The Italian Job

Milan bomb cell ‘do-it-yourself’


No link to terrorist groups, intelligence says

Not very intelligent, these spooks. Desperately trying not to see the 600 pound gorilla in the room…

(ANSA) – Milan, October 13 – A man who let off a bomb outside a Milan police barracks Monday was part of a ‘do-it-yourself’ cell with two others with no links to jihadi groups, Italian intelligence said Tuesday.

The three acted alone and were not linked to al-Qaeda or other Islamist fighters, the sources said.

They formed a one-off cell but were ”no less dangerous because of their isolation and because they were ready to die for their cause”.

* Now we start making sense. But why aren’t we told what “cause” it is that wants them to kill and die for it?

Police found some 40kg of ammonium nitrate and other bomb-making materials Tuesday and arrested the two accomplices of Mohamed Game, the Libyan who blew himself up early Monday after being spotted entering the barracks near the San Siro soccer ground.

The pair were named as Abdel Haziz Mahmoud Kol, an Egyptian neighbour of Game who allegedly drove him to the barracks, and Mohamed Imbaeya Israfel, a Libyan friend suspected of helping him make the bomb.

All three face the same charges in the bombing.

Only a small amount of the explosives detonated because of a defect in the device.

A Carabiniere corporal received a very slight hand wound but several people could have been killed if all the explosives had gone off, experts said.

Game, 34, was said to be stable in hospital after an operation to amputate his shattered right hand and repair the area around his blinded eyes.

The bomber, an unemployed electrical engineer whose Milan construction company went bust two years ago, has two children with an Italian woman and has lived in Milan on a regular permit for several years.

He appeared on the police radar in 2007 when he was accused of receiving stolen goods.

Friends told police Game had recently ”returned to Islam” and occasionally spoke of doing ”something for our religion”.

Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa said Monday a link with Italy’s part in the NATO mission in Afghanistan ”could not be ruled out”. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni called a meeting of the National Public Order and Safety Committee which began on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking ahead of the meeting he said ”the situation will be carefully assessed so we can take the right decisions”.

Experts say surveillance of mosques may be stepped up and security tightened at police stations and army bases.

Good idea…

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  1. * But why aren’t we told what “cause” it is that wants them to kill and die for it?

    Nothing to do with _ _ _ _ _, which is peace.

  2. Hey Sheik, is that the guy in the pic. or is that just a file pic?
    Because I don’t see any handcuffs on the perp.
    Maybe that’s the way they do things in Italy. I don’t know.

  3. That’s Mohamed Imbaeya Israfel, who helped to make the bomb. In Europe they only put handcuffs on a guy when he is known to be a ‘violent criminal’, which means the police in this case does not see him as such.

  4. Bombs, bomb plots, death and destruction, homicide bombers (women,children,pregnant women, the disabled), hiding behind women and children during firefights, stoning poor defenceless women who are accused of promiscuity, etc. etc. the list could go on and on. Tell me does Islam have anyrthing positive to offer humanity?

  5. Did you see the travesty on channel 4 UK last night ?
    Ostensibly , they were comparing the terrorism of the anarchist Jews of the 1920’s with today’s muslim terrorism .
    In fact , they were excusing muslim terrorism ;
    the Jews had no valid reason for their violence (which they didn’t ) but the muslims have reasons (which they don’t )
    One ‘ angry’ young muslim was complaining about the suffering of
    ‘ my people ‘ in afghanistan , iraq and somalia .
    The dumb cluck didn’t say who was responsible for all the suffering and violence , of course and channel 4 didn’t think to follow up and give some kind of balance .
    Sheer propaganda for the enemy .
    Shameful and suicidal!

  6. persikas:
    Was the author of the channel 4 UK programme Karen Armstrong by any chance?

    She excels at comparing medieval Jewish and Christian fundamentalism with present day muhammedan atrocities. As if Jews and Christians are murdering people willy-nilly around the globe, killing their women-folk to appease family ‘honour’ and so on…and on… and on… just as the followers of muhammed do.

    Not even in medieval times were Jews and Christians as savage as muhammedans.

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