Australia: Another Day, Another Boat…


Tim Blair

7 5 09 Illegals arrive blow up pic Crop small

How many boats containing claimed “asylum seekers” have been intercepted off Australia’s coast since Kevin Rudd’s government went all vegetarian on border protection? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? Twenty-five?

Try thirty. And that’s in just 13 months. It’s as though the government is running some kind of people-smuggling stimulus operation.

UPDATE. Another day, another boat.

2 thoughts on “Australia: Another Day, Another Boat…”

  1. The Rudd Government and the Press are at present keeping these arrivals “low key”.
    Canberra would do well to remember the “Tampa” incident in 2001, where John Howard won the unwinnable election by denying the Tampa access to Australian waters. Immigration became a huge issue as the 438 asylum seekers were taken to Naru. Despite severe criticism from the UN, Human rights advocates etc. John Howard made what proved to be a very popular decision in this Country.
    Take heed Mr Rudd.

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