Crocodile Tears: Mother from Hell Admits to Honor Killing (but not really..)

Amina and Sarah Said: Confession from the Mom from Hell

patricia_tissie_yaser_saidKiller Said & Supporting Tool Tissy

Pamela has the latest on the honor killings of  Amina & Sarah Said, who were killed by their Muslim father because they wanted to be “normal” Americans:


I asked Gail Gartrell, “honor” killing murder victims Amina and Sarah Said’s aunt, if she would take a moment and share her thoughts on Tissy Said’s (Amina and Sarah’s mother) recent confession. Despicable. The Muslims for whom she covered and abetted no longer have use for her, so she will now mine the murder of those tortured girls.

I, for one, believe Tissy should be in jail. Her crocodile tears, almost two years later, are transparent and pathetic. It is only now that she admits that it was an honor killing, but it was Gail Gartrell who was brave and true to those girls. Gail exposed the honor killing right after the murders, at their funeral. Gail spoke for those girls when no one would. Gail has received an unremitting, unrelenting string of death threats since Amina and Sarah’s murder, merely for speaking the truth about the “honor” killing.

Does the murderous mom thinks that the magic words “honor kiling” are her get out of jail free card?

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Here’s the latest on the Rifqa Bari case from JW: