Very Bad Craziness in Germany

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Islam is the ultimate rebellion against Western values.

Real Men don’t Eat Freedom Fries!

Taliban armed with rocket-propelled grenade launchers patrol outside Swat valley near Buner district Militants are attempting to extend their influence in Pakistan

You will  find this story highly unlikely, folks.  Since when have young Germans ever been drawn to militaristic, fascist death cults inspired by racism and an urge for world domination?

Last week the Pakistanis found a village apparently full of white German Taliban. From the Telegraph report it sounds like it even has its own estate agents:

A recruitment video presents life in the village as a desirable lifestyle choice with schools, hospitals, pharmacies and day care centres, all at a safe distance from the front.

A couple of years back there was a surge of Germans converting to Islam, and among these there seem to be many young people attracted to the most extreme form. And while the self-hating Germans may be especially vulnerable, it’s easy to see why teenagers immersed in modern youth culture are attracted to radical Islam.

There is, firstly, the political currents. Among the youth of western Europe anti-Americanism and anti-capitalism is the norm, so that unless a 17-year-old happens to pick up a copy of the Spectator or read Theodore Dalrymple in City Journal, he or she will not know any different from the mainstream opinion that America is a war-monger destroying the planet, Israel is causing conflict between the Muslim world and Europe, and white racism stops Africa progressing. And with Communism dead and socialism weakened, global Islamism is the number one international opponent to American capitalism. To those who see no moral difference between the US and the gangster states of Asia and Africa, and their proxies, the Taliban might even be seen as the underdogs.

Most of all teenagers yearn for idealism. To people growing up in Germany radical Islam is both sufficiently non-European (indeed, anti-European) while also having the manly and moral qualities of strength and brotherhood that attract drifting young men, who in the past might have opted for Nazism and Communism.

And, most of all, it’s the ultimate rebellion.

Jordan has begun tackling the issue of honour killings, but rights advocates say they have not gone far enough

German School Must Provide Prayer Room For Muslims

A Berlin court ruled Tuesday that a city high school must provide a room in which Muslim students can pray or it would be violating Germany’s guarantees of freedom of religion.

Islamic Dictionary: What is Islamization?

Islamization [Islamisation]: The erasure of the customs, norms and laws of any country or region in order to purely reflect Islamic dominance. This can be done through political pressure – as in the West – where full out Jihad is not possible, such as in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the ultimate goal of Islamization has been achieved by violent Jihad and finally through political pressure for peace – which in Islam can only come under Shari’a rule.


In Islam’s 3 Holy Books: 97% references to jihad relate to holy war; while only 3% relate to inner struggle

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  1. Now Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign
    Your children have waited to see
    The morning will come
    When the world is mine
    Tomorrow belongs to me

  2. The Moron,you think the News on the Net belong to You……The earth is calling…Roger,Tango,Charlie Over !

  3. Sheik,

    Can you post the full (FULL) post from the idiot who somehow thinks it need to be the moral voice of others. Nothing annoys me more than jerks like this fool. Please post full messages headers etc. – that is enough to start working to shut the idiot down. Floating ISP won’t save it.

    No offense intended, but finding out where you are from is trivial – it should have taken it less than 5 minutes to find out what it needed – which means that the fool is technically barely competent.

    Also – I would take this to a lawyer – I suspect the twit has broken the law – actually in Germany it would receive a summons from the police for this.
    If you make an official complaint, and your lawyer feels it is justified, the police will take this up even if the perp. is from another country. Time to make it squirm, I think.

  4. Solkhar,
    Actually – while information might be available there is a very fine line between making it available and illegality – it is rather thin ice – and your logic will be flawed in certain circumstances. Never mind – I am not interested in point scoring but I saw your later email and responded to it – read that and comment if you wish. I think that both sides loose.
    best regards

  5. @ Mullah – LOL at the Skrewdriver/ISD/Saga lyrics reference!!!!

    RIP Germany……. once such a proud nation, a nation of true European warriors and those that spawned much of modern Europe!!!

    Your one true mistake was to trust in an avowed islam admirer, Shitler…

    “Had Germany been a muslim nation it would have conquered the whole world”
    Adolf Shitler quote!!!

    1. The German chickens are coming home to roooooost!

      The inevitable result of the one child family, or ‘the age of singles’, etc. But don’t say schadenfreude should be a sentiment here, its worse in Italy and the rest of Europe is not far behind. We are breeding ourselves out of existence. Read Mark Steyn’s book ‘America Alone’, it gives you a pretty accurate picture of the future.

      If there is not a dramatic re-think, like now…

  6. I think it was Mark Steyn who stated that European (and by implication) Australian families need to reproduce at a bare minimum of 2.2 children per family. It’s a very serious matter that we seem unwilling or helpless to address.

  7. ^ yep and what is the reason why Western families are unable to reproduce at the same rates as that of the invading forces?

    It is economically not viable to raise a family!!! Western families are forced to work longer hours for less pay. Housing prices in most areas (even though they have been steadily dropping) are still through the roof. Nobody can afford it at the moment, there are no massive benefits and council houses doled out to young white families in our own countries, whereas every Tom, Dick and Habib from the third world has cash and the keys to a newly built house or flat pushed into their greedy fingers as soon as they step out of the lorry they illegally hitched a ride here in! As soon as they’re safely settled they start churning out babies every other year until they run out of room, but no problem, they get a massive 7 bedroom mansion worth £1,000,000 plus another shedload of cash and carry on the with outbreeding jihad program!!

    Our leaders should be taken into a field and shot for treason for the willful way they’ve contributed towards our downfall. I’m personally sick of Lenin and Marx worshippers running our countries into the ground and basically engaging in a stealth genocide that will eventually equal the atrocities of WWII, if the country is allowed to become an islamic majority.

  8. Europe is on a death march into extinction. Children born on the continent today will walk into bookstores when they are adults and find nothing to read except books praising Islam and Mohammad. The other bookstores will have long since been burned / bombed out. Same for all other media. Muslims will get themselves voted special tax breaks that will make being a non-Muslim very expensive, so guess how ‘conversions’ will progress. Your cathedrals will be re-branded as mosques, those that survive the coming European ‘intifada’ over the ‘injustice’ modern secular law that insists on the equality of all religions.

    You did it to yourselves. At least the Jews shared and contributed to your culture. You got rid of the Jews, and now you are infested with monsters.

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