Solkhar: Your 10th and Final Question!


According to the available records,  Muhammad, prophet of Islam, started out as a bandit and highway robber. Muhammad regularly raided the caravans of the Meccans that passed by Medina. He organized 64 such raids from 622 to 630, of which he personally led 27 raids. These raids were called Ghazawats or Razzias.

Mohammed spurred his followers with lust for booty and sex slaves. The captured womenfolk were distributed by Mohammed amongst his followers and so was the booty distributed. Captured Jews were tortured for their treasures and beheaded.

Thus his followers had greed to motivate them, while the Quraish were fighting a defensive war to protect their caravans from Mohammed ‘s predatory raids. Mohammed also drilled into his followers the fantasy that if they died, they would reach heaven (Jann’at) where they would be served upon by 72 virgins (Houris) and pearly eyed boys. The motivation of the Quraish was to defend their business, as is that of the Americans today to defend the Western way of life. In this struggle, Mohammed with his dangling the carrots of booty and slaves along with the fantasy of landing in heaven for those who died, was able to ensure that his gangsters (the first Muslims) became insanely paranoid in battle. They had everything to gain, and nothing to lose. While the Quraish were businessmen, fighting to get rid of a menace to their way of life. This difference in the motivation levels led to the defeat of the Quraish and to successive defeats of the many non- Muslim armies that opposed the Muslims.

The battle of Badr marked the beginning of the Islamic terror of Jihad. The Muslims had begun their dirty work. The Jihad was on and on in earnest. In reality it was not a struggle, it was in fact genocide against all humanity – since at that time except for the gang of small bandits at Medina led by Mohammed, everyone else was non-Muslim. This defeat of the Meccans in 624, was also the first victory for the forces of that evil genius Mohammed.

Muhammad claimed that he heard voices, and blamed the Judeo-Christian archangel Gabriel (Jibreel) for whispering in his ears. Something that his child-bride Aisha cleverly noted as being very convenient for the Islamic prophet pretender. After killing, robbing and enslaving  his opponents  (or forcibly converting them to Islam) Muhammad reigned supreme in Arabia, he drove the Jews out of their homes, expropriated their property (booty) and used their women and children as sex slaves,  or sold them into slavery.

From the Koran and the hadith we know that Muhammad was a ruthless manipulator, a genocidal lunatic, a misogynist and polygamist, a serial rapist, arsonist, child-molester, slave-trader, torturer and sociopath. Muhamamad also taught his followers how to lie for the cause and to murder his opponents.

Now my final question to you, dear Solkhar:

Do you agree Solkar, (or deny)  that if you follow Muhammad, (which means to emulate him,  al insan al kamil,  the perfect man, for all time and any place) that if you strive in the way of Allah and strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, that if you follow your prophet in order to make the world Islamic, that this makes you a criminal, an assassin, a terrorist, polygamist and child molester who will inevitably end up dead or in jail?

A simple yes or no will suffice, Solkhar. Thank you for your cooperation!

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  1. I also think that the following paragraph is hate-mongering propoganda that shows your malicious and lacking integrity.

    “From the Koran and the hadith we know that Muhammad was a ruthless manipulator, a genocidal lunatic, a misogynist and polygamist, a serial rapist, arsonist, child-molester, slave-trader, torturer and sociopath. Muhamamad also taught his followers how to lie for the cause and to murder his opponents.”

    No one believes that except a small, weak group of far-right activists that we should all be thank full are just a bunch of fringe dwellers that the rest of the world does not take seriously.

    1. “hate-mongering propoganda” stems from Koran, hadith, the mosques and the Islamic clerics, not from those who report on it and raise awareness to the awfulness of the Mohammedan nightmare.

      You obviously are extremely paranoid about us “fringe dwellers” who are standing up for Western Civilization and culture, otherwise you wouldn’t spent all your time trying to smear and vilify us.

      Proves that we’re on the right track, doesn’t it?

  2. solker sez:

    “No one believes that except a small, weak group of far-right activists…”


    There is a billion people on this globe who are indoctrinated enough to believe that Muhammad’s criminal raids and his abominable sexual practices are glorious examples of behavior.

    You are one of them, sulker. Poor thing!

  3. * I disagree.

    I gather your Mastermind special subject is not the “prophet” Mohammed, Solkhar.

    More homework needed, in between the food reviews.

  4. Nice answer sulker,the Burka fell down…now we really see who you are,you cant hide your true identity anymore,you are a pure mahomedans….for making Short …an Asshole the Worst of alls.

  5. Good to see your acknowledgement of being the fringe dwellers you are.

    I bother to communicate because I simply stumbled on to your bigotry and it is good to see bigotry and indefensible positions shown and exposed.

  6. Pierre,

    remember your the one who so far has only used abusive language, no logic in your comments, could not read nor understand posts, jumped the gun to a point of embarassing and if actually French (I doubt it), a rather big failure at it.

