France: "Who'll be responsible for enforcing this law?"

French mayors doubt enforceability of burqa ban: “prefer to do nothing..”

hijab-protestFirst the hijab…

779px-Niqab..then the burka…

Shortage of willing enforcers stops burka ban dead in the tracks… (just don’t mention the carbecues…)

Several mayors of French towns faced with growing demands from Muslim residents say they fear a proposed ban on head-to-toe burqa and niqab veils could not be enforced and might even prompt more women to cover up.

The mayors expressed their doubts to a parliamentary panel set up to study a possible ban after President Nicolas Sarkozy declared in June that full veils symbolized the subjugation of women and would “not be welcome on our territory.”

France banned Muslim headscarves in state schools in 2004 following a similar inquiry. Many mayors and teachers backed that move and the relative ease with which it was introduced has been cited by some arguing for a ban on veils covering the face.

But the hesitation among the five mayors, who experience at first hand the complexities of multicultural life in the suburbs where many Muslims live, showed banning the full veil in public would be much harder than outlawing headscarves in schools.

“Will it backfire? Will a ban encourage more veil wearing?” Claude Dilain, chairman of the Association of Mayors of French Cities and Suburbs, asked at a panel meeting on Tuesday.

“Who’ll be responsible for enforcing this law?” added Dilian, mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois, an ethnically mixed north Paris suburb rocked by rioting in 2005. “Police in Clichy won’t even give out parking tickets in some places or at some times.”

Xavier Lemoine, mayor of the Montfermeil suburb east of Paris, said some Muslims there were “being re-Islamised” and France should firmly defend its secular system.

But he was also hesitant about pushing a burqa ban through the National Assembly, saying: “I prefer to do nothing for a good reason than something for a bad reason.”

“Tip of the iceberg”

France, whose five million Muslims make up Europe’s largest Islamic minority, has been criticized in the Muslim world for considering a burqa ban. French Islamic community leaders have warned against passing a law that would stigmatize Muslims.

Skepticism about a ban grew here after a police intelligence report estimated only 367 women in France wore such veils.

I can’t see a ban working. It’s extremely complex and almost completely inapplicable
Jean-Yves Le Bouillonnec, mayor of Cachan

Panel chairman Andre Gerin, former mayor of a mixed suburb of Lyon, said full veils were “medieval customs” and the “tip of the iceberg” of an Islamization drive led by what he called “gurus” from outside the neighborhoods where they appear.

He said the panel would consult with French Muslim leaders and hold hearings in several French cities and visit Brussels before handing in its report early next year.

Not all the mayors at the panel opposed the ban. Renaud Gauquelin, mayor of Rillieux-La-Pape near Lyon, said failing to take a stand would mean failing to defend the separation of church and state and, above all, women’s rights.

“What sign would we give to women around the world?” he asked. “To Iranian women fighting for their freedom? To Saudi women who want to be able to drive a car?”

All mayors said some Muslim residents were increasingly making religious demands on municipal services, such as halal school meals or women-only hours in pools. In hospitals, some women refused to be treated by male doctors.

Last month a woman was presented from entering a Parisian pool because she wore an Islamic swimsuit, commonly called a “burkini.”

Some Muslims pressured others who did not fast during Ramadan, they said, and abused civil servants as Islamophobes when they refused to comply with demands not allowed by law.

Even the mayors worried about a ban said the National Assembly had to help local officials deal with these issues. But there was no consensus on how to do this.

“I can’t see a ban working,” said Jean-Yves Le Bouillonnec, mayor of Cachan south of Paris. “It’s extremely complex and almost completely inapplicable.”

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  1. Also in France:


    FRANCE last night admitted it was fighting a losing battle against illegal migrants – and demanded Britain should open its doors to them.

    A week after being forced from their shanty town, the asylum seekers were back, still seeking a passage to the UK.

    Last night Calais mayor Natacha Bouchard said the Channel port would remain an immigrant dumping ground until Britain opened its borders and stopped asking France to do its dirty work.

    She insisted that the British should sign up to the Schengen Agreement, a European Union accord that allows free movement of all people between European member states without the need for passports or visas.

    “Calais has become a no-go area, and that’s because we have become hostages of the British Government,” said Ms Bouchard.

    “Britain is unable to control its borders, so we’re doing the job for them because they’re not part of the agreement. There are still some 20 squatter camps in Calais alone.

  2. On the one hand, “Britain is unable to control its borders”, but on the
    other hand “Britain should open its doors to” illegal migrants because
    France is losing the battle…

    Must be something dans l’eau.

  3. The Iron Burka continues to fall across Europe, like the Curtain of old
    and nostalgic days when politicians had balls & there wasn’t a diversity
    officer to be seen.

  4. “I can’t see a ban working,” said Jean-Yves Le Bouillonnec, mayor of Cachan south of Paris. “It’s extremely complex and almost completely inapplicable.”

    Mr. Mayor, you are fired. Au revior….you’re cowardice in the face of the enemy is duly noted. A stint in the prison yard at Guantanamo Bay may help educate you and your compatriots.

  5. Surely building a big detention centre would create jobs..the real prison is human rights legislation..these people are not refugees or asylum seekers , they are invaders and should be treated as such..Imagine how long these people would be in jail in a nice friendly muslim place like Malaysia. Malaysia still has the ISA laws..the internal security Act. As far as I know, the longest someone has been held without trial under this legislation is 32 years. Of course , he was a Chinese.

