Snake in the house: Fareed Zakaria advises Obama on a "post American" world

Let’s buy off the Taliban!

Since it purportedly works so well in other contexts, why not line the coffers of the Taliban too? Isn’t it poverty that motivates them, anyway?

Here on Winds of Jihad we exposed  the smarmy, slimy CNN-News-wipe Muslim Fareed Zakaria, on quite a few occasions: Zakaria was born in Mumbai, India to a Muslim family. His father, Rafiq Zakaria, was a politician associated with the Indian National Congress and an Islamic scholar.

Infiltration Watch

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obamazakariaThe Obama-bastard with Zakaria’s manual on how to destroy America (faster)

The troops are getting restless:

WTF are we fighting for?


Unfortunately, the kumbaya crowd cannot get enough of little Fareed.  It is disheartening that 8 years after 9/11 our enemies have infiltrated every level of government and even cook the news for us:

“The Way Out of Afghanistan: We need to buy off our enemies” –– Jizya madness at Newsweek by Fareed Zakaria, September 12, via JW:

It’s time to get real about Afghanistan. Withdrawal is not a serious option. The United States, NATO, the European Union, and other nations have invested massively in stabilizing the country over the past eight years, and they will not–and should not–abandon it because the Taliban is proving a tougher foe than anticipated. But it’s also time for the Obama administration to get real about the country…

… The focus must shift from nation building to dealmaking. The central problem in Afghanistan is that the Pashtuns, who make up 45 percent of the country and almost 100 percent of the Taliban, do not feel empowered. We need to start talking to them, whether they are nominally Taliban or not. Buying, renting, or bribing Pashtun tribes should become the centerpiece of America’s stabilization strategy, as it was Britain’s when it ruled Afghanistan.

Efforts to reach out to the Taliban so far have been limited and halfhearted…

Aww, why can’t we all just give jizya a chance?

…A few years from now, we can be sure that Afghanistan will still be poor, corrupt, and dysfunctional. But if we make the right deals, it will be ruled by leaders who keep the country inhospitable to Al Qaeda and terrorist groups like it. That’s my definition of success.

And sending money to the Taliban does this…how?

4 thoughts on “Snake in the house: Fareed Zakaria advises Obama on a "post American" world”

  1. The picture of the usurper US President carrying that book says it all. To tear down the greatest nation the world has ever seen to give ‘rise for the rest’ proves beyond any doubt where this bastard’s loyalties lie, we are witnessing the tall poppy syndrome on a grand scale…
    Meanwhile America sends its finest individuals to their deaths for the sake of winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of a people who deserve nothing more than scorn and ridicule for their savagery and backwardness…

  2. Very good book, well written and logical and a must for those serious in understanding the world’s politics, the real dangers that are faced and not the agenda-base innuendos that in fact distract from it.

  3. Todays problems have their roots in the post-colonial era; western
    nations gave independence to the colonies without cohesive future
    policies, for example the western nations handed over the oil-industry,
    which contributed to the increase of wealth and influence of many
    countries and to the spread of islam; by means of propaganda, buy-off,
    economic or political pressure or conflicts.
    We are in this situation because the USA did not have a consolidation
    policy and since the country became the worlds largest economy in
    the 1880’s it really didn’t matter who was in the white house, senate or
    the house of reps, things could have been better ( a more controlled
    world in a possitive way) but also worse (the U.S. could have dominated the entire world in a very unfriendly way).
    What we are seeing now is the transfer to the Global New World Order
    and people working hard to the set the scene for the anti-christ.
    People make the Bible come true whether they wish it/want it or not.

  4. An American President reading a book about a post American world is tantamount to treason, or even a muslim reading Spencer or Fitzgerald and committing apostasy…

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