Real Bad Obambinations

Yid with Lid

Obama’s FCC Diversity Czar Wants to Destroy Free Speech (of course he does. That’s what Socialism/Marxism is all about…)

But its worse than that, far worse:

On 9/11 ObamaBots Will Remember the 3,000 Dead Americans Murdered by al-Qaeda…Just Kidding, They’re Using the day to Fight Back Against “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists”….

Ahmadinejad supports Obama

Bolton: Too late for sanctions

Obama Celebrating Ramadan Tuesday

A noteworthy update to President Obama’s light schedule this week, considering the rumors about his religion that lingered throughout the 2008 campaign. From the White House guidance for Tuesday:

In the evening, the President will host a dinner celebrating Ramadan and highlight the contributions of American Muslims in the State Dining Room. The President’s remarks will be pooled press.

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It seems as if President Obama has made quashing free speech a primary objective.

On top of this “fishy” program there is his More here: Obama vs Free Speech

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    28 thoughts on “Real Bad Obambinations”

    1. I am rather happy that Obama has decided to do a Ramadan item. Every single step by the US Administration in showing recognition and respect will gain it back ten fold. Before the blog-owner jumps though, it should be pointed out that George H Bush did the same and celebrated breaking the fast not only as Obama will do tonight but also in Ryadh and in Amman in Jordan.

      But, I guess if you do not like an American leader participating in other religious events, we can ban Presidents from visiting those Israeli sites, rining the Bell in Kyoto and the like as well. Get real!

      Talking about nonsense, Obama is not a Muslim and mentioning it is rather mute and obviosly for political right-wing reasons. The guy goes to a church regularly, could not even pronounce “hijab” correctly in his Cairo Speech (he got it backwards and said “hajib” and he drinks and loves his beer.

      1. George H Bush was a fool like Clinton before him and Obama is a Mohammedan sockpuppet.

        Jeremiah Wright was a former Muslim who is using Black Liberation Theology to preach hatred against white Americans. His “church”, of which Obama was a member, has close ties to Luis Farraklans Nation Of Islam and is Christian in name only.

    2. Another point is the subject of Freedom of Speech (FoS).

      FoS is something that is a right but also a responsibility. Abuse that responsibility and that right should be taken away. Also the FoS is soemthing that should be divided into categories, individual and collective.

      The right for FoS from an individual in his own individual environment is paramount.

      The right for FoS from a collective standpoint is more about civic responsibility.

      It is interesting that those that abuse FoS never talk about words like Slander, Hate-Mongering, Lies and Propoganda.

      Individuals do have the right to their opinion, no doubt, but when it comes to in public and especially when it transforms to collective views (such as journals, political parties, etc) if it is in fact slander, hate, lies or malicious propoganda – then it is a flagrant abuse of the responsibilities that come with FoS.

      Examples are many, Geert Wilders is the best, the BNP, the Islamic Brotherhod in Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah, Front National, Vlaams Blok (was convicted and disbanded for it) and many, many others.

      What is most clear is that many of them not only abuse and claim FoS as their tool but in fact do not even really support it. The Party of Geert Wilders for instance does not allow its members to discuss their own opinion and Wilders himself claims with a high-tone of “Freedom of Speech no matter what” and yet he remains silent and thus avoid his obligation to support another radical who claims that Holocaust Denial is FoS.

      Rules for some and not for others appears to be the standard set for the abuses of FoS yet managing the system is in fact very easy and clear, making for a big question why FoS is always the excuse of the radicals.

      1. Got it, Solkar, got it!

        Wilders bad, Spencer bad, Bostom baaad, Bat Yeo’r baad, cartoons baaad, criticism of Islam veeerrrry baaaad! Therefore we need Mohammedan headbangers to make rules and laws for us.

        Gee, why didn’t I think of that?

        But wait a minute: isn’t that what the OIC and assorted Arab/Muslims lobbyists have in store for us?

    3. What about FoS and you, Solkhar?

      You are free to deny that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, or that He
      was crucified, but you are lying, blaspheming, and slandering Him.

