UK Rioting Began with Mosque Leaders Urging Violence…

Who guessed it? The  Violence Comes From The Mosque, as always:

Violent race riot flared after mosque chief urged Muslims to confront right-wing ‘English Defence League’ protesters

article-1211414-064D5AD1000005DC-116_634x369Faces of anger: Some of the Asian youths who opposed protesters from the Right-wing English Defence League in Birmingham. The city’s top Muslim leader had urged his followers to ‘vent their feelings’
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The most influential Muslim leader in the West Midlands urged his followers to ‘vent their feelings’ against Right-wing protesters during a Birmingham  rally that ended in violent clashes and 90 arrests.

Birmingham Central Mosque chairman Dr Mohammad Naseem encouraged Muslims to counter-demonstrate during Saturday’s anti-Islamic protest by the English Defence League (EDL).

The police had advised community leaders to stop people from attending, reported The Times.

A man holds up a banner during the event, which saw 20 people arrested

The Mail has a video of the demo

One protester from the league, Leisha Brookes, 42, said: ‘We are simply protesting about the fact that if people come to our country, they should respect our laws.

‘If an English person went to an Arab country they would be expected to dress appropriately, and all we are asking is for them to do the same.’

The league has planned protest marches in other cities, including one next month in Manchester.

Yesterday a West Midlands Police spokesman said all those arrested were male, aged between 16 and 39, and offences included criminal damage and violent disorder, including possession of an offensive weapon.

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20 thoughts on “UK Rioting Began with Mosque Leaders Urging Violence…”

  1. One bunch of radicals fighting another bunch and the UK is still by far the champion of the West’s love for thugs and gangs. It started off with radical unions in the docklands, later in the steel mills and coal mines up to the last decades with football hooligans.

    The EDL, BNP have a target with wha we see in radical Muslim groups and half of them are born here with the same thug mentality so expect more on the streets. The real culprits is the UK Government for not giving all them severe punishment for degrading civilization and showing some precedent for authority and political testicles.

    1. The ‘radicals’ who oppose their country being overrun by muselmanic hordes are native Brits and patriots. They are, like the Copts in Egypt, indigenous people who have every right to protect their homeland.

      Its called self-preservation.

  2. * The real culprits is the UK Government for not giving all them severe punishment for degrading civilization and showing some precedent for authority and political testicles.

    The real culprit is your god, who led mankind into rebellion in the
    Garden of Eden at the beginning. He’s devious, Solkhar, and you
    follow him at your peril.

  3. I’m confused Mullah,

    I thought the god of your superstition of choice was the same as Solkhar’s. Are you suggesting your god’s better than Solkhar’s?

    I mean, the Koran is virtually a plagiarised version of the bible and they both offer the false promise of eternal life (although Islam scores more points with the 72 virgins thingo ).

  4. athiest,

    the difference is that the above poster you referred to will claim that one religion is evil and blasphemous and that the only solution to not going to hell is chosing his.

    agree or disagree I have my religious faith and I believe and follow it, but I make no comments or condemnation about anyone’s faith ….. or lack there of.

    just another point, if your going to be a good aethiest, then at least get things correct, the Qur’an is not a plagiarisim of the Bible, nothing like it and if it is anything closer to, the Torah is more in-link.

  5. Sucky,isslam is not areligion,it’s a full Demoniac and Psychopathic Ideology.
    I don’t make Comments or Condemnation about anyone’s Faith….as Nazi or Stalinism….Because it’s their Faith and i respect it…
    As i told before Sucky you are not in the Good Dimension Here…..your Dimension is at 300 hundreds Billions Years at Left of the Milky Way,go Reach it Now,i gave you the Adress…..
    And on a other Subject,even if if you dont ask any News of him Sucky,I give you some news of Piggy “Solkar”.
    He go Fine Sucky…He is in Good Health,we’ve done some good work today together,he speaks already good English & French. Tomorrow, it will start these new courses in Arabic and learn the Koran at the Piggery next to mine…( he wants to become an Iman ) he must be Insane between me and you Sucky….
    Unfortunately,i must Kik again his Ass because yet it is doing all his natural needs across the Home but don’t worry i take care of his Education…..Sincerely Pierre Family.

