British Muslim arrested for ‘making up BNP kidnap story’

Here we go again: manufactured “hate-crimes” by Muselmanic gangsters who use the system against us. Those of us who tell the truth are being vilified as ‘hate-mongers’ and accused of “stereotyping”-  the media is to blame, you see, if it wasn’t for the media, the infidels would be totally ignorant of the Mohammedan machine. Thank G_d for the internet!

  • Question to Solkar: is he a good Muslim or a misunderstander of Islam?
Noor Ramjanally made up story being kidnapped by BNP

A Muslim community leader who claimed he had been kidnapped at knifepoint after a BNP hate campaign has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Noor Ramjanally, 36, of Valley Hill, alleged in August that he was abducted by two men, bundled into a car boot, driven to Epping Forest in Essex and told to stop his religious work.

The BNP had been accused of whipping up racial tensions in the area after it issued an inflammatory leaflet about Mr Ramjanally’s Islamic community group, the first in Loughton.

H/T  Counter Jihad/LondonEveningStandard has more>>

Here’s another, recent case:

Toronto Muslim fakes own kidnapping: found near mosque with stolen Loot

Vlad Tepes

And this was, it is well pointed out, a very religious Muslim.

To begin at the begining: CBC report and video linking this with a similar kidnapping of a Toronto Muslim, also a member of the Muslim organization, ‘Islamic Foundation of Toronto’. Read the imam’s bio’s for a prelude to horror.

Update: the enlightened progressives from “Harry’s Place” whine for the criminal SoB:

While this will be the cause of gloating and “I-told-you-so”s among the usual suspects, it’s really quite depressing when you consider how much damage Ramjanally’s apparently false report will do to his fellow Muslims. It doesn’t change the reality of the BNP’s toxic campaign against Muslims and other minorities– it only adds fuel to it. It will make it harder for Muslims who really do suffer harrassment and violence because of their religion to be believed. It’s bad news all around.

*  No, its not. It helps people to wake up and show the Muselmaniacs for what they are…

In other news:

The home of a Bedouin Sheikh who has been actively involved in trying to bring about the release of kidnapped IDF corporal Gilad Shalit was firebombed on Sunday. Carl in J’lem>>

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  1. * Question to Solkar: is he a good Muslim or a misunderstander of Islam?

    Nothing to do with islam – it is the right-wing agenda-driven blog owner reading too much of Robert Spencer’s hate-driven …. you can guess the rest.

  2. I suspected this when the story came out – having lived in SW Asia I have experienced how these people think. Lets see the MSM cover this up.

  3. I knew this to be the case all along, after all didn’t Australians see a case not so long ago where an imam set fire to his own mosque, then claimed “racist right-wingers” firebombed it?

    The BNP are possibly the least criminally affiliated organisation within Britain right now, as every thing they do is scrutinised to ridiculous levels. They have simply learned by trial and error that everything they do must be “whiter than white”, and still they are being persecuted at every level. At this very moment, Trevor Phillips of the Race Equalities Commission is plotting their complete destruction via a multitude of very expensive court proceedings, which if lost could see the party lose millions of pounds, and more importantly their right to exist as a democratic party that over a million voters support.

    All is not well in “democratic” Britain. If we lose the BNP we may as well turn over our country to the islamists right now, as they are the only brave men and women standing between us and total and utter devastation. The situation is that dire!


  4. Apologies for the doom-saying of my previous post, but I always seem to look at the worst case scenario when it comes to islam. If what I said comes to pass, then countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand will see a massive increase in immigrants from Britain…. Not me though, I can see that all these countries face the same problems that we Brits encounter on a daily basis. In short if the West is to be given away so cheaply, i’m grabbing my family and making a dash for Israel. It’s truly the only place on Earth where anti-islamists are safe and able to speak freely…..

  5. We [in NZ] are already seeing a massive increase in immigrants from Britain. Many of them do not settle that well. There is what is known as the” ping pong poms” they go back and forwards costing them huge amounts of money or one partner wants to stay and one wants to go home , so there are quite a lot of marriage break ups.
    Is Israel quite open to immigrants Davey? I heard that social services are not well funded because of military spending but then I heard that about Aussie also.

  6. Hate to burst your bubble, Davey:

    Israel is VERY politically correct and you might get yourself in more doodoo than anywhere else. Canada looks good, Ezra Levant has just succeeded in a huge shakedown of the criminal Canadian Human Rights Commission which was infiltrated and run by the worst scum of the earth.

  7. Davey
    Some Brits feel that NZ is just too far away from home; others feel that ”we don’t have any history.”…..of course many settle well. Probably those who find it easiest to settle are those who are outdoor types..tramping . climbing . skiing etc..
    Given that muslims here are breeding about six to eight times the rate of anyonelse , we probably have about thirty years till we are in a similar state to the Uk.
    Egyptian Christians living here say that NZ will be an absolute push over for the muslims..many people are very naive and others have been brainwashed.

  8. Your right theresaj. I would say the great majority of people in Australia are utterly clueless about Islam.

    An example last week . . A reporter interviews a sports writer who has just published a book about a well-known Muslim footballer about to retire.

    The guy is treated by all and sundry like a rock star. In referring to his religion, the sports writer says:

    Well Islam is just a religion like any other religion – no difference at all.

  9. “Israel is VERY politically correct and you might get yourself in more doodoo than anywhere else. ”

    Using my name in vain?

  10. Reijo,
    I haven’t spent much time in Aussie but I would say NZers are even more naive and there is this traditional friendliness which probably stems from a small population and the isolation . We don’t have as many schools and mosques as you do but areas like Mt. Roskill in Ak are becoming muslim areas. Here in the south , I see more and more Muslim women around usually pushing pushchairs. I speak out at every opportunity..I know many people can’t understand how I feel but as I have written elsewhere , I lived in a muslim country for about six years so lost my naivity. In a national paper I recently encouraged readers to read ”winds of jihad.”

  11. Reijo,
    The media deliberately keep people in the dark…the euphemistic language…youths instead of muslim youths , revellers instead of muslim thugs etc..Also all the really horrible bombings etc seldom make the front pages of newspapers.

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