  6. Has anyone thought of putting them on a reservation in the middle of nowhere?
    During WWII the japanese living in the US were put in concentration camps after Pearl Harbor was invaded.
    If this is an invasion then maybe that should be considered or send them packing back to wherever it is they came from.
    And its…
    “Oh dear, what can the matter be?
    Seven old burqhas got stuck in the lavatory.
    They were there from Sunday till Saturday.
    And everyone knew they were there.”

  7. It is not a violation of anyone’s human rights to give them the choice of freely returning to the country from which they came, all expenses paid, or living in a tent in an exit processing center until such time as they decide to take you up on the offer of free transit back home. It is not ‘inhuman’ to refuse to be blackmailed or intimidated by people who scoff at our laws. We are under no obligation to provide comfortable accommodations to invaders of our homelands. And if they choose to spend the rest of their lives in tents behind barbed wire, that is their freely made choice. If someone sneaks into my home with the intent to live there, that does not make them an undocumented tenant’ for whom I must provide comfort. My only obligation is to show them the exit and persuade them to use it, at gunpoint if necessary. We owe illegal immigrants into our countries nothing.

    The gutlessness of the West, barely a generation after defeating Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, takes one’s breath away. What happened to us? Europe is on a death march that will lead to its extermination as a culture in less than a century.

  8. Sheikh

    Geert Wilders suggested that women could wear the burqa, but had to obtain a license for it. The reason is that wearing the burqa defeats the purpose of security cameras, and thus requires much greater time and expense for police investigations

    Seems fair to me.

  9. We do not need logic from someone like Wilders, common sense ends up with the same response. The burqa is being banned in a number of north African countries simply because it is a cultural thing and does indeed raise security risks. Fanatics are being turned away from hajj because they refuse to have photos taken of their wives and the Saudis then do not give visas.

  10. Europe needs new emigration laws for non-europeans;
    three criminal offenses =out! back to the (ex)country of your parents!
    Imam in Britain stating he will not rest before he sees the islam banner
    wave over the Houses of Parliament; Stop his allowance, get him out of his comfortable housing and send him back to where he came from.
    Europeans can’t survive on 1.2 birthrate while third world people in
    Europe are reproducing at a rate five times faster.

  11. Ban difficult to enforce !

    Laws are made to be enforced – if they don’t obey the law , arrest them .
    If they turn violent , use violence back

  12. As a self respecting, independent, non submissive female – who wouldn’t be seen dead in a portable tent – I am against any bans on what anyone may wear.
    However, I hope to see any existing bans on covering one’s face extended to cover EVERYBODY. No exceptions.
    As too enforcing it, there appears to be no difficulty in enforcing crash helmet /balaclava bans, so where is the problem?

  13. The problem has been Europes guilt trip over the WW2 treatment of the jewish people. This has allowed our traitorous governments to get away with thier islamification policies. I hope like me, you are seeing a change in that the native people in our land are wakening to the threat.My Dad was proud of his role against the Nazis and it now falls to every one of us who have kids and grandkids to protect them from future domination by this evil perversion that calls itself a religion.It wont be the government,it has to be us. People are starting to get that.


    Yes, friggin’ migrants. Why can’t they just stay in their countries while we rape their land, steal their resources and test our weapons on their civilian populations? Ungrateful little bastards, hey?

    Oh, and the “guilt trip” has a name: it;’s called Israel, it’s in breach of practically all the international laws regarding human rights, sovereign nations, etc… but hey, who cares? We feel guilty. Let the Palestinians pay the price of our antisemitism, huh?

  15. Militants disguised by religion is one of the oldest tricks in the book of humanity.
    If the burca has ever been used to conceal identity and used for terrorist purposes, it must be banned, by common sense.
    If there is no method of telling whether a woman or a man is beneath the veil, there is no way of telling whether or not such person is of greater or less risk to society. There is no method of facial recognition for global criminals to be known.

    Wearing of the veil offers contrived privacy which may or may not be used for terrorist activities. Presuming that women are underneath the veil is as illogical as presuming that animals are under the veil.

    The object of resistance is to protect the disguise of the veil; no veil is needed to protect women as they are visible enough as women without the veil. Relying upon this faulty logic that the veil has some religious significance that must be respected in a global world of threats is ridiculous. Of course, it should be banned.

  16. Pat,
    The burqa is a simply a muslim cultural statement.
    It is not required in islam.
    As it is not of religious significant, and it presents safety issues both for the wearer and the public, it must be banned.

  17. Kaw – no disrespect to you but you shouldnt state what muslims can or cant do if you dont have evidence for it.
    it all mandatory for every muslim women to cover herself from head to toe including the hands and face. yes i agree that it has been aused by alot of non muslims who take advantage of this compulsory clothing and use it for illegal acts. but a large amount of muslims women just simply wear it because its compulsory.. and because it states in the quran that all women to shoudl there body parts – so not to attract men to be modest and be jedged y their personality not by showing the body like non muslim women seem to do. this prevents alot of issues such as rape,prostituion abue on the streets etc. it is mandoryt for all these reasons to keep women safe and obviosuly pleasing our lord – that is the main purpose for wearing the jilbaab. i do understand that alot of people take this as a threat because they cannot see what is underneath – ut id like to ask why has nobody attacked the nuns? they wear exactly the same as what we wear.. yet nobody says ttheir being opressed their being to private a man may be under there:S so why attack us? nobody has banned them for wearing whatever they like or even question reasons for why they wear it:S

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