‘Obama to Netanyahu: 'Freeze Building and I Will Be Your Friend’


You really can’t make this shit up. This is Gangland Chicago in the White House. The Marxist Moslem Obama, surrounded by tax-dodgers, radical commie- subversives, race-baiters, Jew-haters, criminals and incompetents, showers our enemies with weapons and money, fast tracks 20.000 visas to import Fakestinian lunatics into the United States and all the while disses the Jews. I spit on those who voted for him…. How dare this Obamabastard tell the Jews where they can live in their own country!

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


U.S. President Barack Obama has offered Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to be his friend in return for a freeze on building for Jews in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, according to Politco.com editor Ben Smith. Continued below>>


What if the Israeli Supreme Court ordered illegal ‘Pali ‘ buildings demolished?

It’s been less than two weeks since the Israeli Supreme Court got its first non-Leftist judgesin years. And now the court may be called upon to decide that the State of Israel cannot discriminate between Jews and ‘Palestinians.’ But not in the way you might be thinking: The Court has asked the State of Israel to explain why it demolishes illegal Jewish buildings but not illegal ‘Palestinian’ buildings.

The High Court asked state prosecutors why the state discriminates between illegal Jewish and Palestinian building in the West Bank, citing the lack of enforcement of demolition warrants against illegally-built Palestinian buildings in the area.

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JW: Today there is another hearing in the Rifqa Bary case in Orlando, Florida, and Fox Orlando has this backgrounder on honor killing: “Honor killings on the rise,” by David Martin for Fox 35 News, September 3, JW:

We’ve written about Obama administration green jobs commissar Van Jones as a Communist in the White House. Jim Hoft posts the video of Jones unburdening himself before a friendly audience without inhibition. Jones gives new meaning to the term vulgar Marxist.

The inhabitants of Palestine, 1851/from the Elder of Zion

The inhabitants of Palestine, 1851

The website is a multi-million dollar Washington-based operation that focuses on the White House and Congress. The relationship between the two leaders has been termed as chilly even before they met in Washington earlier this year.

“Netanyahu’s at a pivotal moment,” a senior U.S. official told Smith. “Depending on what he decides, he could wind up with a very strong relationship with President Obama and potentially become a historic figure in Israel.” Ron Dermer, spokesman for the Prime Minister, declined to comment on the report.

President Obama and Israel have sharply differed over whether the issue of building for Jews is a significant issue for an agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. However, the Obama’s administration’s insistence on backing the PA demand for a building freeze has made it a de facto condition for the resumption of talks, which the U.S. has been trying to engineer.

Suffering a severe drop in support on his health reform plan, the war in Afghanistan and the issue of torture of prisoners, President Obama is anxious for a breakthrough in the stalled Middle East peace process.

Although there apparently will not be any formal invitation, a trilateral meeting is being arranged between President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas when they attend the opening of the United Nations General Assembly later this month.

“President Obama will chair it, and I think that at least there is a chance that they will decide they are going to reopen negotiations,” President Shimon Peres told Fox News Monday.

Smith wrote that the U.S. may agree to allow Israel to complete construction that already is underway but will refuse to agree to a thaw in the building freeze if negotiations sputter. President Obama also is demanding that Prime Minister Netanyahu agree to end demolitions of illegally-built houses in eastern Jerusalem, Smith said.

“The Israelis have asked for us to let them finish existing construction,” a U.S. official told Smith. “We’ve made clear that we need some commitments on evictions and demolitions in Jerusalem.”

Even if talks resume, they only will be the resumption of a long and drawn-out process, said Aaron David Miller, a former American peace negotiator and a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars. “This is going to be like a thousand days of root canals, every day, because it’s going to be excruciatingly painful to move this forward,” he stated.


