Moe Jihad Every Day (but why worry, its all just peaceful "inner struggle..")

Today’s cartoons: We will never forget


Islamophobia at Dulles. . . Not.

A Muslim woman loses her mind at an American airport. Rather than being tackled by crazed rednecks, several passersby stop to help and no one but the cops seem concerned.

The Making of an Islamic Terrorist

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a565653e970b-800wiFanatical frenzy: mob breaks through police barriers to stop anti-Muzz demo…

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Green did it: the true colors of Van Jones

Tim Blair

He played the poverty card. No takers. He played the race card. Interest: zero. And then Van Jones played thegreen card:

At the annual Bioneers convention in 2007, Van Jones described to an audience of scientists, activists and environmentalists how he had spent 20 years trying to get Americans to pay attention to the urban poor. “We would call newspapers, television stations, saying kids are dying, we’re going to funerals every weekend. ‘Not interested.’ We’d say we’ve got kids going to school in Oakland, 30 kids in the classroom, six books, no chalk.’ ‘Not interested.’ “

Finally, the Yale Law School graduate turned community organizer told the crowd, “We said, ‘Well, we want green jobs and not jails for our youth.’ And they said, ‘Green? Green? Green!’ GIVE THAT MAN A MICROPHONE!’”

Van rode that scam all the way to the White House. Well, for a few months, anyway.

UPDATE. No green option for ACORN, who prefer a straight-up race play. (Via Instapundit)

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  1. There is nothing more low, dispicable and woefully pathetic that to play right-wing agenda point scoring by using the horrors and pains of others.

    Over 3,000 people died on 9 September 2001 including 3 friends that I have worked with, all whom have families that continue to suffer to this day.

    It is a sickness that some can try and point score using this event, for their own perverted goals. It also distracts from understanding and concentrating on combatting the reasons for the horrid and sickening event, and in fact to this particular blogger, he may have even welcomed the event – to simply justify his own dangerous claim for the ethnic-cleansing of the West Bank.

    Shame, blog-owner, shame on you!

  2. Solky is the New Blog-owner….Solky is taking charge of Wind of Jihad…..Now is’ Wind of Solky” new Name Blog…
    Solky is you don’t like the place ,Why you come here everyday ? Me i don’t like your Blog….I never go on your Blog,simple like that…Simple Commun Sense it’s too Hard to Understand for a Sick Mind like Yours .

  3. * There is nothing more low, dispicable and woefully pathetic that to play right-wing agenda point scoring by using the horrors and pains of others.

    Who are you, Solkhar, and who do you serve?

    Apart from a few typos and routine mis-spellings, you demonstrate a
    command of the English language and grammar that is well above that which might be expected from an ex-Dutch diplomat with a French-speaking background.

    For example, l’Anglais de Pierre est superieur a mon Francais, which
    I learnt (briefly) in high school many years ago.

    I may be wrong, but I suspect that English is your first language;
    not Dutch or French, and is simply part of your role-playing fraud
    against this site and others.

  4. I am so, so honoured that someone thinks my English is that good!

    Actually to join the Dutch foreign service English was comulsary and I almost did not make it. My Uni scores were very high though so I was given the first 12 months to improve or lose my job. I think I just made it. I had two years in Stockholm which was business in English so that must have helped a great deal at that time.

    Look up “Directie Veiligheidsbeleid or DVB” and you will see were I sat the most when back in den Haag.

    Pierre at various times of drunkedness said I was Moroccan and even Turkish.

    As for my French, my mother is Dutch but was born and grew up in Paris’s 16th district and I spent much of my childhood between Rotterdam and there. My mother insisted that I attend French language school so I suffered daily bus trips to den Haag to attend Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh.

    You can look up were I grew up on Google-Map if you ask for ‘sGravendijkwal and if you go to the town’s website and look up “mooie foto’s van onze mooie straat” you will see some photos that I made and even my car on the street.

  5. Sweden has been treated to some wonderful celebrations of diversity
    and cultural enrichment … (via Rantburg)

    ( )
    Swedish cities hit by spate of arson and unrest
    Published: 12 Sep 09 11:10 CET

    Friday night was a troublesome one for many police forces across Sweden with several reports of arson and unrest. Police fear an escalation in the violence

    Violence continued in the Uppsala suburbs of Gottsunda, Valsätra and Eriksberg as at least eight cars were destroyed in arson attacks.

    A police car was subjected to a shower of stones in Gottsunda as the unit was sent to investigate reports of vandalism by youth gangs.

    At around 11pm further reports of burning cars were called in by concerned residents in Gottsunda and Valsätra, who have had to sustain continued unrest since the troubles broke out two weeks ago.

    “It started on August 28th when the police were called to Gottsunda to investigate a car fire, and were then met with stone-throwing youths. It has since gone in waves, escalated, and spread to other neighbourhoods,” Christer Nordström at Uppsala police told the news website

    n the Bergsjön area of Gothenburg flammable liquid was sprayed on a tram and set alight. The fire however extinguished itself and the tram was able to continue its journey.

    In Kungälv, north of the city, a car was set alight at a parking lot at around 10pm which then spread to a further three vehicles. A bus was also attacked by stone-throwing youths and a fire started outside a local school.

    The town of Falkenberg was also the scene of arson attacks, as was the Gothenburg suburb of Hammarkullen.

    Christer Nordström reported that many of the members of the public calling the emergency services expressed dismay at the developments in their neighbourhoods.

    “That which is very serious is that we have noticed how racist tendencies are starting to grow. This prompts some very strong emotions, even if the majority of those that call are level-headed people,” he said to

    Police in Södertälje meanwhile played down the recent spate of vandalism and unrest.

    “It has been like a normal Friday evening,” Mikael Törnblom at Södertörn police told the website.

    Just a normal Friday evening – nothing out of the ordinary.

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