Religion of Predators

Beating Attack on Law Student

First they kicked him to the ground, and then they just kept on kicking him in the head over and over again.

In the middle of Hamburg, the severely handicapped American exchange student Joshua S. (28) was almost beaten to death. Motive: They assumed he was gay. (“They”-is an euphemistic description for  “southerners”, what we call “MOMEA’s”- men of Middle Eastern appearance”)

Sunday morning at around 1.40 AM: Joshua S was out on the town with a friend, Neville (22), an exchange student from South Africa. They had been out partying and wanted to go home. They share an apartment in the Osterstrasse. Joshua S. was born in Texas, studied law in New York, and is now finishing his degree at the elite university Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. More from the Gates of Vienna


Congressional candidate: No more Muslims to U.S.

*As usual, Mohammed worshippers go apeshit, instant fanatical frenzy ensues…

Concessions kill Jews:

Israel removes roadblocks for Arabs, Pals shoot Israeli

“This attack is a direct result of the removal of roadblocks.” The Israelis removed 100 roadblocks a couple of weeks ago to make life easier for Palestinians” and, apparently, to please George Mitchell and Barack Obama. “Israeli shot in West Bank,” by Efrat Weiss for Ynet, September 29 (thanks to Pamela):

Two peace-loving Gaza rockets hit Israel


But remember: they come from the religion of peace, they are just firecrackers... what could be wrong with that…         2 Gaza rockets hit Negev; no injuries,” by Shmulik Hadad for Ynet, September 29 (thanks to JW)

US “Hearts & Minds” campaign backfires:

Two US Soldiers Killed By Bomb In Philippines – New York Times

Solkhar is everywhere:

Jihad Watch:  “Spencer you will pay the price”

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