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The Maldives are saved:

DHAKA, Bangladesh, Dec. 28 (UPI) — Sand from Bangladesh may help to keep the Maldives above water under a proposed agreement between the two countries, an official said.

“We have received a proposal from the Maldives government regarding this. They want to import soil from our country in defense against rising sea levels,” said Bangladesh Commerce Minister Muhammad Faruk Khan, the Business Standard newspaper of India reports.  (Source)

The two countries are investigating the possibility and may sign an agreement within three or four months, Khan said.

Three or four months? Just to import some dirt? Sounds like another Maldivian publicity stunt to keep their little sea-swamping scam alive. On the other hand, just let the place sink.

But but but…..according to the Independent, Bangladesh is ”more exposed than any other country to global warming.”

But but but – so convinced are the authorities in the Maldives that man-made global warming is about to swamp their island home, they have recently announced plans to build a huge new international airport and terminal.

Jihad-Genocide in the Chittagong Hills

Paki News: from JW:

Jihad against the Buddhists in Thailand/RoP

Fitzgerald: Do Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton know what’s going on in the Chittagong Hills? If they did, would they care?

If you visit this site every day, you know that there are three kinds of news stories related to or about Islam. There are the stories that, within a day or a week, will make it to the New York Times, and NPR, albeit in less intelligible and often tendentious form. Then there are the stories that only appear months later, and you can’t quite figure out why it takes so long for the editors at The New York Times or the Washington Post to recognize the significance of such Jihad News. And finally, there is a third kind of story, the kind of story that you read here, that appeared in places quite obscure, and that you will never read again, unless the story put up here is publicized so that others who write online pick it up and force the major news organizations to start reporting about such things.

Here, for example, are two stories about what took place in the Chittagong Hills of Bangladesh recently. The Chittagong Hills (or “Chittagong Hill Tract”) have for centuries been lived in by the indigenous Jumma people, who are the last remaining indigenous Buddhists (the Tibetan refugees not being “indigenous”) on the entire subcontinent, though it was in India that Gautama Buddha was born and Buddhism first flourished. In 1947, at the time of Partition, 85% of the population was Buddhist and 10% Hindu. Now, in 2010, 50% are Buddhist and 48% are Muslim settlers.

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Inner Struggle Watch

500 Mad Mohammedans attack Catholic church

Dhaka (AsiaNews) – A mob of more than 500 Muslim extremists attacked Christ the Saviour Catholic Church in Boldipukur, Mithapukur Upazila (subdistrict), in Rangpur Division, some 335 kilometres from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The incident, which occurred last Sunday, was triggered by a dispute over land. According to an initial account, five indigenous tribal Christians were seriously injured. More from the RoP

UNICEF Sponsored AD Call For Boycott of Israel

And you thought it was “all about the children”, right? Jawa Report/Carl in Jerusalem has the lowdown.


Indonesia cancels gay conference for fear of offending Muslims

Demonstrating once again that terrorism works, and the threat of terrorism works — and that’s why we will see more of both. “Indonesian Police Ban Regional Gay Conference,” from AP, via JW

Genocide on Hindus & Buddhists in the Chittagong hills

…apart from killings of 10 poor Chakmas, at least 200 houses in 11 Chakma villages were burnt to ashes by marauding goons on the night of February 19. At one point during the clash, the military personnel started firing indiscriminately on fleeing Chakma villagers only to help encourage attacking Muslim settlers. Chittagong is Bangladesh’s only district having a significant Buddhist population. Army was called in after a pagoda and an office of a UN-funded project were set on fire. A statue of Lord Buddha installed at the Banani Buddhist Monastery was damaged and another statue was looted.

There have been many attacks on Buddhist and Hindu villages since 1997 in Bangladesh which have now become occupied by Muslim villagers and landowners.  From Unrepresented Nations & Peoples

Kashmir: “We are ready for jihad, we are ready for jihad!”

Misunderstanders of Islam gather together and misunderstand the inner spiritual struggle. “Pakistani hardliners vow holy war to liberate Kashmir,” by Sajjad Qayyum for AFP, via JW

Al-Qaeda in Iraq top dog says the jihad will go on

Of course it will. Until the world is Islamic. From AP,

Pakistani Christian dies after being burned alive by police for refusing to convert to Islam

The silence from Pakistani authorities is deafening. An update on this story. “Punjab: Christian burned alive dies, Christian community calls for justice,” by Fareed Khan forAsia News, via JW

Once again, we see that “poverty causes terrorism”. If the arrogant Christian paid the jiziya with willing submission while feeling humiliated and subdued, the Muslims might have let him live another day….

Pakistan: Muslims murder Christian with axe after he refuses to convert to Islam

Now wait a minute. Isn’t there “no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an 2:256)? Sure. But as far as the Muslim murderers of Rasheed Masih and others like them are concerned, they are merely helping him along to make his free decision to convert to Islam. In general, a system that mandates the institutionalized discrimination of dhimmitude for those who remain non-Muslim within the Islamic state has a broad and expansive idea of what constitutes “no compulsion.”

“Muslims Murder Pakistani Christian with Axe Blows,” from Compass Direct, via JW

Today’s Random Quote:

“Look at your next airline ticket and you will find a “Security Fee”. What is the Security Fee that was passed after September 11, 2001? It is an Islam tax. It is more money out of an American’s pocket to pay for the privilege of living with Muslims amongst us…” – Bill Warner, from “The Islam Tax”

The "prophet Jesus” arrested in Bangladesh: he called for war against Jews and Christians

Hmm, how did he get that idea?  Perhaps from here?