  6. I’m sorry,Sucky…I didn’t gave you all the information you nedded for reach your dimension,I’ll fix that….
    First,when you leave Earth you go Straight for 173 Billions Light Years,after having reached this point…you’ll see a big and disgusting planet call (coranus ) but it’s not your You must Turn to your Right and after few kilometers,you will see a very large and very dark Circle on the horizon ..That is our Destination Sucky you can’t missed …it’s the Biggest Black Hole of The Universe Sucky,and your house is Straight in the Middle “Home Sweet Home” Sucky,thats Nice Hey ! Let’s go now don’t waste your time with Fucking Infidels who understand Nothing….Bon Voyage !

  7. Atheist: “the Old Testament is essentially a plagiarism of the Torah”

    – thereby revealing the utter ignorance of having never read either. Even an Arab Imam would know that the Old Testament CONTAINS the Torah. Duh.

  8. Qoran is more contaminated than old and new testaments: in the first place; perfect books do not exist (nothing is perfect), secondly the
    way the qoran was handed down by Gabriel to Mohammed was contaminated (test; even if an angel from heaven came with another gospel: anathema) thirdly islam is contaminated with the ancient
    moongod worship. fourth: islam as religion didn’t evolve, proof; all
    arab countries together produce less literature than spain in one year.

  9. “the Qur’an is not a plagiarisim of the Bible, nothing like it and if it is anything closer to, the Torah is more in-link.”

    I always thought that Islamist hatred of the Jews was fuelled by jealousy. The Jews have always been the far more successful of the desert tribes.

  10. Bat doo doo ,,,, do yourself a favour and look up the meaning of plagiarise …

    Of course an Arab imam would know that the first 5 books of the OT contain the Torah.. Mohommaedans and Xtians worship the same Abrahamic god after all ….

  11. good point Solkhar …
    this guy is probably just a Xtian who took this verse literally:

    “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” (Luke 19:27)

    It’s amazing the effect religion has on some people….. sigh ….

  12. Wonderful!

    The extreme left ‘atheist’ who hates his religion, culture and civilization, and the Mohammedan blogtroll solkar: a match made in heaven!

    Birds of a feather truly………..


    peaceful Muslims have never formulated an Islamic response to the jihadists’ claim to represent pure and true Islam—and as long as they do not and apparently cannot do so, the jihadists will continue to hold the intellectual initiative within Islamic communities worldwide… no one, Muslim or non-Muslim, has ever yet refuted the contention that Islam teaches warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers. And so one thing is certain: that warfare will continue”.

    ”For while the Bible contains descriptions of violent acts committed in the name of God, nowhere does it teach believers to imitate that violence. Where people are commanded to commit acts of violence, these are commands directed to specific individuals or groups in particular situations; they are not universal commands.

    The Qur’an, on the other hand, quite clearly does teach believers to commit acts of violence against unbelievers—see 2:190-193, 9:5, 9:29, 47:4, etc. There are no equivalents to such open-ended and universal commands, addressed to all believers to fight unbelievers, in the Bible.”

  13. Blog-owner,

    you cutting and pasting Spencer again, that would explain why it looks like well written text but in fact fails to say anything correct and only implies and pushes one bigoted line.

    The Bible has violence in it and so does the Qur’an. None pushes for those to violence but in fact when they both give actual commandments, mention words like God loveth not the aggressor and God loveth not the oppressor and thus are books of peace.

    Only the radical western hate-monger reads the Qur’an for anything else, using the fraudulant propoganda method of somehow saying that historical records and examples of the 7th century are instructions to humanity now. We can learn from them, but of course the full aspects of those Surahs are never quoted by low-lifes like the blog-owner, were typical warfare of the time has examples of being just and understanding afterwards, or when necessary for the sake of survival of a tribe or community, to be ruthless. All rather human and not hidden.

    Thus, when the blog-owner starts quoting (probably Spencer) with “There are no equivalents to such open-ended and universal commands, addressed to all believers to fight unbelievers, in the Bible.” He is of course simply quoting trash and for a very malicious reason, to create hate for a religion. Why? Well he has confirmed now on a number of threads that he wishes the elimination of all of Islam, to allow for settler expansion in the occupied West Bank (Palestine).

    The cat is out of the bag – blog-owner, your do not care about anything except demonizing Islam for your own religio-political reasons and it also confirms my suspicions that you probably celebrated on 9/11 because it helps your goals.

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