No Human Rights for Christians in Pakistan

Pakistan human rights group says police colluding with jihadists who are murdering Christians with impunity

As indicated here. “Collusion between police and extremists cause of deaths in judicial custody, Pakistani NGO says,” by Fareed Khan for Asia News, September 17 (thanks to JW):

Lahore (AsiaNews) – The Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights (JAC), a group of Pakistan-based non-governmental organisations operating in the human rights field, has expressed concern over “increasing incidents of violence” that have taken in recent months against religious minorities, especially Christians.Their concern also includes the apparent “collusion” of some officials in the police and the prison system with “fanatics and extremists” in perpetrating crimes against members of religious minorities.

Jews in Bangladesh: A heroic Muslim writer takes his people to task for the systematic persecution of yet another dwindling minority. (Any reason for Bangladesh to exist?)

U.S. will keep paying jizya to the Pakistanis (who will keep giving it to jihadists)

Why are we giving Pakistan any money at all? “US won’t deprive Pakistan of direct aid,” from the Daily Times, September 17, via JW:

ISLAMABAD: US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson rejected on Wednesday the impression that the US would not provide direct funding to Pakistani for lack of trust in the government.

Of course the US would not do such a thing. We are much too foolish to do something like that.

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According to JAC activists, anti-Christian violence in Gojra in early August and the murder of a young Christian man in prison in Sialkot show that the “government’s record of protecting religious minorities [. . .] is disappointing to say the least.”

The death in the Sialkot District Jail of Robert Fanish Masih has raised strong suspicions that jail officials were involved in the crime.

Witnesses say they saw torture marks on the body of the 20-year-old man, something that if proven true would contradict jail officials’ claim that he committed suicide.

In the meantime, Fanish’s father (funerals pictured) filed a first information report against prison management, but police has yet to register it.

In any event, the killing of Fanish Masih in Sialkot Jail was not an isolated incident. Similar episodes have been recorded in the recent past. Other defendants facing blasphemy charges have allegedly committed suicide whilst in judicial custody even when circumstantial evidence suggested they were murdered by fanatics in collusion with jail officials.

For JAC the government is to blame for failing to carry out “fair, transparent and thorough investigations into earlier cases of deaths in judicial custody.” Had it done so “it would have worked as a deterrent for the future.”…