Paris Taxi Jihad: Taxi drivers revolt at Paris airport over 'brutal' arrest

Access to terminal cut off for hours after tensions with police boil over

Just another test case, of course. Another soldier of Allah who believes he is above the law. When the police comes for the shakedown, he cries wolf,  and because Moslems are always the victims, an enraged mob comes to the rescue. Riots ensue….

By John Lichfield in Paris/Independent

H/T Mullah

Police and taxi drivers fought running battles using rubber bullets and stones at the main Paris airport early yesterday, blocking access to a small terminal for three hours.


The mini-riot followed the alleged brutal arrest of a taxi driver for failing to pay the monthly rent on his taxi licence. Road access to terminal three, the smallest of the three passenger sections of Charles de Gaulle airport, was obstructed from 1am to 4am.

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The French interior ministry ordered an investigation into the incident and into reported tense relations between some drivers and a special police unit known as les boers.

“Things got out of hand. Projectiles were thrown at the police, who struck back,” said the French Interior Minister, Brice Hortefeux.

Drivers said the clashes began after the special police taxi unit arrested a 38-year-old driver called Zine, who was accused of failing to pay the monthly “rent” of €2,400 (£2,100) to the owner of his taxi badge, or licence. Other drivers protested that the arrest was unnecessarily brutal and that the police had no jurisdiction in a private dispute. One driver interviewed by French radio, Tarek Moktad, said that there had been growing tensions between the special police unit and taxi drivers who queued for return fares at Charles de Gaulle airport.

“The police stop us from smoking, from playing cards and from praying,” he said. “We want the government officials to come here and see the situation for themselves.” When one driver had been arrested “violently”, he said, “the whole profession got into a temper”.

Until a decade ago, taxi driving in Paris was an almost exclusively male, middle-aged and white profession. But many women and men from immigrant backgrounds have bought or rented taxi badges and drivers say that tensions with the 70-strong police taxi unit sometimes have racial undertones. The police deny the claim and say they have been trying to persuade the drivers to return to Paris and comb the streets for fares rather than allow their cars to pile up in excessive numbers of up to 300 at the airport.

Djillali Ouanfouf, the secretary general of the Paris taxi drivers defence union, said that his members had planned a demonstration at Charles de Gaulle airport. “Under the law, the police have no right to get involved in disputes between the people who rent out cars and badges and those who hire them,” he said.

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  1. Trouble trouble trouble – they can’t even carry on a profession like driving taxis without causing trouble .

  2. This on top of the Turkish star and crescent on the Eiffel Tower. At least in this case the French wouldn’t take shit from Muslims and knocked their heads.

  3. Arius, getting everything wrong as usual needs to be ignored, like his previous ranting supporting Serbian Nationalist causes – because Muslims would suffer more. France is still very French.

    Actually this whole posting and the two comments above are just examples of why it should not have been posted.

    The complexities of countries with its social issues with minorities have way to many factors and simply to just say it is a Muslim issue is more than naive. Apart from all taxi drivers being aggressive and with a strong Syndic (Union) and that there and the issue of mass immigration (regardless of religion) makes for strong sensitivities.

    I rate this article as just news, nothing important at all.

  4. Here, taxi drivers are inventing new fees supplement the metered fare,
    like $40 to drive through a tunnel, or $3 to drive across tram and train
    tracks. Straight out fraud, and many of the current cabbies just happen
    to be – Mohammed, Ahmed and co. I avoid taxis, except as a last resort.

  5. * Arius, getting everything wrong as usual needs to be ignored

    And you, Solkhar / DHH? Are we to fawn at your feet and marvel at
    your liberal islamic insight into every issue you gush forth on?

  6. Solk, the censor sez:

    “Actually this whole posting and the two comments above are just examples of why it should not have been posted.”

    The moment we have an opening for a Mohammedan censor you’ll be the first to know, solkar. Promise!

  7. If Solkhar gets his way, you will be permitted to post anything you like
    on your blog, except for anything that is inconsistent with sharia law,
    and then you will be a criminal and … the blog will be censored into
    oblivion, and you will be forced underground and most of us commenters with you.

    Solkhar / DHH is a wolf in wolf’s clothing, pretending to be Little Red
    Riding Burka.

  8. The authorities are bordering on criminal negligence in allowing muslims
    to operate taxis in or near airports, or get jobs as baggage handlers,
    caterers, or any job requiring access to secure areas.

  9. Many of your younger readers may find it hard to believe, but it is true, that until the Islamic colonization of France, Paris was as know as the “Paris of Europe”

    It was a very civilized City,indeed it was regarded as one of Europs great cities, it had rule of law and freedom of movement and expression for all, Bull Shit!!!!! I hear you say, believe me it’s true.

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