He's a Muslim, He would never do a thing like that!

Muslim Faces More FBI Questioning In Terror Probe

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Najibullah Zazi

The 24-year-old Aurora man under FBI investigation is answering more questions Thursday, one day after agents raided his home and searched the home of his aunt.Najibullah Zazi spent more than eight hours Wednesday with FBI agents and eventually submitted to providing DNA, fingerprints and handwriting samples.

Zazi’s Attorney, Art Folsom, said the questioning at FBI headquarters was cordial but very detailed. And they expect much of the same today when Zazi undergoes a second day of questioning. Zazi will meet with FBI agents in the afternoon, after meeting with his attorney.

* But hey, not to worry: jihad is over! Its just so yesterdayish….. sez Charles Johnson>>

US: FBI Prepares Itself For More Anti-Islamo Terror Raids…….

“I am very tired. I had a long day, I am not going to answer any questions,” Zazi  said after returning home around 11:30 p.m.His attorney said Zazi is not being called a suspect and he downplayed reports about bomb making materials being found in Zazi’s apartment. Folsom said if the FBI found any evidence of value, they would have held Zazi instead of releasing him Wednesday night.Folsom said Zazi is “simply somebody who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

* Sh*t! Where did I hear that before?

“During the searches by federal authorities, several boxes of items were removed, but Zazi and his attorney continue to deny any terrorist ties and any motivation to plan an attack against America.

“I have actually asked him those questions and several similar to it … and (there’s) a categorical denial of having any contact or connection with Al-Qaida. He’s not a terrorist. He’s had no plans to do any kind of attacks or do any kind of harm or damage to this country or anyone in it,” Folsom said.

Paper bags, luggage and microwaved-sized objects wrapped in brown paper were removed from Zazi’s home and loaded into FBI vehicles.  >>>


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