We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women…part 3

By Nick Griffin —BNP-H/T Counter Jihad

Millions of Muslim immigrants are determined to change Europe beyond recognition…


‘Muslims are “mass-producing” children to take over communities on the continent.’ Residents of scores of European cities — Bradford, Manchester, London, Stockholm, Munich and Marseilles — know this quote is true. But in today’s climate of stifling political correctness, who dares to speak the truth?

For once, not just the British National Party. The strikingly honest plain speaking above comes from none other than the newly elected leader of the Anglican Church in Nigeria, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh. The continent to which he refers is, of course, Africa, but the problem is all too obvious in Europe too.


This should come as no surprise, for Islam is a universal religion, with its ambitions and methods set for all time. This is why, wherever significant numbers of Muslims appear, their kaffir neighbours become all too familiar with the same problems: the fanatical drive to sweep away all other faiths by whatever means possible, the endlessly reoccurring pogroms against Unbelievers, the use of ‘charity’ as a weapon for piecemeal imperialist conquest, the destruction of the places of worship and monuments of the conquered, and the sexual exploitation of girls from other communities.

Nigeria, formerly mainly Christian and animist, is now split almost half and half between Christianity and Islam. There are about 17 million practising Anglicans in the country, but they face vicious persecution in the north.

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Archbishop Okoh made his controversial comments about Islam in a sermon in Beckenham, Kent, in July, but it has only just come to light in an article in The Times. He said that there was a determined Islamic attack in African countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

“They spend a lot of money, even in places where they don’t have congregations; they build mosques; they build hospitals; they build anything.

“They come to Africans and say, ‘Christianity is asking you to marry only one wife. We will give you four’!” Archbishop Okoh described this as “evangelism by mass-production.”

He said: “That is the type of evangelism they are doing: mass-production, so if you have four wives, four children, sixteen children, very soon you will be a village.”

Africa was “surrounded by Islamic domination,” he told the congregation. “I am telling you, Islam is spending in Uganda and in other places; it is money from the Arab world,” he claimed, condemning the clergy for abdicating their responsibilities. “Who is the leader in the Christian world? There is no leader.”

Murderous Persecution

Meanwhile, another bravely outspoken non-European cleric is also warning us of the dangers ahead by drawing attention to the murderous persecution of Christians in Pakistan. Under section 295c of the country’s penal code, those accused of blaspheming against the Prophet Mohammed may be sentenced to death or life imprisonment. They are fined in addition.

“The law is sometimes used for a personal agenda that has nothing to do with blasphemy — e.g. an interest in a neighbour’s property” said Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, who last weekend stepped down as bishop of the Kent diocese of Rochester.

In August alone, eight Christians were burnt alive, and a further 20 attacked when a 3,000-strong Muslim mob attacked the Eastern town of Gojra. Gangs in the nearby village of Korian set fire to more than 70 Christian homes and two Protestant churches.

On Tuesday, Fanish Masih, a 19-year-old Christian, charged with breaking the blasphemy law, was found dead, after hanging in his prison cell in Sialkot. It is believed that Masih was murdered and had been tortured beforehand.

“Reliable sources told us that he had multiple fractures, a scar on his forehead, cuts on his wrist, scars on his legs and of course scars on his neck resulting from strangulation,” said the Muslim spokesman of a charity campaigning for the rights of the Christian minority.

He said: “Several Christians have been killed in detention over the past few years especially those allegedly charged of blasphemy. Yet so far, nobody has been charged with their murders.”

“Many families have fled the area. Segregation against Christians is on the rise as many have been dismissed by their Muslim employers on the ground of their religion. Some Christian students have been forced to change schools. The tension is incredibly high and the situation is far from returning to normal.”

While the situation in Britain is not nearly as bad as this yet, the lessons of history are that — unless current trends are reversed — such things are an advance glimpse of the future here too.

The writing is already on the wall: In Birmingham this week, the police have advised that relations between Muslim youth and the authorities are so ‘volatile’ that a scheduled hearing of the General Teaching Council on the case of persecuted BNP teacher Adam Walker must be postponed.

The police feared that a proposed demonstration by far-left and Labour agitators could provide the spark for the explosion of Islamist violence that everyone in touch with the city’s streets knows is just one incident away.

The liberal media are working overtime at present to discount such troubles by blaming ‘far-right’ groups, but the truth is that Islam makes bad neighbours and that the Koran is a handbook for mayhem and conquest. It has always been so and it always will be so. The warning from Archbishop Okoh is timely, and gives the lie to liberal claims that Islamo-realism is a concealed form of ‘racism’.

It is not, for Islam is not a race but a system of imperialism that must either conquer or be beaten. Which will it be in the West? That is for you to help to decide.

