Lizard Meltdown: Libel Blogger Charles Johnson Supports Islam Terror

British protestors against Islamization are now “bigoted cretins”.

The completely derailed little green snot-ball is no longer just a backstabbing dipstick.

* But no amount of lies, smears and defamation can replace reality, truth and integrity.


A veritable Lizard Peace Partner:

Mohammed Naseem is the scumbag who recently blamed  the infidels, the media and ‘the governments policies”  for the attacks of 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Beslan, Mumbai etc etc….

Jihad News:

6 thoughts on “Lizard Meltdown: Libel Blogger Charles Johnson Supports Islam Terror”

  1. You mean the little green football blogger realized that there is no problem fighting radicalism, terrorism and violence but that beign a bigot and attacking an entire faith and people is unjust and cretin-like.

    Did you see the Dutchnews today blog-owner?

    Extreme right bloggers in court
    Tuesday 08 September 2009

    Two men are to appear in court in Amsterdam for writing discriminatory texts on the extreme right-wing website Stormfront, Nos tv reports on Tuesday.

    The two, aged 37 and 43, used the pen names Full of Pride and Cicero to leave their comments attacking Jews and black people. The website is managed from the US but has a Dutch section, Nos says.

    Nos says police have been investigating racist remarks on the Stormfront website for years, and that they have searched several homes. But it does not say how the two bloggers came to be identified.


    Careful blog-owner.

  2. “Careful blog-owner.”

    I would take it as a threat – the shape-shifter might have been in the
    RAN, or supported Geelong, or been a Dutch diplomat or have a chef’s
    certificate – or he might be a total fraud & BS artiste – who can tell?

  3. Liberals, Nazis, Muslims – band of brothers

    The likes of Solkhar could pretend to be any of the three, and you cannot tell the difference online. These days their ideologies in principle are interchangable…like generic parts manufactured at the same factory, but distributed to different brand name companies for packaging.

    I just call it the spirit of the anti-Christ, uniting all the sickness on this planet into one ugly hoard awaiting their Messiah…[Mahdi, Dictator whatever…choose your flavor Solkhar]

  4. How dare you insult Charles Johnson? He will find and kill you via his cronies on the internet, Sharmuta & Kilgore Trout. You will be killed by a verbal lashing by his cult followers!!!!

    LGF is outdated and lame. Time to roll on to 2.0: The blogmocracy!

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