Muslims in Australia demand more dhimmitude

Muslims in Australia complain blah blah…. demand Mohammedan holidays… rah rah….

How about some Jewish holidays in Morocco or Egypt, Solker? One could get the idea these places are occupied by Mohammed worshipers who exclude Jews…. double standards… double standards….


Islamization of Australia: Muslims seek more public Muslim holidays


  • Calls for Muslim holidays to be recognised
  • Current holidays ‘only celebrate Christianity’
  • Leader says move would help multiculturalism (translation: multiculti will help in the fight to remove obstacles to the spread of Islam/ed)

Sydney – Australia’s 3.5 gazillion Muslims complained of discrimination Saturday after laws were proposed banning shops from opening at Christmas and Easter to give retail staff more family time.

Islamic Friendship Association head Keysar Trad said all religious holidays should be covered not just some of them. (Good ol’Keysar is the guy who called white Australians the “criminal dregs of white society” and promotes polygamy along with “out of context” and catmeat apologies for muftibastard Hilali/ed)

‘It does give the impression that we are a solely Christian nation and it raises the issue of other religions too, whether you are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim,’ he said. ‘There are only two Muslim public holidays, so it’s not a lot to ask.’ (Keysar, being on the dole, has holidays all year round thanks to infidel generosity. But that’s just not good enough. He doesn’t give a rats ass about Hinduism or Buddhism either, what he wants is Islam, nothing but Islam.  For Keysar and his ilk, there is never enough of that…/ed )

A spokesman for the New South Wales state government said that although the proposed holidays were Christian-oriented, the new law was not about religion but ‘about allowing workers to spend time with their families.’

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  1. I can think of three Moroccan cities that have entire events dedicated to the memory of Jewish “saints” that attract pilgrims from all over the world, including the State of Israel. So what were you on about?

  2. Essouira, Safi and Ouezzane but in fact all the major cities have events.

    I have put portions of three items that make the facts clear. So, what is your response – I do not care, or sorry I did not know and I take back my rediculous comments?

    “Moroccan Jews are unique in their reverence for deceased learned and pious rabbis. Throughout Morocco , there are hundreds of Jewish saints, as these rabbis are called, whose tombs are usually located in Jewish cemeteries. While some Jews regularly visit the saints’ tombs to pray, once a year groups of Jews hold a festival, known as a hiloula, at the gravesite. Many hiloulot take place during the holiday of Lag B’Omer, in the spring between Passover and Shavuos.”

    “Hiloulot are celebrated with lots of food, drink, and music. In some of the larger hiloulot, families rent rooms and gather with friends to feast and party. Orchestras may play Andalusian music. Women offer food and drink to others attending the hiloula, because they believe that doing so is a mitzvah (good religious deed). People drink whiskey, wine and home-made mahia (fig liquor flavored with anise) as they sing Hebrew songs and trade stories.”

    “Ceremonies at the saints’ tombs are often attended by dignitaries, such as the Governor or Caid, who represent the King. Jews use the occasion to publicly proclaim their attachment to the King, and to pray for his good health.

    Many of the Jewish saints have been dead for over two hundred years. After the death of a learned and pious Jews, the local community would decide whether to honor his memory by making him a saint. Many of the saints were born in the land of Israel and came to Morocco to collect money for yeshivas with which they were associated. Others were wise men who were sources of inspiration and guidance for members of the community.”

    “Jewish saints are located in all areas of Morocco , both in the regions inhabited by Berber Jews and those inhabited by Sephardic Jews. Some saints are located near big cities, such as Fez, Meknes, Marrakech, and Tangier. Others are located in small towns, such as Ksar El Kbir, Demnate, Erfoud, Tineghir, Sefrou, and Taroudant. Some are found in rural mountain areas, such as on the road to Ourika, south of Marrakesh, and in a deserted Jewish village near Ouirgane, the town where the Rosarie Hotel is located on the road to Taroudant.”

    “The largest pilgrimage takes place in Ouezzane, in the foothills of the Rif Mountains. Rabbi Amran Ben Diwan came to Morocco in the 1770’s to collect funds for the yeshivas (talmudic schools) of Hebron in Palestine. He was trapped in Meknes for seven years because of political instability and died in Ouezzane.

    Another large festival is held in Ben Ahmed, near Settat. There is a small hiloula at the synagogue at Bab Mellah in Rabat, and a larger one in the Jewish cemetery in Sale. During the holiday of Lag B’Omer, visitors are welcome at hiloulot throughout Morocco. Jewish community leaders can help you to make the proper contacts to find out where and when the festivals will take place.

    While some Muslims come to pray at the tombs of Jewish saints, believing that they are more powerful than Muslim saints, some Jews consider the late King Mohamed V to be a saint and make a pilgrimage to his mausoleum in Rabat. These Jews revere his memory, because of his efforts to defend the Jewish community from the Nazi-controlled French Vichy Government during World War II.”

    That is from one website (Jewish), then there is the following item from USToday.