      What rule should apply to you, Solkhar?

    4. And Solkhar, is it FoS to purport to be an Australian businessman,
      American, or a number of identities, or is it fraud and deception?

    5. Blog-owner,

      that was rather humerous, obviously not serious.

      But to use your style,

      Widlers bad, Spencer bad, Bostom bad, cartoons tasteless and inappropraite, criticism of Islam bad when incorrect, criticism of bad Muslims good, radicalism bad, institutionalised bigotry bad, institutionalised evangalistic bigotry bad, justice good, freedom of speech good, freedom to abuse bad.

    6. For starters, Solkhar: what is a “bad Muslim” to you? An apostate? What is justice for you, the shari’a?

      Solkar paints Islam as a peaceful religion, and that any religion can be twisted to support evil intent. These views do not stand up to scrutiny

      Robert Spencer: “… peaceful Muslims have never formulated an Islamic response to the jihadists’ claim to represent pure and true Islam—and as long as they do not and apparently cannot do so, the jihadists will continue to hold the intellectual initiative within Islamic communities worldwide… no one, Muslim or non-Muslim, has ever yet refuted the contention that Islam teaches warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers. And so one thing is certain: that warfare will continue”.

      ”For while the Bible contains descriptions of violent acts committed in the name of God, nowhere does it teach believers to imitate that violence. Where people are commanded to commit acts of violence, these are commands directed to specific individuals or groups in particular situations; they are not universal commands.

      The Qur’an, on the other hand, quite clearly does teach believers to commit acts of violence against unbelievers—see 2:190-193, 9:5, 9:29, 47:4, etc. There are no equivalents to such open-ended and universal commands, addressed to all believers to fight unbelievers, in the Bible.”

    7. Solkhar sez:

      “The Party of Geert Wilders for instance does not allow its members to discuss their own opinion and Wilders himself claims with a high-tone of “Freedom of Speech no matter what” and yet he remains silent and thus avoid his obligation to support another radical who claims that Holocaust Denial is FoS.”

      Stoopid, Solkhar. Of course the party of Wilders discusses their own opinions, what rubbish!

      So your a Holocaust denier too? Who guessed it!

      Mohammedanism, Jew-hatred and holocaust denial is a package deal in the Arab world. Why am I not surprised..?

    8. Like a series of logic gates, Solkhar, opening and closing to prevent
      unwanted messages, like the Gospel of Jesus Christ, from getting
      through, while permitting “approved” messages, like the canard
      about the “three great Abrahamic faiths”, “islam is peace” etc
      are permitted to pass. An Orwellian world, where muslims
      simultaneously deny the Holocaust yet say Hitler should have finished the job; where islam demands the wearing of veil when
      the wearer is bilking an employer or suing a judge, and yet it is a “cultural” thing, not a religious requirement; where it is forbidden
      to use alcohol gels in hospitals, but OK to work in a bottle shop when
      there is an opportunity to bilk an employer; where service dogs are
      forbidden in taxis for religious reasons, but permitted when used as
      watch dogs; where islam is a race that is discriminated against, but
      is simultaneously a fast-growing religion with people of all races and
      nations … and so on, ad nauseum!

      You get the idea, Solkhar – islam is a shape-shifter – nothing is constant, fixed, or dependable – a Hall of Mirrors full of illusions
      and trickery, and you are a master of the art of trickery – a role
      player who purports to be any number of things, much like the
      religion that you are the slave of.

    9. Solkar is a SNIP

      He would still be at it if the infidels didn’t invent the internet
      thus also proving that allah doesn’t exist because muslims would have invented it.

    10. So for starters, blob-owner, bad Muslim means bad person, such as criminals, radicals (such as yourself), terrorists etc. As for Shari’a, I have stated it many times, which you know, that I do not support Shari’a.

      Scrutiny? And you use radical hate-mongers like Spencer as proof. That slime simply twists and quotes out of context, the basic standard method of propoganda known in modern history. The best example is how he says that the Bible has examples of events in history, the very similar ones (they are in fact in the same fashion) are instructions for hate. That will not stick because those surahs in the Qur’an were instructions and examples of orders given at a time of war to those that were there (7th century).

