Religion of Pedophiles

Kids go to serve sex in Dubai

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Hundreds of minors flown out to Gulf to dance in bars, provide sex, as Ramzan month of abstinence ends

Good News Update: Poland okays forcible castration for pedophiles (Reuters)


* F*#k, it pains me to put this s#*t up day after day after day, knowing its all tribal and cultural and totally unislamic and not in the Koran…

For three days now, 2,000 girls, almost all minors, have left for the Middle East, particularly Dubai, to feed the needs of a population starved of entertainment and sex post the rigours of Ramzan.

The girls have been told they are being taken to dance in bars, but it is implicit that they will double up as prostitutes for well-paying clients. Another 1,000 will leave by tomorrow.

Of course, any attempts to do away with the customary child abuse will encounter resistance based on the example of Muhammad, who married 9-year-old Aisha (Sahih Bukhari 5.58.234).

Sources say there has been an approximate 20 per cent rise in the trafficking of minors over the last year.

And it’s remarkably easy. Chennai and New Delhi were used as gateways instead of Mumbai where checks are more stringent.

Traffic Jam: There has been a 20% rise in the trafficking of minors over the last year.

Sources added that all the minors were travelling on forged documents that show them as adults.

A senior officer from Special Branch 1 said the girls were travelling on a tourist visa and their stated purpose was ‘to visit relatives in the Gulf’.

“We know they are going for immoral purposes. We have been looking to see how we can check their exit,” remarked the officer.

‘Rise in trafficking’

Vikrant Raghuvanshi, lawyer and president of the NGO Akshaywat, which works with child trafficking, said, “Yes, there has been a substantial rise in the trafficking of minors, but it was never really controlled.

The government has to take strong initiatives rid the country of this menace.”

Gulf Rush: Bar dancers from Mumbai and other parts of central India were sent to the Middle East via Chennai and New Delhi airports instead of Mumbai where checks are more stringent.

In an earlier newspaper report, Subhash Chakma, director of the Asian Centre for Human Rights, had said the government was not serious about checking human trafficking in the country.

“We have enough laws to deal with the problem but lack the will to enforce them.”

Ashraf Khan, an agent, said he had been scouting for girls for the past five months. “I make around Rs 40,000 per girl if the deal goes through.

The recruitment process begins about three months before the migration to Gulf begins post Ramzan,” said Khan.

In the Gulf, dance bars are shut during Ramzan and the licenses are revoked. All the girls working there are sent home. The exodus to the Gulf therefore begins post Ramzan.

“An average girl gets paid approximately Rs 1 lakh for a three month contract, while an experienced dancer gets around Rs 3 lakh for the same period,” he added. In addition, experienced dancers get 50 per cent of the tips.

In Mumbai, possibly the best paymaster, the girls make around Rs 10,000 a month, which explains the Gulf rush.

On contract

Khan admitted that 70 per cent of the girls on the three-month contract are below 18 years and the papers are forged to show them as 21 years and above.

“I am going for the first time. My friends told me that the scene is good in Dubai and I will three times what I would earn in Mumbai,” remarked Chandni.

Confirming the exodus, Ramesh Shetty (name changed), a bar owner from Kashimira said, “Five girls from my bar left for Dubai yesterday. We now have a shortfall of dancers, but they have promised to return after three months.”

Once there, the girls are completely at the mercy of the operators as their passports are taken away so that they cannot escape.

Rakesh Pandey of Rakesh Tours admitted there had been a significant rise of passengers travelling economy class to New Delhi and Chennai in the past few days, of which a large number were female.

The Other Side

Said DCP Brijesh Singh, “We cannot stop them if they are travelling on proper documents. But I am looking into the matter.”

Girl Spotting

> Agents spot the girls at beauty parlors or malls.
> The girls are interviewed and if willing, contracts are signed.
> Rs 30,000, what they would make in a month in the Gulf is paid as advance.
> Most of the girls are 16 and belong to the Bhedia tribe from Rajasthan, famous for their Kalbelia dance.
> The other girls are from Central India and the rest are Mumbai bar girls.

12 lakh
Children are believed to be  involved in prostitution in India twice the population of Nerul

1 crore
People involved in human trafficking in India. The population of Mumbai is 1.5 crore

10 %
Of human trafficking in  India is across borders

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  1. I don’t know…. Solkhar it belong to this ‘religion’ I don’t remind Really…Sorry,Sometimes I have memory loss….

