Malaysia: Muslims attack Hindus, Hindus protest, Police arrests Hindus…

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid/Malaysian insider

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Cow-head Protests

A familiar pattern. Brought to you from our dhimmified media whenever the jihad claims its victims. “Sectarian violence”, they call it, when Copts are under siege in Egypt or Christian school-children in Indonesia are beheaded. “Sectarian violence” , when Nigerian imams call for jihad in the mosques and the enraged mobs run amok, burn churches and murder Christians…

Update: Malaysian PM Urges Muslims to Respect Other Religions

Bangladesh: Armed Muslim gangs terrorize Christians while police do nothing

Forced land sales, forced evictions, and an attempt to abduct a Christian woman. “Dhaka: armed Muslim gangs against Christians, victims of robberies and violence,” by William Gomes for Asia News, September 7, via JW

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 — Police have arrested 16 people including Human Rights Party leader P. Uthayakumar as they were attempting to march from Masjed Jamek to Dataran Merdeka here tonight for a candlelight vigil protesting last week’s cow-head demonstration by Section 23 residents in Shah Alam.

Authorities had closed off access to the square to prevent the group of about 50 demonstrators from carrying out the vigil.

The group first gathered near Central Market at about 7.30 pm and made their way towards the Masjid Jamek LRT station where they started lighting candles and distributing placards to supporters.

The placards read “Threat and insulting the religion of others is condoned by the government, where is justice?” and “Umno must repent”.

The group’s message echoed those of Pakatan Rakyat leaders, who believe the racially charged cow- head protest was instigated by Umno, the dominant party in the ruling Barisan Nasional.

As they marched towards Dataran Merdeka, Uthayakumar and Hindraf coordinator S. Jayathas led the march with songs as others followed them.

The singing didn’t last long as police soon moved in to detain the protesters, among them Uthayakumar’s fiancée S. Indradevi, despite the group heeding police orders to disperse and leave the area.

Also arrested were Hindraf leader and Uthayakumar’s brother P. Waytha Moorthy’s wife and sister.

Uthayakumar, who recently returned from medical treatment abroad, was seen manhandled by the police despite not resisting while his fiancée was roughly pushed and dragged into the police truck.

All 16 were later taken to the Dang Wangi police station to have their statement taken.

In a statement from his London base, Waytha Moorthy said he was appalled by the arrests, saying it was a deliberate and calculated attempt to target the main leaders of Hindraf so that the planned candle vigil would be foiled.

“Those vigil participants were going with candles and roses when they were arrested. PM Najib’s 1 Malaysia is a shame to all democracy-loving Malaysians.

“It is ridiculous that the Muslim extremist cow head protesters – with blood still dripping from the head – who behaved in violent manner, delivered fiery speeches promoting racial hatred and insulted Hindus were given full police protection whilst Hindraf supporters who were armed with unlit candles and roses were violently arrested, bundled and taken into police lock ups,” said Waytha Moorthy who lives in self-exile.

He branded the government and police as fascists who did not have any respect for the Federal Constitution, which provides for freedom of assembly, equality and freedom of religion.

In last week’s protest in Shah Alam, around 50 residents from Section 23 marched towards the Selangor state secretariat building after Friday prayers to protest the planned relocation of a Hindu temple to their housing area.

The protesters brandished a severed cow’s head during the protest, which was observed by the police. No arrests were made then or since.

Today, Selangor mentri besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim announced the relocation will now be temporarily put on hold, following an abortive Shah Alam town hall meeting called this morning to discuss the growing controversy.

18 thoughts on “Malaysia: Muslims attack Hindus, Hindus protest, Police arrests Hindus…”

  1. Radicals are radicals and will do and get away withatever they can to fulfill their radical goals.

    Hindus in Orissa attack, kill and torch christian villages and churches demanding conversion to Hinduism or be burnt alive. They were not Hindus before hand but animists. Over 18,000 flee for their lives.

    Christians burn mosque and houses in southern Phillipines as much as visa versa, non-Muslim Thais do the same as much as. The media tends to like hilighting Muslims and blogs like these only pick those anyhow so the distortions are huge.

    There is terrorism and radicalism, but the point is the concentration should be on the real terrorists and the violent political causes and not distracting whitt equally terrible agenda-based hate creation.

