will the international community remain shackled by fear and indifference?What is clear is that Buddhism and Hinduism is in mortal danger in Bangladesh and Christian minorities and Ahmadiyya Muslims also suffer.

When the partition of India happened it was clear that the Hindu minority was sizeable in both Bangladesh and Pakistan. However, within a short period of time we are seeing the demise of Hinduism in Pakistan and now the same is happening to both Buddhists and Hindus in Bangladesh.

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  1. Lee Jay Walker’s blog site explains it all, another right-winger who has discredited their chances of ever being considered a quality journalist.

  2. “another right-winger who has discredited their chances of ever being considered a quality journalist.”


    Discredited by whom? The solka troll? You decide what’s a ‘quality journalist?’

  3. * Student Fined 300 Euros for Displaying Israeli Flag in Germany

    The British flag (or the flags of the Union) are “provocative” in once-Great Britain, so understandable that the flag of the “zionist entity” would be “provocative” in Germany. History repeats.

  4. * Lee Jay Walker’s blog site explains it all

    It gets tediously predictable after a while, Solkhar. Surprise me with
    something new & different.

  5. “Engineers and engineering students make up nearly half of Islamic militants involved in high-profile attacks, according to a study by a prominent French specialist on terrorism. ”

    But an “expert” on anti-terror financing would tell us that education of marginalised & radicalised muslims is the solution.

  6. Very old outdated anti-Muslim hate materials used in this article which has no relevance to ground realities existing in Bangladesh. The writer has no idea nor will care to learn about the tolerant mass culture which pre-dates Islam in the region.

    Maybe he would be helped reading this Blo

  7. Mullah..
    Interesting re the engineers..this should be highlighted in Western countries..especially as so many foreign students now study in their universities.

  8. theresaj, that quote is on the “# Engineers prominent in Muslim terrorist groups” link above…

    Here’s some more:

    Steffen Hertog, a professor at the Institute for Political Studies in Paris, commonly known as Sciences Po, recently told an audience at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that such radicals are often better educated than the rest of the population in their countries.

    “There is a positive correlation between the degree of education and the level of extremism,” Mr. Hertog said.

    Obviously Mr Hertog is agenda-based and biased, going against
    what terrorism financing experts & food critics would have us believe.

  9. Islamisation has gone so far in Morocco, haunt of former Dutch diplomatics, Cats supporters and food critics, to such an extent
    that it seeks to ban expatriate Moroccans in Nertherlands from
    having “unislamic” names.

    So much for tolerance in Morocco, Solkhar.
    Morocco bans unislamic names in Netherlands
    January 29, 2009

    Moroccans in the Netherlands are not allowed to give their children any Berber names any more. In this way, Islamic identity is being stressed, Trouw newspaper reported yesterday.

    By far the biggest group of Moroccans in the Netherlands are of Berber origin, a region in the mountainous north of Morocco. “They will now be forced to give their children a Moroccan-Islamic name,” according to Trouw. “Morocco wants to secure the Moroccan identity of its nationals in this way, including the Moroccan Dutch.”

    The Moroccan government in Rabat sent all embassies and consulates abroad a list of banned name this week. Christian names were already forbidden. “We forbid Berber names because they conflict with the identity and because they open the door to the spread of meaningless names,” said Idris Bajdi, a top official in Morocco, in the newspaper. […]

  10. Anyway Mullah,arabs name are not Name…Arabs don’t have any Name like us…Their name means all kind of Shit related to isslam & the coran,it’s not name,they are a Bunch of Morons.

    And we must not give any Education to these peoples,
    It is useless to educate these people … A beautiful example, Solkar … There is no better.

  11. As you can see, another poster also notes the value of this so-called journalist. Blog-owner, it is not me who determines a journalist, it is there ability to not take sides and report the facts.

    This reporter, like in fact all that you use, are aligned with the conservative right and thus cannot claim to be unbiased and therefore real journalists. That is the simple requirement.

    (I see the prosthelitizer is losing faith so badly now that he is spending his time looking up Morocco to become the instant expert that he wishes he was)

  12. Hey, interesting stuff!

    Checked his name, hmm, game up first, but, yes, other stuff!

    Islam, hmm, look at Saudi Arabia; yes, not one other world religion is tolerated, not one!

    Islam means persecution, for sure!

    Great article! Just read, thanks indeed!

    Qaulity stuff.

  13. Woops – CAME UP!…………SORRY, spelling mistake

    Hey, interesting stuff!

    Checked his name, hmm, came up first, but, yes, other stuff!

    Islam, hmm, look at Saudi Arabia; yes, not one other world religion is tolerated, not one!

    Islam means persecution, for sure!

    Great article! Just read, thanks indeed!

    Qaulity stuff.

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