UK: “Do Not Be Scared of These Stupid Kuffar!”

“They are pigs!”

Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

The video below was taken behind Muslim lines during the riot in front of the central mosque in Harrow yesterday. A3jad, the YouTube user who posted it, says, “9/11 this is the counter demo by my brothers in islam.”

Pay close attention to what leader of the mob says after the Arabic chanting is finished:

This is not what the average British citizen saw when he turned on the news late last night. If you’ve read the newspaper reports or watched the news clips from British TV, you know how the event was spun by the media:

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Fjordman said…

By the way: A big thumbs up for SIOE. They did a very good job and brought attention to the situation.

It’s mind-boggling to think of how we got to this point. Less than a century ago, Western Europe, and Britain in particular, was at the height of its power. Europeans ruled much of the world. Now we don’t ever rule the streets in our own suburbs. All cultures go through good and bad periods, but the decline of Western Europe in the past century is unprecedented. We have created the most influential civilization in human history, yet we are currently the only ones who have no right to exist even in our own countries.

Atlas: again, Fjordman writes,This proves that there is no longer any legal way in which the natives in Britain, or elsewhere in much of Western Europe, can protest against the Islamization of their countries. I don’t like everything about JFK, but his quote ‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable’ was rather wise. Clearly, the leaders of the British Labour Party haven’t heard this…..”

7 thoughts on “UK: “Do Not Be Scared of These Stupid Kuffar!””

  1. Spin it, Solkhar! The koran is “holy”, and muslims worship the same
    god as Jews and Christians, but Jews and Christians tampered with the texts. Right, Solkhar? That foul god you follow is the same God
    as that of the prophets of Israel? You follow doctrines of demons and then whine about demonization?

    As theresaj says, this is war, and by the time it is over there will be few if any of allah’s followers left.

    Unfortunately for you, Solkhar, the texts have not been tampered
    with, and all will be fulfilled.

  2. Agreed Theresaj. These people should be given what they want – a total conflict. In this conflict the moderate muslim majority will stand aside while
    these parasites are removed.

    On other news – It appears that the Libyan murderer who shot PC Yvonne Fletcher is known but that the FCO will not pursue prosecution to protect possible trade deals. Given that the SAS now appear to be training some components of libyan army, I suspect that it is high time Straw, Brown and the other politicians were brought to task as traitors. The next time you see Straw bring some rotting fruit to throw at the bastard.

  3. It’s only war if the jihadis are confronted with the proverbial iron fist.

    Unfortunately there is no sign of this so far.

    The politicans and mainstream media are not interested in telling it like it is, and most people are just plain ignorant or have no stomach for “war”.

    In the final analysis, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is sovereign; He is working out his purpose in the world.

  4. There are about 2,3 billion christians, 1,6 billion muslims, 900 million
    hinduists, 400 million buddhists, 200 million chinese universalists,
    200 million agnostics, 200 million atheists a.o. but in fact there are
    more than 6 billion animists on earth.

  5. You’re dead right, theresaj, and every moment we delay the harder it will be to win. By doing nothing, we enable these awful people to prevail by default, simply by outbreeding us. Politicians of both the left and the right continue to show no interest in cleansing our (for the moment) democratic and tolerant countries of the vile cancer of islam.
    I must respectfully disagree with kaw’s argument that “moderate” moslems will stand aside, for the simple reason that there are no moderate moslems; moderation and islam are mutually exclusive. To be a moslem is to promote, actively or passively, the tenets of mein koranf, which is quite clear with respect to the faithful’s expected treatment of us kufr apes and pigs.
    It’s one minute to midnight; are we going to stand up for our children or not?

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