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Various CAIR representatives have made a number of appearances on Fox News shows as guests without mention of the group’s ties to Hamas or terrorist financing.

Chairman of Americans Against Hate (AAH) Joe Kaufman stated, “It is apparent that Fox News and its shows’ hosts wish to legitimize CAIR by giving the pro-terrorist group a forum to speak. This has happened too many times in the recent past to be given a pass as a small error in judgment. If Fox wishes to be considered a station of integrity, it will end this dangerous trend immediately.”

Islam Becomes Taboo Topic on TV in Wake of ‘South Park’ Threats and Times Square Scare

It isn’t worth endangering the safety of an entire staff or network by pursuing a storyline that Muslim extremists might find offensive, media executives and writers tell  Fox News

The Kos Kidz:   Fox News, ‘By Design a Criminal Enterprise’

Newsbusters/via ZIP

Bill O’Reilly: “The risk [of free speech] is higher than the reward …

20 Apr 2010  O’Reilly is advocating adherence to Islamic law on national television. Starts at minute 4:00 …. “This risk is higher than the reward.  It’s a dark day, America, when a leading pundit on the FOX network, even a clownish one, admits that the risk of  the threat of Muslim violence outweighs the benefits of free speech. Does O’Reilly understand what he has said and done?

Don’t mess with Allah. That’s the new, unwritten code in Hollywood following the one-two punch of Islamic extremists’ threats against the creators of “South Park” and the failed bombing attempt outside the cartoon’s parent company, Viacom, in New York‘s Times Square….

Brave people:

Andrew Bolt

Comedy Central might censor every image of the Prophet Muhammad on “South Park,” yet the network is developing a whole animated series around Jesus Christ.

As part of the network’s upfront presentation to advertisers, Comedy Central is set to announce “JC,” a half-hour show about Christ wanting to escape the shadow of his “powerful but apathetic father” and live a regular life in New York City.

Kicking at what protects, cowing before what threatens. Where must that lead?

For some, the Catholic church has gone off the deep end:

Belgium: Catholic Church hosts Muslim prayers

In the West, Christian clerics suck up to Islam,  in Muslim occupied countries  churches are being desecrated and the preachers killed….

The Narrative of Defeat

Janet Levy

It is now life-threatening to criticize or mock Islam in the United States of America. The creators of South Park, Viacom, and anyone associated with the production of a recent episode portraying Mohammed in a bear suit would have potentially risked life and limb if they had broadcast the original cartoon sketch. In a manner eerily reminiscent of the Danish cartoon jihad, a Brooklyn-based Muslim group called Revolution Muslim posted a threat to South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker for their “outright insult” to the prophet.

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Bus Ads Up, South Park Down

Yesterday we reported:


Today we are one down:

Comedy Central submits to Islamic intimidation — now South Park cannot even say the word “Muhammad”


Tim Blair

An episode of “South Park” that continued a story line involving the Prophet Muhammad was shown Wednesday night on Comedy Central with audio bleeps and image blocks reading “CENSORED” after a Muslim group warned the show’s creators that they could face violence for depicting that holy Islamic prophet.

Except that they didn’t. Holy Mo the Unseeable, paws be upon him, was safely hidden inside a bear suit:

So now you get threatened if you don’t show images of Muhammad. These pesky Presbies keep changing the rules! The solution is bleeps….

Courage is a commodity sorely lacking by Comedy Central. They certainly didn’t care if they offended Jews or Christians. Their lack of backbone is what’s offensive.

But hey, why would the progressives from Comedy Central wanna be heroes when even Fox’s blowhard in chief (Bill O’Reilly) openly claims  “The risk [of free speech] is higher than the reward???”

This is why Islamic supremacists issue threats and practice intimidation in the first place: because it works. These Hollywood dhimmis are only making sure that this sort of thing will happen again. an update on this story, and a Free Speech Death Watch Alert: “‘Muhammad’ now a dirty word on ‘South Park,'” from The Hollywood Reporter, April 22 (thanks to Pamela Geller) via JW:

Now “South Park” can’t even say the words “Prophet Muhammad.”

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Saudi Fox buys more FOX NEWS

From the “Arabs will be cooking your news for you” department:

By Debbie Schlussel

Rupert Murdoch and FOX News are about to increase their dangerous intercourse with a vehemently anti-Israel Saudi Prince’s business interests.  And you can bet it will affect FOX News’ already soft coverage of Islam and negative stories involving violent Muslims.


I also told you about Prince AlWaleed’s bragging that when FOX News reported on the perennial Muslim riots in France, he called Rupert Murdoch, demanding the word “Muslim” be removed.  A half hour later, FOX News was calling these Muslim riots “civilian” riots, with the word Muslim nowhere to be found or heard.  This is why I routinely refer to FOX News by it’s real name, PAWNN–the Prince Al-Waleed News Network.

And as I reminded you, AlWaleed is the sleazy, keffiyeh-encrusted Saudi who, just after the 9/11 attacks, offered then-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani a $10 million check, if America would change its foreign policy on Israel, implying that the Israelis are morally equivalent to the 9/11 Islamic terrorist hijackers.  And he supported Palestinian homicide bombers.

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