What could be worse than having to prove your loyalty to an infidel nation state?

If the Obambinator doesn’t salute the flag and keeps his hand on his crotch, why should Mohammedans?

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  • It happened last week in Spring Hill, Florida: Heather Lawrence, a 16-year-old girl who plans to join the U.S. Army, was suspended for five days for insulting her hijab-wearing, seated classmate who refused to stand for the Pledge. This angered Heather, she said, since “our flag represents everything that our country is….You know, I made a not-so-kind remark, and I do sincerely apologize for referring to the thing on her head because that had nothing to do with it. But I told her, ‘Why don’t she act like she’s proud to be an American?’”

    Good question. But apparently by asking it, Heather Lawrence has committed a violation of human rights.

    Read it all.

    Same in the UK:

    Young British Muslims angry with police and media

    By Peter Griffiths/ Al Reuters

    LONDON (Reuters) – Many young British Muslims feel demonized by the police and the media and say they have come under pressure to prove their loyalty since the September 11 attacks and the 2005 London bombings, a study has found.

    The report for the Policy Research Center, an Islamic think tank, was intended to give young Muslims their own voice to counter assumptions made by outsiders.

    It said young Muslims had been portrayed in the media as a threat to society and often struggled to convince people that they can be both British and Muslim at the same time.

    Public debate over immigration, nationalism and integration has left them feeling under attack, while Britain’s role in Iraq and Afghanistan has only increased the pressure. More

    Counter Jihad:

    Islam is part of Germany

    Muslim fanatic wins right to call his son Jihad: …and German taxpayers have to pay the legal bill!  More from Bildvia Counter Jihad

    Islam is part of Afghanistan: A Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up outside a mosque in Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people with high-ranking officials among the dead and wounded, officials said.

    Islam is part of Egypt: Egyptian Muslims: It Is a Sin to Build a Church  (Fatwa)  “A Muslim who leaves a will for building a Church is committing a sin against God, just as if he left his inheritance for building a nightclub, a gambling casino, or building a barn for rearing pigs, cats or dogs.”

    Islam is part of New Zealand: A Hastings Muslim woman who was barred from entering a courtroom because she refused to take off her headscarf is going to lodge a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

    Islam is part of Australia too: A HOME-GROWN terrorist who was committed to violent jihad was jailed this afternoon. (Not to worry, I’m sure he was only part of a tiny minority of extremists…)

    Barack Obama: Islam is part of America: choke, spit: US President Barack Obama on Tuesday praised Islam as an integral part of America, as he feted prominent US Muslims at an Iftar dinner marking the holy fasting month of Ramadan. Obama praises American Muslims’ contribution

    3 thoughts on “What could be worse than having to prove your loyalty to an infidel nation state?”

    1. I think that possibly the woman making a big fuss in Hastings , NZ is a Maori convert. Muslims have been deliberately targeting Maori for a long time. They have produced the Koran in Maori.
      An Aussie , himself a convert I think , has been airing a programme on TV called the Voice of islam.

    2. It does not surprise me Kaw…Maori people are some of the most musical people on the planet…I got a letter published in a local paper awhile ago questioning why such musical people were becoming muslims.
      On the ex muslim sites ex converts say they were told various things before joining and then once they were fairly well sucked in , they were told a completely different story. They are being deliberatly deceived and manipulated.
      I was going to say how is a muslim being angry” news? ” Would we get our spot in the papers if we got angry? No of course not. I am interested to find out more about this judge. Apparently there is a no hat rule which is what he was applying. Good for him.

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