Bleeding Hearts for Pali Arabs

Administrative Detention in Israel

Fatah prisoners to give their “salaries” to de-Judaize Jerusalem

Pali Arabs Behind Bars with No Recourse to Justice

Hundreds of Palestinians are kept behind bars in Israel without charges having been filed and with no access to a fair trial. Not even their lawyers are allowed to look at the evidence. Some governments in the West have expressed their concern, but the Israelis haven’t budged. By Christoph Schult more…

Reality Sux:

Islamic Jihad website brags about prisoner getting masters degree, the Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades website, has an article about PIJ leader Abd al- Rahman Rabia Shihab, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Hadarim prison Israel.

While in prison, Shihab received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology.

The article talks about how the Israeli authorities supposedly tried to stop him from taking these courses, but how he prevailed anyway. Which is really weird, because he received his degrees from Israel’s Open University and clearly he was allowed to take these classes by the Israeli prison authorities.

But, everyone knows that Palestinian Arab prisoners are routinely tortured, so perhaps the torture was scheduled while he was doing his homework.

Photo Gallery: Imprisoned in Israel

Reminder: Arabs Serve in IDF

Here’s a good reminder from the BBC to the media outlets that have had difficulty recognizing that Arabs do serve in Israel’s army. (Los Angeles Times and Washington Post, take note.) from snapshots>>>

Peanut Carter to Saudis: I’m the antidote to the Jewish Lobby

Sharia Banking Comes to Germany: Profits in the Name of Allah

Germany’s Muslims are finally getting a bank offering financial products that comply with Sharia law. It is a market worth billions, and one that many major banks around the world have long discovered. By Christoph Pauly more…

Photo Gallery: A Sharia Banking Market Worth Billions

Atlas Shrugs:

But it seems the American people will have none of his sedition, and China and India, two key dancers in the global footprint dance, refuse to go. Heh.

European Union set to outlaw objections to Islamic practices

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