… an offer she can't refuse…?

Muslims of Tatarstan intend to invite Hillary Clinton to embrace Islam

Interfaximages-1From this…

Moscow, October 13, Interfax – Muslims of Tatarstan intend to offer USA State Secretary Hillary Clinton to adopt Islam during her visit to Kazan.

imagesto this?

“As an imam I have to do several things when I meet her (Clinton – IF). First, I will meet her with peace and mercy from the Almighty. Then I will tell her about monotheism and recommend to adopt Islam,” the Tvoy Den paper has cited imam-khatyb of the Kazan Zakaban Mosque Said-Jafar Lotfullin as saying on Tuesday.

He also believes he should ask USA State Secretary “not to infringe on Muslims rights in America, to develop Islamic cultural centers, to build more mosques.”

In frames of her visit to Russia, Clinton plans to hold talks with Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiyev in Kazan Kremlin and to visit Qul Sharif Mosque and the Annunciation Cathedral. She is expected to communicate with Muslim and Orthodox spiritual leaders and parishioners.

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2 thoughts on “… an offer she can't refuse…?”

  1. I wonder what her Muslim name will be?
    Aisha? No, Aisha was a young virgin until she was conceived at age nine by Megadeath.
    Dahlia? No, they already have a Dahlia.
    Afaf? No, that means chastity.
    Ameena? Out of the question.
    Musheera? Giving counsel …we’re getting close.
    Noor? Could be “light-headed.”
    Rasheeda? Wise; Mature? Well, I’m not sure about the wise part.

    I think Najwa would be perfect because it means “Secret Conversations” and she does a lot of that.

    I wouldn’t be a bit suprised if she doesn’t feel compelled to become a Muz!

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