  7. At least,sometimes you are Funny sulker,it’s the only good point you have,and your insults do not affect me at all….

  8. You are right,sulker i don’t speak French…I speak Arabic it’s why you cannot understand my Posts !

  9. If you are married sulker,I’m sure your wife is wearing a garbage bag on his head … It’s an impression ..

  10. Ever heard of Pelayo and the story of the mustard seed?

    You can read online the “Cronica de Alfonso”, written in the 9th century, the story of Pelayo, who began the war for the reconquest of Spain.

  11. Sulker you says i insulted you…How do you know if can’t read my Comments…Only a remark…..
    I must go now my Pigs understand me better than You.

  12. Cronica de Alfonso

    Austurian King of the 9th century, not Spanish, if anything, he was more ethnically linked now to the Portuguese. In fact there was no Spain so there could not have been a reconquesta.

    Austuria was the only area not taken by the Muslim “invaders”. Yes they were invaders, that has never been disputed. What is disputed is this rediculous assumption by right-winger anti-Muslims whom will try and grasp on anything, even without the slightest logic (such as there was a Kingdom of Spain in the 8th and 9th century, Obama is a Muslim, the Qur’an was written in the 9th century and so on).

    So the logic that there was an attempt to reconquer Spain is simply a load of BS and is insulting the mind of any intelligent person with even the slightest notion of hisotry (which of course the blog-owner has time and time again proved he has not).

  13. (which of course the blog-owner has time and time again proved he has not)

    If you had even the slightest notion of history, Solkhar, you would
    renounce the koranic fiction that Jesus Christ was not crucified.

    But you have proved many times that you prefer allah’s lies to
    God’s truth.

    Mythomania, Solkhar?

  14. You have to very careful in asking this question, as I asked many muslims before.

    The smart ones never agree or disagree, but rather contest on the phrase bu justifying the means of raiding and robbing to killing to a modern issue or to the crusades.

    However, Solkhar is not that bright to grasp this well.

    Also note that muhammad never asked anyone to emulate himself, only to follow the commandments from god. The hidden meaning is in the koran but his followers disputed that and followed him instead. This gave them room to improvise and make up stories what muhammad might or might not have done.

    The question you should as Solkhar, as shameful as he may be by accepting that statement as a fact no matter how degrading it may be, is:


    Accepting Islam is accepting the religion of Ibrahim and thats it, nothing else after him, While accepting Muhammad is to distort islam in its purest form and accepting lies & crimes & made up rules thats recorded in the hadith even if muhammad claims not to emulate himself.

    There can only be 1, Islam or Muhammad, They both contradict.
    Either being a Muslim or Muhammaden, Cant be both.

    The real muslims would rather choose Islam than muhammad.

    But lets see how real is our islamic brothers are?

  15. Do this:

    1. Get the Koran (with the capital K because I love it) in Text, found in sacret-text etc.

    2. Remove the verse, “Allah most merciful” or similar starting phrase.

    3. Rearrange the verse in chronological order.

    4. Read it again.

    5. Then ask yourself, Why was the Koran not written this way?

    To me, it becomes a history textbook with part history, part memoir. Contradictions are easy to spot as wishlists. Even errors are easy to spot. And the biggest change is that it feels like it was written by at least 3 people.

    Try it for yourself.

    But then, you need to at least read the Koran in full within 6 months. Most Muslims wont make it past the 1st chapter.

    Is it valid that they call themselves a Muslim by not even reading its manual?

  16. tjwork,

    its not hidden in the Koran at all. Muhammad used ‘Allah’ (from Al-Ilha, the pagan moon-god of the ancient desert Arabs) as a fig-leaf for himself. He could hardly tell the Arabs that he was now their god, so ‘allah’ became the creature that yielded to all his whims, bargained with him, told him to rape and kill and justified to take booty and slaves.

    Muhammad was the ultimate narziss and sociopath:

    In verse after verse of the Quran, it is always towards Muhammad that they point. Allah is only used as the ‘divine threatening whip’ to put his followers in line. The verses of the Quran instruct Muhammad’s followers:

    That they should obey him blindly and unquestioningly;

    that they should follow whatever example he may set (his Sunna);

    that they should believe that he is the messenger of Allah;

    that they should know that he Muhammad, is superior to any and all other Arabs – if not humanity;

    that he Muhammad, has intercessory powers with Allah;

    that revelations come to him whenever and wherever he needs them;

    that Allah hates the enemies of Muhammad in even greater measure than Muhammad;

    that everything Muhammad COVETS,WANTS, NEEDS OR LUSTS for is made Halal to him by the will of Allah through the usual convenient and MADE to ORDER ‘revelations’;

    that all those who do not believe in him or insult him will end up DEAD – usually MURDERED – and their bodies will suffer the eternal and numerous tortures of Allah’s Hell;

    that he is the beloved of Allah;

    that the enemies of Muhammad are automatically the enemies of Allah (there is no difference in the association); in fact Islam=Allah=Muhammad=Islam=Allah etc, its all Muhammads delirious justifications for his crimes.

    that even the gossip of his wives is monitored by Allah; etc. etc.