6. Jews. We now come to the Jews. Latterly they have increased in numbers in the ancient city of Jerusalem ; but everywhere throughout the Turkish dominions they are a despised, degraded, and a persecuted race. Denied all civil privileges, tyrannized over and trampled upon, their character is just what such treatment is calculated to make it. Of all the inhabitants ofPalestine none are so poor and so wretched-looking as the Jews. Those who possess wealth are obliged to keep it secret lest the persecuting Turks should render their exactions more oppressive. It is not uncommon for the traveller to find the outside of a Jew’s house dirty and miserable-looking, and the inside well- furnished with all that contributes to comfort and happiness.Jerusalem is still the Holy City of the Jews ; and when wandering far away in the various countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa, and struggling against a common persecution and oppression they feel the bitterness of their servitude, thitherward they cast their eyes, and a transient gleam of hope that a brighter day will yet dawn upon Israel, affords a momentary but delusive gladness.

6 thoughts on “‘Obama to Netanyahu: 'Freeze Building and I Will Be Your Friend’”

  1. Both sides of the Israel and Palestinian conflict have to make sacrifices and take out the political and emotional BS from the scenario – if they are serious about having peace.

    The first is to eliminate and stop actual conflict. Thus the murderous missiles, assinations, bombs and bombing-runs have to stop.

    The second is to eliminate radicalism, from both sides. That means that Hamas, some of Fatah and some of the cabinet including the PM and FM must resign as a first step. The concept of the destructin of Israel must be outlawed and the settler movement and claims to a “God-Given Greater Israel” must also be taken out.

    The third is a joint statement/action by both groups – the first is a recognition of the right and existance of the State of Israel and at the same time a total freeze of settlements and claim to lands outside the exising well.

    The fourth and last step is that the Palestinians AND the Israelis must both give up claims of individual sovereignty over Jerusalem/Al Qods. The city should be handed over to the UN, policed by that force, for at least 10 years and give access to both communities (and others) to support their social, cultural and religious needs. It should be given a special status and the Holy City it is.

    I will not hold my breath but this is my opinion of what would be the only workable way. Note that extremism and radicalism is the enemy here, from both sides.

    Obama is correct, the building of settlements to the Palestinians is for them as bad as rockets fired.

  2. * The concept of the destructin of Israel must be outlawed and the settler movement and claims to a “God-Given Greater Israel” must also be taken out.

    Who do you think you are Solkhar – the Antichrist?

    This is the Abrahamic Covenant, Solkhar – it is still in effect, as God,
    unlike “allah” and his false prophet, is not a covenant-breaker.

    On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates– (Genesis 15:18)

    Take it up with God, if you don’t like the “claims”, Solkhar.

  3. Solkhar ,
    The Palistinians do not want peace , that is, their leaders don’t . They want the destruction of Israel. Lets be honest here.
    And then where would the world get all its scientists from? all it its developments in technology medical and otherwise? Hardly anything scientific ever comes out of a muslim country , hardly any inventions, hardly any patents….
    I recall reading a moving article by a Pakistani man whose father had made he and his brothers attend a madrass. He said how difficult almost impossible it was for him to set up a company as an adult as he did not have even basic maths. He said that all the madrasses prepared men for was a life as a truck driver. With assistance and perseverance he had set up a company and he was then helping young male relatives get a much broader , better education. His father saw the error of his ways.
    Some would say the madrasses also prepare young men to be suicide bombers. No great hope in this system.

  4. Please explain why the Jews have to make land sacrifices Solkhar because the Invading Mohammedan ARABS already have over 80% and the Jews less than 20% of what was the Mandate of Palestine that the League of Nations in 1921 (unfortunate date I know for Isreali Holcaust creation excusers) and later implemented by the UN in 1948, proposed splitting roughly 50/50 between the ARAB Mohammedan invaders and the rightful owners. The ARAB Mohammedan invaders also already have TWO States Jordan and Syria why do they need another one for a FICTIONAL people. Why is Israel which only has 20% of the land the ONLY one being asked to give up land and the ARABS who already have 80% not?
    We all know why because its not about land and never has been its just ANOTHER ARAB Mohammedan excuse to kill Jews.

  5. Solkhar,
    Given the influence of the OIC within the UN, which is highly undeserved, I would NOT allow the UN to poke its ugly head into Jerusalem. If these is to be a sharing of control over the city, the the Palestinians will have to accept responsibility and work with Israel – giving authority to a corrupt third party will not help the Palestinians or the Israelis.

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