      “Stoopid, Solkhar. Of course the party of Wilders discusses their own opinions, what rubbish!”

      Are you sure about that blog-owner. In fact since you are wrong, the finger and insult is directed toward yourself. The reality is that the party of Wilders does not allow for dissention at all, policy is given from an executive and if you disagree with it then leave. There are at least 12 separate newspaper articles from all those that “did not agree”. There is also no voting on leadership, everyone is appointed.

      “So your a Holocaust denier too? Who guessed it! ”

      Well you guessed completely wrong, in fact I support the criminilization of organisations and public pronouncement of holocaust denial. I am a supporter of history (unlike yourself who fails at it all the time on this blog) and thus your accussation is just another part of a great succession of attack.

      “Mohammedanism, Jew-hatred and holocaust denial is a package deal in the Arab world.”

      Yet more total failure on your part in every aspect. We can start by the name, it is Islam. As Islam worships God and not the Prophet, the name is incorrect because that implies the worship of he man.

      Jew hatred is in fact incorrect, it is correct to say that Arab politics has made hatred an art-form, but as the word implies, it is politics. But Islam does not hate the Jews, so again you are wrong. Holocaust denial? The Iranian President did but as CNN pointed out it is not official government policy, Hamas members have done so, but as you can see the politics and violence of the Israeli/Paliestinian conflict is very emotive. Nothing to do with the religion, even if they wish to make it.

      As you will see from your next post, Gaddafi who is now the old-man of the MENA version of the Cold-War, still plays the Jewish card over and over again. If Islam supported that, then you would have had it in all countries and in all Mosques and the world would have been a different place. Why is it not blog-owner? Go ahead, change the subject again.

      1. Interesting, Solker.

        So telling the truth about Islam makes me a bad person, a criminal, radical, terrorist? Spencer is a radical hate-monger and the slime? What does that make you? You have yet to make one convincing argument in favor of your cult. All you have ever done, is tied your knickers in knots by lying, lying lying and trying to deceive with all and every Islamo-apology you got in your taqiyya box.

        The Koran is a repetitious, nonsensical concoction of hatred, incitement and the invention of a genocidal lunatic. It is irrelevant whether it was chewed up by goats or spat out by a camel, and it makes no difference whether it was 15 or 150 or 200 years when it was put together, because all of it is an insult to human intelligence. Except, of course, if they are born into the cult of Islam and forced to take this toxic garbage seriously. The central command of Mohammedanism, to strive, to raid, to terrorize unbelievers, to kill them, forcibly convert them or make them dhimmies, steal or expropriate their belongings and to use their women and children as sex-slaves has made this abominable belief system spread over large parts of the world, and I’m afraid only all out war can drive it from the face of the earth.

        To compare the Koran to the Bible or the Talmud is the ultimate insult. The scriptures of Christians and Jews are, if anything, historical records and include laws like the 10 commandments.

        The Koran cannot be compared since it includes nothing of value, but is a manual for warfare against unbelievers, namely the Jews. The Koran and the hadith revolves around Mohammed, that’s why its Mohammedanism, nothing else. Why do you think Mohammedans go apeshit over cartoons or a teddy bear named Mohammed and tell us they love their ‘profit’ more than their wives and children? If that is not Mohammed worship, what is?

        So Wilders gets criticized in newspapers, solkhar? Goodness. What else is new? The man lives under 24/7 protection by bodyguards and sleeps in different places every night because Mohammed worshippers want to kill him. Welcome to reality, solkhar. If you stick your neck out against the cult of Mohammed the dhimmies and the headbangers try anything and everything to get rid of you. Try it, solkhar, you might like it!

        Ayaan Ali Hirsi (whom you claim to know) went through the experience, and since you make it your business to smear and attack those who oppose your cult you would know where your perceived enemies are and where you can find them.

