Federal judges terrified of Muslim terrorism case

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Three judges take a pass on trying terror suspect


Jitterbugs: federal judges Sandra Townes, Nina Gershon and Carol Amon all declined to take the Najibullah Zazi terror case.

It was the case nobody wanted.

Three federal judges balked at handling Najibullah Zazi‘s case after they were randomly assigned by a courthouse computer, the Daily News has learned.

Nina Gershon, Carol Amon and Sandra Townes all declined to take the case on Wednesday – a day before the indictment charging Zazi with planning a bomb attack was made public.

They are not required to give an explanation, but according to federal law, the judges have the right to step aside if their “impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

“It’s extraordinarily unusual,” said a criminal defense lawyer who has handled terrorism-related cases.

“I know of no judge who owns stock in Al Qaeda, so that’s not the reason. And there’s nothing different about a terrorism case from any other criminal case other than jury selection possibly.”

“Frankly, I’m amazed,” the lawyer said.

“Muslim Community Shocked and in Fear of Backlash”

Finton obviously doesn’t know the true meaning of Islam. He calls himself “Talib Islam” or student of Islam. Now the community has to work to repair its image.
Leaders fear backlash from the neighbors. (My heart bleeds…/ed)

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Federal cases are typically assigned to a judge at random by a computer system referred to as “the wheel.”

Gershon was selected first, followed by Amon and then Townes.

The high-profile case eventually fell to a fourth choice - Raymond Dearie, chief judge of the Eastern District of New York.

Dearie served as Brooklyn U.S. attorney from 1982 to 1986 before he was appointed to the bench by former President Ronald Reagan.

“It’s a personal decision for every judge,” Dearie told The News Friday.

Amon and Townes are not considered shrinking violets.

Amon prosecuted members of the Irish Republican Army as an assistant U.S. attorney. Townes, a former state appellate judge, has a fearsome reputation for handing out hard-hitting sentences.

Gershon presided over the 2006 trial of Shahawar Matin Siraj, a Pakistani immigrant convicted of plotting to blow up the Herald Square subway station.

Gershon sentenced Siraj to 30 years in prison, and the verdict was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals.

She is now a senior judge and can have a lighter caseload.

Two sources told the News that Gershon did not want to handle a terrorism case. She did not return a call. Amon and Townes declined to comment.

Dearie was twice rushed to the hospital from the courthouse this year after feeling faint, but he dismissed a question about his health. “I’m fine,” Dearie said.


3 thoughts on “Federal judges terrified of Muslim terrorism case”

  1. I think Judge Nina Gershon has done her bit in the somewhat futile
    process of fighting an islamic war on the USA & the West as a series
    on unconnected criminal acts. Apart from the trial mentioned, she also sentenced Numan Maflahi to 5 years in 2004 for lying during a terrorism investigation. The legal jihad may have the unintended
    consequence of causing suitable judges to grow weary of islam &
    terrorism, & to pass when they are handed another case. Not that
    islam has any connection to terrorism – its just a coincidence that
    people like Numan Maflahi, Najibullah Zazi are muslims. /sarc

  2. “Muslim Community Shocked and in Fear of Backlash”

    Pack up and get the hell out if you are shocked and scared. You have been shocked and scared since 2001. That’s EIGHT SHOCKING AND SCARY YEARS. We are not interested in wasting time and resources going around and around in circles about which is the right Islam and which is the wrong Islam. Take all your bullshit with you and go back to the desert to build your own glorious and SELF-SUFFICIENT totalitarian Islamic society governed in every aspect by the will of Allah as you wanted. Prove to us the superiority of your totalitarian system. SHOW ME THE MONEY! You shocked and scared parasites and infiltrators have been amply warned. The exit doors are still open, and have been open for eight years.

  3. Yes, and when they’ve packed up and left, they can return the rubbish
    bins to the railway station concourse as an act of good faith that their
    days of blowing up infidels and Western infrastructure are over.

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