Saudi Fox buys more FOX NEWS

From the “Arabs will be cooking your news for you” department:

By Debbie Schlussel

Rupert Murdoch and FOX News are about to increase their dangerous intercourse with a vehemently anti-Israel Saudi Prince’s business interests.  And you can bet it will affect FOX News’ already soft coverage of Islam and negative stories involving violent Muslims.


I also told you about Prince AlWaleed’s bragging that when FOX News reported on the perennial Muslim riots in France, he called Rupert Murdoch, demanding the word “Muslim” be removed.  A half hour later, FOX News was calling these Muslim riots “civilian” riots, with the word Muslim nowhere to be found or heard.  This is why I routinely refer to FOX News by it’s real name, PAWNN–the Prince Al-Waleed News Network.

And as I reminded you, AlWaleed is the sleazy, keffiyeh-encrusted Saudi who, just after the 9/11 attacks, offered then-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani a $10 million check, if America would change its foreign policy on Israel, implying that the Israelis are morally equivalent to the 9/11 Islamic terrorist hijackers.  And he supported Palestinian homicide bombers.

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4 thoughts on “Saudi Fox buys more FOX NEWS”

  1. What a sad horrible day it will be for the radical far-right if Fox News stopped its political agendas and tabloid-like news reports and got to do proper journalistic reporting. That it stopped trying to view the world that the USA is the center of the world and the rest of 2nd class citizens.

    The blog-owner and his sensless band of minority fringe-dwellers will be scared and that overweight (body and ego) wanna-be saviour of the Republican Party will lose his platform in 30 seconds if and when the contract for ownership is signed.

  2. Solkhar,

    It will be a sad horrible day for those of us who value truth and objectivity in reporting if Fox News succumbs to the lure of Saudi oil wealth.

    At present, Fox News is the only media which reports some approximation of what is happening out there – that’s why it’s the most popular cable news channel. If their voice is silenced, then the forces of totalitarianism will have won.

    There is a huge disconnect between the corrupt radical media and the views of normal people. It is only Fox which speaks for the vast majority. It seems that stealth jihad is alive and well even in America, home of the free.

    These are tragic times for all who value freedom and want to see everyone treated as equals. Islam mandates that all non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens, and if allowed to live at all, must be subjugated under Islamic rule.

    Solkhar, this might suit you, as it means an otherwise mediocre person automatically becomes superior, but it doesn’t suit people who live by the Golden Rule (anathema to Islam!)

  3. theresaj – I’m old enough to remember when the de rigeur journalistic phrase was “…roving bands of negro youths…”
    I’ve never been a fan of Fox; their “news” has always been whatever will sell to the profitable redneck market. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that they’ve rolled over for the religion of peace for petrodollars. It was inevitable.
    There are no mainstream media which have the balls to tell the truth; the right wingers are no more honest than are the flower children and the socialists. The only places where the truth can be found are right here – sheik yermami, robert spencer, david horowitz, debbie schlüssel, pamela geller …
    As Bob Dylan said more than four decades ago, “you won’t find out what’s going down by reading Time magazine.”

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