        I’m unconvinced about your support against holocaust denial. If your are against it then you don’t promote it as free speech. Free Speech in this case simply means a free ticket for Jew-haters and Mohammedans to defecate and piss on the graves of 6 million Jews. There is no debate, and there is no need for one, because it means to slander, to desecrate, to belittle and to vilify some more. Do you understand that? (I know you don’t.)

        Islam hates the Jews, going back to the days of Muhammad. He couldn’t convince them and they laughed at his primitive religion, that’s why he had them killed and used their wives and children as sex slaves.That’s why only a tiny numbers of Jews remain in Islam-occupied countries today.

        Israel is a miracle and its existence drives the Muselmaniacs worldwide to despair. The existence of Israel is obvious proof that everything with Mohammedanism is wrong, that’s why your co-religionists want to destroy it, solkhar.

        The fact that they can’t destroy Israel shows that allah is impotent and useless.

    11. theresaj,

      I know very well that many muslims drink beer, wine and spirits. I personally do not and I do not care if others do, I abhore drunkedness though.

      If you noticed, the subject was about the ludicrous right-wing rumour mongering for poltical reasons that Obama is a Muslim. He is not, and I gave amongst others the subject of his public beer drinking one of many examples that show he is not.

      Morocco is an exporter of Wine and wines from the Meknes region is supposed to be very popular in France. Never drank and not interested personally. I like traditional Moroccan mint tea.

    12. Solkar…Never Drink ..HaHaHahahaha, Poor guy,Putain T’es Con Solkhar,you are really on another planet…Solkar you live on another Planet in your mind,you don’t belong to our World,your world is Completely Crazy and Insane…for us all the musslims are a waste of time,Do you understand That Solkhar,Please ! NO you can’t….I know !

    13. Pierre,
      I don’t wish to be rude but I have to say that you are way off here. I don’t know Solkhar but I haven’t seen anything that he has done except state his point of view – mostly politely. He wrote that he didn’t drink (alcohol) – and he is is not the only person – muslim or non-muslim who made this choice. So what is the problem? If you think he is wrong then state why! Now I agree there are a number of muslims who are a complete waste of time – but all – that is complete rubbish and you cannot judge an entire group from the actions of a subgroup whose behavior is abhorrent to all including most muslims! Admittedly I treat the members of the subgroup with utter contempt because that is all that they deserve – a recent post is an example thereof – however to treat all in this way because of the abhorrent behavior of the islamists is behaving exactly like the islamists. It achieves little. The problem we have in Europe is a political class that is sacrificing our future in some absurd social experiment. I know politicians from a certain European country and less than 16 people are responsible for the major political decisions that influence the population and the interaction with other countries in that country. Less than 16 – it should be no surprise that perhaps the decisions made do not fairly represent the electorate. Concentrate your anger on the politicians who are the real problem – vote them out – make them follow sensible immigration policies – make them work for you – kick the PC social engineers out – and get your country back using the political systems we built to protect our societies.

    14. Kaw ,i understand what you say…but….you badly interpreted what i said…maybe not…i’m not the best one in English and often i can’t really express myself correctly.
      “He wrote that he didn’t drink (alcohol) ”
      I don’t bother if Solkhar drink or not Alcohol,i have many friends who don’t drink Alcohol..that’s their Choice….Here (In the West),fotunately we can choose again….but when solkar said i don’t drink Alcohol,it’s not the same thing than me or you saying i don’t drink Alcohol…..and i saw it when he wrote it…..He mean we are Inferior and he is Superior because he don’t drink Alcohol…and what this guy don’t know and it’s why i told him he leave on another Planet,he don’t understand us,he understand NOTHING,absolutely NOTHING Because Alcohol belong to our Culture even to our Religion,Monks brewed beer and Fine Alcohol (Cognac etc…),Priest drink wine and even the Pope drink Alcohol at all his meals…this is our Culture and Civilization…This Stupid guy think we feel guilty ,we don’t feel guilty at all Solkhar we are Proud of our Civilzation,she is ten Billions time BETTER than least..Minimum.
      And if i have a Advice to give you solkhar…go purchased 2 bottles of wine right Now and have Fun for the fist time in your empty life of Workshipper of Satan,don’t wait to be in your Fucking Paradise who don’t exist…..
      And for the rest of your comment Kaw,i’m sorry i can’t answer to you now because my wife just came back from work and i have thing to do…example give supper to my 2,700 Pigs,they need me more than you..loll
      But you can easily imagine than i don’t totaly agreeing with the rest of your comment…see you probably Tomorrow Pierre x

    15. Well I didn’t read that in his comment – lets leave it at that. Hope the 2700 pigs enjoyed their supper – and hope that they are neat at the dinner table too!!