    Here’s more>>

  17. Dear Sheik,

    What I meant was the words from muhammad himself. I do not disagree nor agree with what you said, but those are facts that was sritten.

    What I assert was muslims around the world were doing the opposite of what muhammad wanted, thus corrupting the teachings of Koran, and corrupting the next generation of muslims.

    The truth is hidden forever because muhammad never wrote most of the verses in the koran & those that were collected in the council were the scribes of muhammad and almost 1/6th belong to his mentor Zaid.

    So, the Koran as in the Teachings is sadly lost forever & recovering it would mean death.

    Another point is that muhammads last commandment (wahyu) was not revealed as none of his companions wanted to give him a handkerchief / towel for him to write and in his last hours, he chased all his loyal companions away to be with his wife.

    There goes muhammad, his teachings & the Koran.

    Sometimes I wonder if muslims would ever wake up from this delusional fantasy they believe in without a choice.

    In Egypt, A scholar mentioned this about a muslim converting out of Islam:

    “A muslim with a choice is a dead muslim” – Al Azhar, 1999

    1. Hmm, there are several problems with this, tjwork:

      Muhammad, that much we know, was illiterate and used scribes to whom he dictated. He had one of the poor buggers assassinated because he reminded the profit of suras that contradicted each other, or sometimes couldn’t remember what ‘jibreel’ whispered in his ears.

      “So, the Koran as in the Teachings is sadly lost forever & recovering it would mean death.”

      Who is sad about it? You? Why? Muhammads activities are well recorded and used to terrorize the unbelievers of the world and a billion Muslims every day.

      His last commandment was “let there not be 2 religions in Arabia”- I don’t know of any handkerchief story and I happen to have read just about every issue of the koran and half a ton of Islamic scriptures from the sunnah to umdat al salik.

      I agree with the last statement: “A muslim with a choice is a dead muslim” – Al Azhar, 1999

  18. I think tjwork and the blog-owner are loving their imbreading here, a radical feeding off the frenzy of another radical with a result which simply put is rather like Abbot & Costello, except they meant to be funny.

    Obviously they only read questionable blogs and have no knowledge of Islamic history or Islam and the quote “have read just about every issue of the koran and half a ton of Islamic scriptures” is a farce, – “every issue of the koran” being the funniest of all.

    Remember, this is the person who said that the Qur’an was written 200 years later than the death of Mohammed thus making it mid 9th century and that makes it …. well….. impossible.

    This is also the one who says he has read everything but when you ask him to prove his accussation that Jihad is a pillar of Islam and that without it there is no Islam and the Five Schools of Islam says so, but when you ask him for documented proof of support, declaration or even acknowledgement, he gives you nothing but 9th to 15th century quotes and nothing from the official Five Schools at all.

    Remember of course that if you press him, his response is to say “you are saying taqqiya, “I do not care” or your posting showing the contradictions will have the phrase “your comments are under moderation”, meaning he cut it to hide it from readers.

  19. Yep, Solker.

    Every issue, because I’m a collector. Especially the one from the King Saud Academy, my favorite.

    Because you’re such a ‘moderate’ zebiba boy, perhaps you don’t recognize this one here:

    And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery, etc.) to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may not know but whom Allah does know. And whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be treated unjustly. (8:60)

    I know it differs a bit from the older versions, butI like it because its so unambiguous. Its clear.

    The verse is clear in its text and unambiguous in its meaning. ‘Make ready’ means train for combat. ‘Against them’ means against your enemies. ‘Your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war’ is the shooting, riding and weapons. The Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam, said: ‘Indeed, power is shooting’, repeating it three times.

    Why this preparing and training for combat, the gathering of weapons, and making ready the steeds of war.? The verse itself has already explained it: ‘to strike terror’ means in order to strike terror, ‘with it’ means with what you have made ready for combat. ‘The enemies of Allah and your enemies’: They are the ones whom the terrorist act is intended for. ‘And others besides’: Means the ones who support and help them, or the ones who wait in ambush for you in order to attack you. When they witness your terror against the assailants, your resistance, and self-defense, they will ‘be terrorized’ and frightened, and deterred from attacking, without you even knowing about their determination to attack. But Allah knew it, and deterred the enemy through your preparation and through your terror against the assailant enemies of Allah. Allah the Almighty knows everything.

    Thus, and in short:

    This generous verse has ordered preparation for the purpose of terrorizing the assailants’ and Allah’s enemies among the infidels and their servants.

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