  2. * Of course, any attempts to do away with the customary child abuse will encounter resistance based on the example of Muhammad, who married 9-year-old Aisha (Sahih Bukhari 5.58.234).

    Much the same in that bastion of islamic enlightenment and freedom,
    the Maldives, where even an islamic lecturer at Monash can be denounced for not being muslim enough – beard too short; trousers
    too long, and “reports about men keeping underage girls as concubines to have sex with when their wives are menstruating”
    – denounced as “unislamic” (TM), but not too strongly as slaves
    were kept as concubines in the false prophet’s time …

    (al Guardian, of all things)

    Save the Maldives from fundamentalists

    An Islamic scholar is facing flak for not wearing the right beard. We must not let Wahhabism suffocate this island nation’s identity

    (saving the Maldives from fundamentalists would be similar to
    saving the sewer system from sewage)

  3. The 100% politically incorrect truthful face of Islam is presented on this site. That is why most “anti-Jihad” sites won’t link to here. Too many of them want to take a aterisked *stand* against a fallacy concept of “Islamic Extremism”, without properly addressing the core issue.

    The core issue is that terrorism is a fruit of Jihad…and Jihad is Islam.

  4. “* F*#k, it pains me to put this s#*t up day after day after day, knowing its all tribal and cultural and totally unislamic and not in the Koran… ”

    You got it. Also since you got it right, you may as well also add to the fact about human sex traficking to the hungry European and American markets by Eastern Europeans and good faithful and almost 99.9 per cent Catholic Central and Southern Americans.

    The retchard Arabic sex industry is large, but as we all know, also very illegal. Rather like the dispicable drugs trade in Colombia and the region that is illegal but continues anyhow.

  5. revparadigm,

    anti-Jihad sites, as all radical fringe dwellers do, can never stand united because radicalism is by necessity isolationist due to it being basically following and demanding actions/programs that are as unacceptable as the issues that they are often fighting against.

    Such as jihad, which is only claimed by radical Muslims whom follow active and dangerious political agendas. Unfortunately, fringe sites like this one (which is simply bigoted hate-Islam for its own kahanist violent agenda) never bother to point out that the institutions and the Qur’an itself does not support nor sanction a jihad unless it is in defence of Islam. Thus an official, sanctioned and acceptable Jihad has not been in place since the end of the Crusades centuries ago. Bin Laden, Choudry and all those radicals can spout it as much as they like and YES they are very dangerous, but it still does not change the facts.

    Jihad is certainly Islamic, but it is also not happening, it is simple terrorism and crime.

    1. ” jihad, which is only claimed by radical Muslims” and denied by frenzied Moroccan blog trolls who tie themselves in knots day after day after day is a constant in Islam and will continue until Mohammedanism is defeated or you lot succeeds in making the world Islamic.

      So jihad is “defensive” sez solker, the greatest Moroccan gov’t snitch and spin meister of all time.

      Lets hear it from an expert, solker:

      Famous Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun, who is revered in the West for his “progressive” insights, puts to rest the notion that jihad is “defensive” warfare:

      In the Muslim community, the holy war [jihad] is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and the obligation to convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force…The other religious groups did not have a universal mission, and the holy war was not a religious duty for them, save only for purposes of defense… They are merely required to establish their religion among their own people. That is why the Israeilites after Moses and Joshua remained unconcerned with royal authority [e.g. a “caliphate”]. Their only concern was to establish their religion [not spread it to the nations]… But Islam is under obligation to gain power over other nations (The Muqudimmah, vol. 1 pg. 473).

      Thanks for paying attention, solkie.

      Now go back spinning…

  6. Solkhar the spinmeister “Jihad is certainly Islamic, but it is also not happening, it is simple terrorism and crime.”

    Spin it, Solkhar!

  7. Spinning? Giving Afghanistan as an expample of the rest of the Muslim world and then ‘yet again’ quoting historic reports and relevant for examples of today – now that is twisting.

  8. Yes, Solkhar – no jihad, so therefore no muslims waging jihad – it’s
    all a figment of their imaginations, and that of those the un-jihad isn’t
    being waged against. Your “god” is devious, Solkhar, and you follow in
    its slimy footsteps.