Polygamy Is a Responsibility in Islam, Says Muslim Council of Britain


Having multiple wives in Islamic cultures is a responsibility and not even a right, according to an article on the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) website.

According to the MAB, which describes itself as a “founding member of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Body (MINAB)”, it is “commonly believed that men have more rights than women because they can have 4 wives. However in Islamic culture having multiple wives is more responsibility than a right.”

The article written by someone named Azhanty Jheman, goes on to quote the Koran in support of the assertion that Muslims have a responsibility to have multiple wives.  The article does, of course, not go on to say exactly why it is a “responsibility” but the reason is obvious: so that Muslims can multiply faster than any other religious group and thereby expand their belief through demographic strangulation of other peoples.

This is exactly what is happening in Britain today: official figures show that the average Muslim woman has an average of seven children, while the average indigenous British woman has less than two.

It was announced last year that the British Government had already accepted that Muslim husbands with more than one wife in this country qualified for extra benefits even though they technically were breaking the anti-bigamy law.

The decision by the Government means that Muslims with multiple wives were cleared to claim state benefits for all their different partners.

A Muslim man with four spouses could receive £10,000 a year in income support alone. He could also be entitled to more generous housing and council tax benefit to reflect the fact his household needs a bigger property.

Ministers decided that polygamous marriages could be recognised formally by the state provided they took place overseas in countries where they were legal.

Guidelines on income support from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) state: “Where there is a valid polygamous marriage the claimant and one spouse will be paid the couple rate (£92.80).

“The amount payable for each additional spouse is presently £33.65.”

Income support for all of the wives may be paid directly into the husband’s bank account.

Four departments — the Treasury, the Department of Works and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs, and the Home Office — were involved in the review, which concluded that recognising multiple marriages conducted overseas was “the best possible” option.

An indigenous British person trying this multiple marriage trick will be punished under the bigamy laws by up to seven years in prison — never mind the additional charges which would follow from benefit fraud.

Once again, however, there is one law for British people and another for the Muslim community.

Muslim couples are only married in the eyes of the British state if they undergo a register office wedding as well as a Nikah, or religious ceremony.

Muslim groups say it is quite common for men here to undergo more than one Nikah with different wives. This does not count as bigamy since only the first marriage is legally recognised.

It is clear, therefore, that this legal loophole — encouraged and supported by the Government — is being used to colonise Britain for Islam via the womb.

15 thoughts on “We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women…part 3”

  1. I think it is about time that muslim readers started commenting on what is happening in Pakistan. I think that Pakistan is a model for what could happen to Europe if the muslim population in Europe exceeds 50 percent – Am I wrong?

  2. Please, you are asking them to criticise a political ideology that states that they are the chosen ones. Allah’s perfect people.
    Yesterday Dr Suhaib Hasan published an Article saying: “A woman might argue that she needs the dower to support her children. But the UK has child benefit so we know she will get money from the state”
    This is the attitude of a respected Imam. The infidels can be made to pay for their lifestyle. They believe that the English owe it too them!
    European Muslims think what is happening there is OK.

  3. Kaw, if the Muslim population is not de-radicalized and fails to integrate (not assimilate which is something else and wrong) and then becomes more than half the population, you will find that there will be war in the country.

    The European nations made a huge mistake in the early and mid 1970s when they, as part of a campaign to marginalise and score political points on many Muslim countries started accepting wholesale political assylum seekers (a diplomatic smack saying your country abuses its population) not realising that some of these refugees were being targetted because they were dangerous radicals. Thus there has been for over 30 to 40 years a steady creation and establishment of a radical religio-political network that is now showing its ugly head – that includes lawyers and low-to-middle level politicians and they are making their mark.

    1. Solkhar sez:

      “if the Muslim population is not de-radicalized and fails to integrate (not assimilate which is something else and wrong) and then becomes more than half the population, you will find that there will be war in the country.”

      See, sometimes you are making sense, Solkhar.

      Couldn’t agree more. (never thought we could agree on anything!)

      So now we should talk about how we can reverse Mohammedan infiltration and keep them away from Mohammedanizing our countries….

  4. Nick Griffin, BNP chairman, anti-Semite (shows how low the blog-owner will go to publish crap), associated with white-power groups in the 70s and well known to exagerate.

  5. Solker,

    thanks for being so predictable and going right for the man, since you have no argument and you can’t debate him.

    “Nick Griffin, BNP chairman, anti-Semite (shows how low the blog-owner will go to publish crap), associated with white-power groups in the 70s and well known to exagerate.”

    Just smears and defamation, solker? where is the beef? I deliberately didn’t comment on this article because I knew you would pounce on Nick Griffen.