  2. tu quoque and spin, solki.

    Does the Koran say anything about radicalism? No.

    It says ‘kill the unbelievers’ and ‘strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers’.

    Thai Buddhists are being killed by your co-religionists, every day, for no reason other than terrorizing them, driving them out of their homes. There are no “violent political causes” other than Mohammedans who follow their religion, which means to terrorize the kuffar and spread Islam.

    This is the result.

  3. Indians in Malaysia are very brave. They are regularly ostracised and persecuted. They are also intelligent being the countries top lawyers and teachers. The whole system in Malaysia is totally corrupt and racist.

  4. * The media tends to like hilighting Muslims and blogs like these only pick those anyhow so the distortions are huge.

    So it’s all hilighting and distortions, Solkhar? Anything but islam.

    Do you have a rinse cycle?

  5. The blog-owner continues to rant the same BS over and over again thinking the more you say it the more it becomes true.

    “It says ‘kill the unbelievers’ and ’strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers’. ”

    The Qur’an has it as a battle order for one particular military operation in the mid 7th century. Using it as an excuse to create hate is getting rather pathetic and is an example of how this blog-owner operates.

    No one believes you except the same group of far-right wingers with the same political agenda of pro-hate, pro US republicanism, pro-Israeli and will ignore any other event unless it has something to do with making Islam look bad – thus they will support Serbian Nationalists, radical Hindu Chauvenism – even though they attack Chrisitans and so on.

    The thing they hate most of all though is Main Stream Media, because it does not support them – because they report the news – and thus the reality.

  6. therjesaj, Malaysia is a great place and to be very honest it was my second place of choice after Morocco. I tend to go there each year on holiday, have lots of good freinds and contacts.

    Your remarks about Indians is not correct or a minority of events and easily explained . You said that “They are regularly ostracised and persecuted. They are also intelligent being the countries top lawyers and teachers. The whole system in Malaysia is totally corrupt and racist.

    Now lets get to reality. Some of my good freinds in Malaysia are in fact Indians and not Muslim. Some I attended school with.

    So if they were being pushed out, how come there are Ministers, Generals in the Army, head of Government Ministries, Judges and lawyers and so on? Or is that just tokenism?

    There is no doubt that there are laws that define the country as being majority Muslim and pro-ethnic Malay and they have never hidden that. The constitutional monarchy is a rotating between a number of Sultans and they are by constitution of course Muslim.

    The legal system has a duel Shari’a /Secular court system so if you are a Muslim you will be dealt with by the Shari’a Court but recognises that if you are not, then the Secular court will cover you – thus there are in fact more harsher punishments for Muslims then non-Muslims.

    There are stict laws against racial descrimination regarding employment in both private and government sector and they have also minimum number rules, thus you cannot discriminate against race but if there are no ethnic Chinese or Indians in your office, you will be forced only to select from them to make a balance “equal to half that of the ethnic racial mix of that state”. Thus if 30 per cent of the population of the state is Indian and you have none, you will be forced to make up to 15 per cent in any new employment.

    This information is all readily available to find, I knew it anyhow because of my interest for the country. I also do travel to rural areas, because that is how you learn a country and I have yet to find any serious problems of race discrimination other than that of Chinese families not wanting their children to marry either Indians nor Malays – unless they themselves are Muslims and the racism goes out the diir.

    Before the usual rush to claim otherwise, yes there are radical clerics in Malaysia, not as many or as frequently as in Indonesia but still there is. Why the less number of radicals should be the point, it has a lot to do with the fact that there is a larger middle-class, Malaysians are basically more well off, their economy is doing much better and thus the number of radicals and violence is much lower – EVEN THOUGH, Muslims in Malaysia are quite conservative and follow the Schools of Islam that is closer to that of Saudis then say South Asians or North Africans.

    Theresaj, simply put – you comments are an over the top and not a reflection of the realities on the ground.

  7. Solkhar,
    My comments are far more realistic than yours. Your comments are those of a ”tourist.” There may be laws against racial discrimination but racial discrimination happens routinely.
    The economy is doing well because of the hard work and entrepreneurship of the Chinese people. They are compelled to have a sleeping malay partner in all their businesses. Sleeping being the operative word.
    Very few non-muslim Malaysians would say it is a great place. Many Chinese have already left.