    SAFI, Morocco — It’s an uncommon sight for an Arab country: hundreds of joyous Jewish pilgrims gathering without fear around a rabbi’s tomb, greeted by local Muslim officials who share a prayer with them at a synagogue.
    Yet most of the 400 Jews who converged on the Moroccan coastal town of Safi — some from nearby cities, others from as far as France or Israel — at a weekend pilgrimage said they felt welcome here.

    While religious tensions flare in Jerusalem and beyond, in Morocco, Jews and Muslims say they nurture a legacy of tolerance and maintain common sanctuaries where adherents of both religions pray. Decades of emigration to Israel by Morocco’s Jews and terrorist bombings in Casablanca that targeted Jewish sites haven’t diminished the draw of these annual pilgrimages.

    During the festival that began Friday, visitors prayed and feasted around the shrine of Abraham Ben Zmirro, a rabbi reputed to have fled persecution in Spain in the 15th century and then lived in Safi, where he is buried with six siblings.

    A half-Jewish, half-Muslim band played local tunes during a banquet, including a song in French, Arabic and Hebrew with the line: “There is only one God, you worship Him sitting down and I while standing up.”

    The pilgrims were joined Sunday by Aaron Monsenego, the great rabbi of Morocco, who prayed alongside the regional governor and several other Muslim officials at the shrine’s synagogue for the good health of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and his family.

    “It’s very important for us to pray altogether,” Monsenego told The Associated Press.

    Regional governor Larbi Hassan Sebbari said, “We’re also very proud of it: it gives a lesson to other countries of what we do together without any taboo.”

    While several Arab states refuse to recognize the Jewish state’s right to exist, reject Israeli visitors and ignore the remnants of their local Jewish heritage, Moroccans insist it is not the case in this moderate Muslim nation and U.S. ally.

    Once home to some 300,000 Jews, Morocco hosts the Arab world’s only Jewish museum, funds Jewish institutions and frequently holds events to celebrate Judeo-Moroccan heritage.

    Still, the Jewish population here has dwindled to about 4,000 — most in Casablanca. Economics, fears of living in an Arab state and sporadic discrimination drove hundreds of thousands of Moroccan Jews to Israel, Europe or America over the past few decades.

    Many left in 1948 when the state of Israel was created, or in 1956 when Morocco won independence from France. Other waves followed after the Israeli-Arab conflicts of 1967 and 1973 caused riots in some Moroccan towns.

    Jewish leaders who stayed say they practice their religion freely and that synagogues are well protected by police, especially since the 2003 bombings in Casablanca. And despite the bombings, Casablanca — Morocco’s commercial capital — still boasts 32 active synagogues.

    “There was never any racism in Safi,” said Haim Ohana, one of only 10 Jewish people remaining in a town where 6,000 Jews once lived. “People left from here because they were poor,” said Ohana, who helped organize the pilgrimage and runs several businesses.

    The pilgrimage rituals are called Moussem in Arabic and Hilloula in Hebrew.

    Many of the pilgrims, including ultra-Orthodox Jews from Israel and French and Canadian businessmen, are emigres who say they come to pray in Safi because of their emotional ties to Morocco.

    Therese Elisha, an Israeli, said she makes the pilgrimage every other year. “This is the town where I grew up, the synagogue where I prayed,” she said. “I feel at home.”

    “We’re maintaining a bridge over the divide of the exodus,” said Simone Merra, a human resources manager in Paris.

    Some of Morocco’s Jews wonder how long their community will remain. Nadia Bensimon, who runs a fashion boutique in a coastal town, said she had no plans to leave. “But that could change if the Islamists become too powerful,” she said.

    Morocco’s main Islamist opposition party — Adl wal Ihsan — enjoys broad support, but it is banned from politics; secular parties dominate parliament.

    Though most of his relatives now live abroad, Ohana said his family traces its arrival in Morocco to 2,076 years ago.

    “As for Safi, we’ve been here for nine centuries,” he said. “It’s my town, I’d see no reason to leave.”

    Then there is an item in

    Rabat, Morocco – Moroccan Jews have stressed their ties with their country on the occasion of an annual pilgrimage to the sanctuary of a Jewish saint, rabbi Nessim Ben Nessim, in the province of Essaouira 400 kilometres south of the capital Rabat, press reports said Monday. The week-end pilgrimage, which brought hundreds of Jews from several countries to the village of Ait Bayyoud, was a sign of the respect and fraternity between Jews and Muslims in Morocco, said Boris Toledano, president of the Jewish community in Casablanca.

    Simon Levy, president of the Jewish community in Agadir, called on foreign Jews to invest in Morocco.

    Visitors to the moussem (festival honouring a saint) also included Andre Azoulay, an advisor to King Mohammed VI, who also advised Mohammed’s father Hassan II.

    Azoulay, who attended a reception on Sunday, is of Jewish faith.

    Islamic Morocco has a Jewish community of about 3,000 people.

    1. thanks for posting this article with which I’m (of course) familiar, Solkie.

      “I can think of three Moroccan cities that have entire events dedicated to the memory of Jewish “saints” that attract pilgrims from all over the world, including the State of Israel. So what were you on about?”

      Disingenous as always. These events attract Jewish pilgrims who keep a low profile. The claim that ” three Moroccan cities have entire events dedicated to the memory of Jewish “saints” ” is idiotic.