    While I concede that the BNP is a movement that includes many creepy and dubious characters I have also noted that Griffen himself has come a long way and educated himself since the seventies. Contrary to your smears he is not guilty of anti-Semitism and apart from that the BNP is the only party in England that stands against the Islamization of the country, therefore they deserve the support of the wider population.
    What other choice do the native Brits have to take their country back?

  6. “What other choice do the native Brits have to take their country back?”

    Getting serious behind mainstream politics and change the way things are. It needs change, immigration needs to be revalued and extremism and radicalism – both Muslim an all the others, need to be stopped.

    As for Griffen, you are willing to call someone a whore and worse if you do not like them, the fact that Griffen is a part of a party that needs to be banned, I think I will continue to make my views.

  7. Since we seem to agree on something, lets work on it.

    Note I said integrate and not assimilate which I believe is wrong and immoral. We can discuss that another time.

    I have stated many times that the problem was caused by western governments trying to score “diplomatic points” over Muslim countries by allowing political assylum seekers whom in fact were these radical and violent middle-level leaders there. Thus they allowed them into the country and for some they have had 40 years to build an infrastructure and base in these western countries. They have strategies, helped supporters become lawyers, members of town halls and assemblies and even regional politics. It is these that help encourage one group over another to come, changed and manipulated laws and start the really crazy cycle of giving false hopes, promisses and demands on the new migrants. The greates coup they have had, with monumental success (and disaster for peace) is the “family reunion migration” concept that the UK and Australia fell for more than others. It allowed uneducated and illiterates to come to those countries if at least two siblings and a parent had already migrated. Thus, target groups of illeterate Pakistanis, Palestinians, Turks and Egyptians came in droves and were instantly supported, fed, clothed and indoctrinated under radical clerics.

    I have always supported strong immigration laws that must be reworked, calculated and linked with commitments if not contracts that demand a) renouncing of previous nationality, b) commitment to protect and serve the new nations integrity and laws and c) an effort to integrate, be a part of and support the national custom and standards. Failure should be, for immigrants deportation.

    What I do not have a solution or an idea for is the best way to re-integrate and eliminate the radicals. I think a standard for what is patriotism and incitement to intolerance/unacceptable behaviour needs to be worked out, put clearly in place and publicised and a period of time given with constant warnings to those that do not match that they are either going to have to leave or change their behaviour. Mosques, community organisation and those political action groups in particular.

    But, and this is were you will not like it, there has to be a commitment from the host government to protect and support the real aspirations and religous needs of the Muslim population. It has to be active, because through that you will get integration working. It means that there is no problem with hijabs, but burqas and viels can be outlawed in public and governement buildings. That Islamic schools are welcome if the statistics and demographics (and finances are found) justify it but it must follow the standards set under the laws – with scrutiny. If that is done well, even an Islamic College to be set and encourage well the growth of patriotic and integrated New European Imams.

    What is acceptable Islam for Europe, that is another question and as I said before, we in the Muslim world are shocked at what these freaks in Europe get away with, so those things are the first to go out the door. Get help from real Imams that fit the bill. No burqa, no talk of caliphate, shari’a laws, banning this and that. The stupid policeman that was shown with his very long beard and pants in his socks should be told to “shave and behave” or get out and the courts should not cave into fears of relgious abuse, such a policeman would never be allowed in a real Muslim country except maybe Afghanistan and Somalia.

    There is a lot that can be done, but it will be a hard nut to swallow, there will be mass outrage and eemonstrations and that is when, if those countries play their cards right, they should have an army of moderate Muslim Imams and Diplomats from actual Muslim Nations telling them what is really haram and not.

    Intersting topic here.

  8. This is England 2009! As scary as hell itself!

    As of late, i’ve seen an increase in bearded muslim men in full 7th century middle eastern garb around the town centre of my home town, a worrying development. Just recently they were pitched up outside the local Marks and Spencer, with what could only be described as a pikey market style stall, decorated with posters to the effect of “allah is the one true God”.

    I tend to walk my staffy pup in the town centre, and when I see stalls like that I tend to let her go on a little enthusiastic puppy rampage!

    It’s extremely satisfying to see mohammedans scatter as an “unclean” puppy trots up to them expecting some attention.

    Some wicked, despicable people in London (mainly blacks and mohammedans) choose to make dogs vicious and make them weapons in the truest sense of the word, but my staffy pup has been treated properly and is truely loveable. She hasn’t a bad bone in her body, and she has already learned to be gentle with children.

    Sometimes love is the best weapon! A friendly dog is what mohammedans fear, especially when it’s a pup that is still boisterous with youth, and will greet all strangers with the same enthusiasm.

  9. * This is England 2009! As scary as hell itself!

    The “god of forces” is on the march (Daniel 11)

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