    16. Pierre,

      I think frankly your stupid. Why? Because you have jumped the gun, abused, insulted me in the worst fashion and you have even admitted you did not understand anything in the first place. Go back and read my post again. I said I do not drink (that is my choice), you will also note that I mentioned that Morocco exports very good wine, if I am anti-west and attacking those that drink, do you think I would advertise that?

      Also, what is this merde about west this and west that? Tu es en cretin? I am a European, I have only lived in Morocco for the last 7 years. This BS from you about superior and inferior sound like rubbish from the blog-owner, I do not value one culture over another as better or worse and I frankly speaking do not care about what you drink or what you think is a good drink. I have never actually been interested and as a Dutchman with family in Belgium who works in Hasalt making the best of drinks I probably have an idea and an appreciation of the history and effort in making it than you do, probably.

      I should add that I am also very proud of my heritage and I am one of those lucky families that know the names of my family and ancestors on both my parent’s side hundreds of years, in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland. But I am also not ignorant of the rest of the world and I have nothing but contempt for arogant individuals (be they from Morocco, France, Iran, UK, America or anywher) who give basically ignorant and hateful language of other faiths, cultures or ideologies, especially when they know nothing – ne savez rien ! There was a saying in Paris (St Dennis 12eme) when I worked there – “maintenez votre bouche fermée et vos yeux s’ouvrent”.

    17. “that Morocco exports very good wine”…Humm,Humm, Kof,Koff….
      You are extremely very Strange Peoples…Muzz don’t drink “Wine or Alcohol” but they Exports Wine…they don’t even taste their own Product…Are you Crazy or What ????…I think ,Yes Yeah !
      For the rest of your Comment my dear solkhar,don’t worry i will answer to you tomorrow… You lose nothing for waiting.

    18. Blog-owner,

      I find your lengthy posting rather sad and typical of someone who just repeats the same words ad nauseum and add nothing but propoganda and malicious rhetoric.

      Your twisting the words is also annoying and tragic. I think your not telling the truth about Islam and for that yes you are a bad person. Just like you say that all Muslims are bad people and wish to harm the world, you are saying I am.

      Spencer is a hate-mongerer and that for me means he is a slime, what does that make me, well I do not create hate.

      You think I have not made one convincing statement in favour of my “religion” I think is false and because it is your agenda to not do so. In fact I have pointed out all the errors you have made, including abuses of factual history, pathetic attempts to use 9th century figures as proof of what is today and a really sad knowledge of the Qur’an which you claimed was produced 200 years later than it was and thus not available to the oldest Universities in the world dedicated to studying it. I still laugh over that.

      But of course when told these convincing examples of how wrong you are, your answer of course is eather I am giving taqqiya – a famous bigot escape clause when talking to a Muslim, “stoopid” though the fact is correct or as you have done more often now “I do not care” which in my language we say “Ik zal de waarheid hoe dan ook negeren” which I guess translates as “I will ignore the truth anyhow “.

      Blog-owner I do not really care about your opinions, I enjoy simply pointing out the BS that hate-monger blogers show because they smuggly think that because it is their blog that they can say things incorrect and hateful and get away with it as fact. I have no probelm if you believe your BS, but as I said, put it in a public forum and you have live with people showing you the errors.

      You said that “The Koran is a repetitious, nonsensical concoction of hatred, incitement and the invention of a genocidal lunatic.” and I will say that is BS and all the pages and cut & pastes from Spencer has not proved that at all but simply shown how much effort you have wasted.