    * Australian man jailed 9 years over DIY jihad book

    Former Qantas cabin cleaner Belal Khazaal was arrested in June 2004 over his Arabic-language “Provisions of the Rules of Jihad: Short Judicial Rulings and Organisational Instructions for Fighters and Mujahideen Against Infidels”.

    Solkhar the spinmeister wrote in defence of his slimy god and religion
    “Jihad is certainly Islamic, but it is also not happening, it is simple terrorism and crime.”

    Your slimy god and its followers are actively waging jihad all over
    God’s earth, and you refuse to see it – the emperor’s new clothes
    in reverse. Come out of islam and its hall of mirrors, before God
    destroys it completely, and throws its slimy god into the lake of
    fire forever.

  9. Sanremo: Tunisian assaults a friar in the street, while shouting “God is Great”

    Father Riccardo, age 76, risks the loss of the use of an eye. But the attack was not motivated by religion.

    Sanremo — While shouting “God is great,” a north African beat a Capuchin friar with a bottle, furiously kicking and punching him, even when he had already fallen to the ground. Now the friar from Sanremo, Father Riccardo, aged 76, risks the loss of the use of one eye.

  10. “Sanremo: Tunisian assaults a friar in the street, while shouting “God is Great””

    According the blog-ownerr they shout “Mohammed is Great”…..

  11. Allahu akbar, the war cry of the Muhammad worshipers… head choppers, usurpers, Arab bandits, vagabonds… child molesters… cut throats, hijackers, kidnappers, murderers, assassins…

    Solker slick:

    “Giving Afghanistan as an expample of the rest of the Muslim world”

    Afghanistan is THE BEST example in the world.

    Afghanistan is a look into the future. We’ll see more of it if Mohammedanism is allowed to spread.

  12. LOL, the worship word again, so why not Allahu al Mohammed blog-owner?

    Since your so cr*p at history, did you know that the French were cutting off heads officially and legally until less than 30 years ago?

    1. Solker slick:

      “did you know that the French were cutting off heads officially and legally until less than 30 years ago?

      Sure. They did that in the name of allah, solker.

      Tu quoque justifies everything for Mohammedans….

  13. 30 years ago ?????????…Sucky…..I don’t think at ALL ! Sorry my Dear Sucky..I think you say anything, no matter how,that don’t bother you…You are Breathless Sucky,I think you become more and more Crazy…you have no more arguments, you’re empty …it’s time for you to take a big decision in your life or otherwise you will have to Run for the Rest of your miserable Life.

  14. Please note that blog troll solker has no problem with his criminal moslem brother attacking a friar in the street, who is now badly hurt and about to lose his eye.

    Solker sees a problem with us reporting it correctly, which includes mentioning the Mohammedan war cry allahu akbar (my allah is bigger)

    Muhammad is allahs alter ego, solker.

    The meshugga profit could make the moslems believe just about anything, but he couldn’t tell them to worship him, that would have been too obvious.

  15. Ahh yes Mohammedans and their cretinous PC MC apologisers ALWAYS mistranslate “allah is a snack Bar” as ‘God is Great’ when it REALLY means ‘My God is the GREATEST’ . The reason for his of course is that using the CORRECT translation would blow the Mohammedan ‘ONE GOD’ claim out of the water as a “GREATEST” God implies there must be other “LESSER Gods.” More proof if any were needed of Mohammad’s INVENTION of Islam as a 7th Century Hate and Death CULT.

  16. ‘My God is the GREATEST’

    This “god” that magnifies itself above every god and speaks against
    the God of gods gets a mention in the prophecy of Daniel:

    “And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.”
    ( Daniel 11:36 )

    And Jesus Christ, referring to the “man of sin” (Antichrist):

    “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.”
    ( 2 Thessalonians 2:3&4 )

  17. Christianity is also a monothesistic religion that magnifies itself above all others, I saw no mention of that in your posts.

    Also if we’re talking some history look up the First Crusade, 1099 the Christians took control of Jerusalem, they slaughtered every muslim they found male and female. The muslims had been declared enemies of God and were subject to extermination. Thousands were killed without mercy.

  18. Daniel 11:36 and 2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4 are both about
    the anti-christ. the false god behind him is lucifer.
    allah is mixture of moongod and monotheistic influences.
    The elohim concept of judaism is monotheistic.
    the trinity concept of christianity is plural but in fact
    all oneness, separatism, family, dualism and triune doctrines
    fall short of describing the Being of YHWH.

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