William Gomes/Asia News
For the past two years the Islamic cleric has claimed to be Jesus, while another declares to be an important Islamic leader of the past. The two work together and have raised thousands of faithful. But police say that, in fact, they preach religious hatred, and arrest them.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) – The Islamic cleric Ansarul Haq has for the past two years said that he is Jesus Christ and has collected thousands of disciples around him. But police fear that fraud is taking place and have arrested the self-styled prophet.

Anaraul Haq works in the city of Ashramapara in the northwestern district of Thakurgaon about 300 kilometers from the capital Dhaka. He is joined by another Muslim cleric, Harun-ur Rashid, who in turn is said to be Imam Mehdi, a charismatic historical figure for Muslims.

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UK: Sham Marriages Boom

Sham marriage boom after judges rule Home Office crackdown is illegal

Daily Mail

Sham marriages are booming after judges relaxed laws designed to prevent them, figures show.

muslim women

The number of illegal immigrants who stage fake ceremonies to stay in the country are likely to top 500 this year, the highest level since 2004.

Growing abuse of marriage laws appeared to have been stemmed that year after non-EU nationals were told they must apply for Home Office approval before marrying an EU citizen.

But last year Law Lords said the rules against fake marriages breached human rights and could deny genuine couples the right to marry.

The figures, an increase of 80 per cent compared with three years ago, were produced by the Home Office and disclosed by More4 News.

Read more:

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Bangladesh Destroys Hinduism, Buddhism

Islamization Blamed on UK for Partition of British India

Update: 5,000 Pak. Hindus Flee Forced Conversions, Kidnappings, Rape


Mohammedanism:  Cult of Terror & Destruction

By Lee Jay Walker

Tokyo Correspondent/Seoul Times

The nation of Bangladesh is witnessing Islamization, just like Afghanistan in the distant past and currently now in Pakistan. It is clear that the Indian sub-continent flourished under both Hinduism and then Buddhism which came afterwards. Both faiths nurtured the very fabric of society but invading Islamic armies and the partition of India was one disaster after another. Therefore, just like Afghanistan, it would appear that one day you will have either complete Islamization or a very small minority which is on the margins of society.

Many stories are never told because of several factors. This applies to not being deemed important because of political factors and of course because of the abject failure of the mass media. Nearly everyone knows about the Palestinian problem or Tibet, but of course we have a deadly silence about the ongoing Islamization in Bangladesh and Pakistan.  Continued below…

News Links:

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The helpless Hindus of Pakistan & Bangladesh

The Helpless Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh 

Update: Humanity Assassinated: Ethnic Cleansing of Minorities in Islamic Bangladesh

 The abuse suffered by those who stubbornly cling to their faith in lands conquered by the Religion of Peace. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

hinduofpakistanThe Hindu man to the left was beaten to death by Muslims after a Friday prayer in Bangladesh. Apparently the imam riled the congregants and immediately upon completion of the prayer the worshippers stormed into the street and grabbed the first Hindu they could find, and beat him to death. 

The writing is on the wall, folks: once the soldiers of Allah get the upper hand, there is no mercy or compassion for the conquered dhimmies under Islamic rule. If the jiziyah doesn’t do the trick, the systematic humiliation, exclusion from public life,  constant attacks on their churches or temples, rape or abduction of their daughters,  daily threats  and terror without access to the  courts forces the dhimmies to take flight or “accept Islam.”

But remember: Islam being such a mercy to all humanity would never forcibly convert a kuffar. What were you thinking, you Islamophobe, you?

By JG Arora

It is tragic that though Sanatan Dharma, commonly known as Hinduism, proclaims universal brotherhood and oneness of humanity, and addresses entire humanity as divine children (Shrunvantu vishve amrutasya putraha – Rig Veda: 10-13-1), most of the Hindus have either been killed or converted or driven out from Pakistan and Bangladesh which used to be Hindu lands. And those Hindus who are still left in Pakistan and Bangladesh are being treated with disdain and discrimination; and are being denied even the basic human rights. 

Genocide and persecution 

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You knew that was going to happen: Iran official accuses US over mosque bomb


  • Gee, for a moment I was worried. I thought they wuz gonna blame da Jooozzz…

A provincial official in Iran has accused the United States of being behind Thursday’s bombing of a mosque that killed at least 19 people.

PAKISTAN-BLAST/                      One day Sunni, next day Shiite…

Jalal Sayah, deputy governor of Sistan-Baluchestan province, said three people had been arrested following the attack.

“According to the information we obtained they were hired by America and the agents of arrogance,” he said.

Some 60 people were hurt in the attack during evening prayers at the mosque in Sistan-Baluchestan’s capital, Zahedan.

*   “Iran mosque bombing kills 15 worshippers,” from AFP

The city is mainly Sunni Muslim and the remote province is one of the most deprived in this mostly Shia country.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Hindu Temple in Chittagong, Bangladesh

The Hindus were busy preparing for a weekend festival when fifty to sixty Muslim terrorists burst into the temple, brandishing knives and iron bars. They first destroyed the kitchens, devotee accommodation, and Gaura Nitai deities. Then, as the devotees ran into the temple courtyard in a panic, the attackers poured boiling water on them from the balcony, badly burning many.

The terrorists also stole ten to twelve thousand taka (Bangladesh’s monetary unit) from the temple donation box, as well as a further ten thousand from individual residents. Devotees phoned the nearby police station again and again, but to no avail.  More>>


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