  8. @ Theresaj Re: Solkar
    Nope, not a tourist, a true muslim.
    Practising Taqiyyah, they are the hard working, tax paying, badly treated and misrepresented people. We infidels fail to appreciate our 2nd. class status and fail to give them the respect they are brought up to expect.
    Quite right, I have NO RESPECT for anyone who uses 1400 year old blatherings to justify injustice, misogyny, terrorism, pedophilia and oppression.
    Manumission not submission!

  9. Solkhar / DHH is a shape-shifter, who adopts and discards identities
    as easily as we change our clothes. When he isn’t passing himself off as
    a former Dutch diplomat or anti-terror financing expert, he morphs
    into a NSW country boy, a Geelong supporter & ex-Navy man from
    Frankston. He also purports to have a chef’s certificate.

    Solkhar / DHH is as fraudulent as the “god” he serves, and his false

  10. Solkhar,

    One day, I hope to see Mosques in Morocco being taken down by force and muslims become a minority begging for their mosque.

    Also, non muslism would cut a head of a pig , parade it around with the head and its blood dripping in the streets with police escorts and place it in the house of the state representative.

    And while in a dialogue with a session, they will praise the lord and condemn islam, and shout & curse anyone that stands against their way. Even pull a chair off from a muslim guy that was trying to sit down.

    Maybe then we could blame the radicals, since it was the radicals that demolished the temples, burn them and so bad things in the 1st place.

    Solkhar, please grow up, I know you are a decent muslim but these are acts by Muslims using Islam. I dont want anything bad to happen to Morocco but the fact is that muslims generally close one eye when it comes to oppess non muslims. Immediately they go on defence mode & claim they were the victim.

    Many muslims in Malaysia condemn the cow head protest & support the non muslims but they are labeled as kafirs because they spoke against these goons.

    Solkhar, Its no use talking here, Create a Blog and Openly condemn these acts and prove that you are man. Better still, Write an open letter to Muslims in Malaysia. I will furnish you the details.

    Until then, spare us the bush whacking techniques. You are entertaining us before, now its getting boring.

  11. Solkhar,

    Its good to know you know about Malaysia. There are less than 2 million Indians. It used to have 4.8 million before independence.

    After 1967, opportunities to Indians went down big time.

    There is only 1 Indian minister, to serve as a puppet, for political reasons. Judges and lawyers ALL PAID BY THEMSELVES to study and get themselves what they are today. Generals in Army today? You are joking.

    Unfortunately, Indians are not given a choice, with poverty, they simply cant afford to study and since less than 1% of the study places and scholarships are given to Indians, the best have to compete with themselves.

    A very few percentage made it well. But the majority are poor. The temple was their only hope they have, their small community & preservation.

    Your friends are decent Indians, they did well and they try to be open and mix with others.

    Your statement only proves that despite the hardship they face, some made it without the governments help.

    You have no idea how is like to be an Indian in Malaysia, Solkar. Things are different. Things are really bad. Thats the reality.

    The police would rather kill an Indian Hindu teenager. Ask your Real friends about it.

  12. Thanks tjwork. Solkhar, you and all decent Muslims are being judged by what these islamist animals do. I sincerely hope that you can influence these people for the better. Any yes, things are very bad for non-muslims in Malaysia.

  13. Solka sez:

    Cracker of the day:

    “Main Stream Media, because it does not support them – because they report the news – and thus the reality.” LOL!

    Btw: I never heard of a political or religious doctrine called ‘radicalism’- where do you buy it? You sure its got nothing to do with Islam?

  14. I’ve also been to Malaysia a few years ago. I knew some students there, Chinese students, who told me that the pass rate for them in any examination was 70%, whilst for any muslim was 50%. I was also told that very few muslims were able to pass anyway, even with the unfair advantage, and very few Chinese (or Indians) failed, even with the unfair disadvantage.

  15. Rossco
    Malaysian high school students are in a fairly old fashioned formal system with several state examinations.. About 7/8 years ago the govt brought in a rule saying students had to put their religion on their exam papers…Surprise , surprise…that very year Muslim students marks dramatically increased.

  16. theresaj,

    “Surprise , surprise…that very year Muslim students marks dramatically increased.”

    Can you back that up? As far as I have seen and know, what Rossco said is correct and remains the case to today.

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