      Far more alarming is the fact that from a once thriving Jewish community in Morocco of 300.000 there are now barely 3000 left. What does that tell us?

  3. Poor babies! If they don’t like our country with its Christian holidays, etc., what’s to stop them getting on the next flighht back to a place where they can enjoy such holidays?

  4. * Far more alarming is the fact that from a once thriving Jewish community in Morocco of 300.000 there are now barely 3000 left. What does that tell us?

    Multiculturalism works a treat, much as it did in the Soviet Union.

  5. Recently I read that multiculturalism
    – live and let live- is a delusion of kind hearted, naive people. How true. We in Australia are quickly learning that the more you appease the Muslims, the more they want.
    Many in this country, including opposition politicians, are beginning to question our immigration policies. We are being conditioned to not offend the Muslim community at any cost, and seeing the way Britain’s “finest hour” is fast becoming it’s “worst hour” should be enough to wake up the west.

  6. [Solkhar the devious] “That is from one website (Jewish)”

    Yes, Solkhar, and with no link I assume it was from Rick Gold
    ( )

    Also on Rick Gold: Jewish Emigration from Morocco
    ( )
    and Prohibitions on Communications and Emigration to Israel
    ( )

    The eighth factor causing Jews to leave Morocco in great numbers was prohibitions on communications with Israelis and emigration to Israel.
    [… …]
    n September 1956, the King signed a decree forbidding Moroccan Jews from going to Israel or returning to Morocco. Jews were no longer receiving passports.

    The prohibition on emigration created panic within the Jewish community. The Mossad organized a secret emigration network, complete with self-defense teams, false passports, bribes to corrupt officials and the participation of Spanish authorities. Hundreds of Jews were arrested. In 1957, King Mohammed V was heavily lobbied by President Eisenhower and Jewish organizations when he gave an address to the UN. Until the King’s death in February 1961, the ban on emigration remained in place. Nevertheless, when Mohammed V died, Jews joined Muslims in a national day of mourning.

    In January 1961, an overloaded boat carrying 42 Jews capsized, drowning all aboard. Jewish organizations blamed the Moroccan Government, in efforts to create an international crisis and promote the legal mass emigration of Moroccan Jews. The Mossad published 10,000 copies of a pamphlet declaring that no Jew and no Zionist who wanted to leave Morocco for Israel should be kept against his will in the Kingdom. It said “Any certainty of finding a place in an independent Morocco has disappeared.” Some youth were caught distributing the fliers, and many arrests were made. There is evidence that those arrested were tortured or died in detention. The resultant negative publicity forced the new King, Hassan II, to consider reopening the emigration channels. The Mossad and American Jewish organizations negotiated with him for the emigration of additional Jews. Israel paid $50 – $250 per immigrant for over 100,000 emigrants between 1961-64. The funds were placed in a Swiss bank account. Collective passports were issued, with the fiction that Israel was not the real destination. Over 100,000 Moroccan Jews emigrated over the next four years. Between 1948 and 1967, 237, 813 Jews migrated to Israel.

    Spin it, Solkhar! Who are you, and who do you serve?

  7. [Aussiegirl] “… seeing the way Britain’s “finest hour” is fast becoming it’s “worst hour” should be enough to wake up the west.”

    Every year seems to be “annus horribilis” in once-Great Britain now.

  8. I would argue for no appeasement to muslim wishes – what has happened in the UK should be understood and is clear to see. KRUDD (who is becoming an accomplished liar) and his faceless PC cohorts should be made to understand that they will not sell out Australia to create their flawed vision of a socialist utopia.

  9. Here’s an idea. Why don’t we, in addition to recognising Muslim holidays, issue a special stamp commemorating Eid, like they do in the US. Come on Australia Post, we are simply not doing enough for our Muslim friends, who would love us if only we didn’t continue to alienate them.

    As regards Morocco, Andrew Bostom in his “Legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism”, uses evidence (sadly lacking in Muslims’ accounts) to debunk the myth of Islamic tolerance there. A must-read book for all who value the truth.

  10. Islam – a religion, an ideology, a way of life built on obfuscation, deceit, bloodshed and lies.

    It is a command in the koran to lie to the romans and to mislead when and if the need requires.

    Any means justifies the ends. If you mussos are so hell bent on having your own holidays then by all means you are at liberty to enjoy them – in your own country

    Allah will bow to jesus

  11. Bat Ye’or notes the sheer hypocrisy and dhimmitude of the west in dealing truthfully with Islam-

    ‘dhimmitude has become a global way of relationship between Europe and Muslim countries. It has established at all levels a dissymmetry in respect of human rights, freedom of the press, of opinion and religion, as well as democratic rights. The reason is that dhimmitude is not recognised as a crucially important page of world history. Hence the west has adopted the Islamic view of history, where the dhimmi nations had no history, no culture, no existence. Indeed, dhimmi peoples have neither a cause nor history. They do not have the right to claim any reparations for the centuries of exile, deportations, spoliations, massacres and persecution. They do not have the right to speak of this. And when they try to retrieve some of their homeland and part of their history, they are called agressors and usurpers.” (p 398)

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