      “.. it makes no difference whether it was 15 or 150 or 200 years when it was put together…” But blog-owner, it was you spouting the fact trying to pretend you know Islam, its history – in fact history in general.

      ” The central command of Mohammedanism, to strive, to raid, to terrorize unbelievers, to kill them, forcibly convert them or make them dhimmies, steal or expropriate their belongings and to use their women and children as sex-slaves has made this abominable belief system spread over large parts of the world…”. I understand that pot-smoking can make you this paranoid and to say dribble. I have yet to see anyone, even Wahhabists or OBL even say this BS, and I guess that is your paranoia down to the letter then and it is sad and pathetic.

      “To compare the Koran to the Bible or the Talmud is the ultimate insult.” As I said, I think your a closet Evangalist and that says a lot, and about you being insulted, as my now-Australian brother likes using the expression …. I do not give a rat’s arse, as you do not about every insulting phrase that you constantly mention about my faith.

      As for Wilders, it was not the newspapers that criticized it but on 12 separate occassions and independantly 12 members left arguing that his party had nothing to do with FoS and in fact was the opposite.

      Ayaan Ali Hirsi, whom I do know, is a sell-out to sell copies and be a celebrity, she is dispised by most that have worked with her and as you know from a previous posting in another thread, when I told her basically that, I got applause from the mostly conservative and professionally academic and parliamentary audience. If you spoke Dutch and did some research you may even find my real name in a newspaper item on it.

      I do not care, to use your words, what your opinion about my belief on holocaust denial and I find it rather “stoopid” to use your words again, to arguing and criticising FoS “as a free ticket for Jew Hating ” when it is in fact the hate-blog establishment that you belong to that abuse FoS the most – as a free ticket for Islam-hatred.

      And thus it is you that does the piss on the graves of 6 million Jews and more than likely celebrated the death of three plus thousand people on September 11 2001 because it helped your agenda.

      Islam simply does not hate Jews anymore or less than Christianity and the reason “why only a tiny numbers of Jews remain” in the Muslim world is because of the politics of the creation of Israel. In fact before the creation, Europe was exterminating them and before that there were as many and more content Jews in the Muslim World, in fact all through the last 1400 years Jews were until the creation of Isreal safer and happier except perhaps for 19th century Britain. We can state thousands of examples of the unequal number of persecutions in Europe over the Muslim World with the best example of them all going back to the First Crusade against Islam declared by Pope Urban II which then for the first 12 months did not even leave Europe at all but chose instead to kill over 12,000 Jews.

    19. Pierre, for a so-called French person you are a bad representative. As was discussed in this thread, many Muslims do. Also, most French know that there are almost 200, 000 French nationals chosing to permanently live here and then those half a million more who come regularly. Then there is the large Jewish population who do drink wine. If in fact you are French and live in France, then you could also go to the local wine dealer and ask for one or simply go to to see some examples and references. As I said, I chose not to drink so I have no comment on tastes and qualities.

      So having said the above, who is crazy??

    20. Solkhar, at 1:08 above, wrote that he was very proud of his heritage and knows the names of his ancestors of hundreds of years in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland.

      If those ancestors of hundreds of years knew of Solkhar’s conversion to the cult of Islam, they would NOT be proud of him. It is very likely that those ancestors fought against Moslem invaders all those years ago.

      Solkar is a quisling and a traitor to his heritage. He should be deeply ashamed.

    21. * Blog-owner I do not really care about your opinions …

      But I will keep coming to your blog, abusing you, your hospitality and your site, and then run off about it on my own blog.

      About right, Solkhar?

    22. Aparantly the person commenting about my ancestors that I am aware of from the last 322 years has no knowledge of history. Since if we look at the year 1687 there was no “invasion”. Land-owners in north France really would not have had knowledge. Mind you the traders of Rotterdam did and sailed to what is now Indonesia and Malaysia.

      In the end the subject is mute, a part of the family abandoned Catholicism and were persecuted for becoming Protestant and moved from Basel to Antwerp only for a later generation to become Catholic again, I am sure their great grandparents would have spat at them.

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