Things Muslims Do…

(UK) Beheading Plotters Get Early Release – Back on the Streets…

….because we all know that long prison sentences “radicalize” Islamic terrorists .

Anjem Chaudrey waves his dirty little book…

Spinning Out Of Control: Honor Killings and Media Bias

We are entering an all-spin zone, a wild, weird and spooky season and I am not talking about Halloween.

With a few exceptions, the mainstream media continue to kill stories about honor killings and attempted honor killings in North America. How often did you read stories about the honor killings that took place in Toronto (07), Dallas (08), Atlanta (08), Oak Forest, Illinois (08), Alexandria (08), Buffalo (09), and Kingston, Canada (09)—on and on, until the most recent attempted honor killing in Phoenix? More from Phyllis Chesler

Other News:

Taliban increasingly using children as bombers, human shields: Canadian military

“There is one place west of Kandahar City where they shoot at us every day through a shield of children. They actually stack them up, with eight-year-olds at the front and 15-year-olds at the back.”

Taliban Using Children As Human Shields And Bombers

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A 12-year-old boy caught in the act as he placed a homemade bomb under a road in the volatile Zhari District on Friday grabbed a baby as a human shield to protect himself from attack from the U.S. helicopter that had spotted him.

Somali Islamists Force Civilians to Watch Executions…

‘Flying imams’ case is settled at our expense

The “flying imams” and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are declaring victory in their legal war against law-enforcement personnel and safety procedures at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Their “victory” — aided and abetted by a judge arrogantly dismissive of law-enforcement realities — is a major setback for transportation safety. Startribune

Turkey Turns Down Christians Seeking Protection…/ Allah doesn’t like competition…

Jihad Watch:

Peaceful Iranian ship laden with peaceful weapon seized off Yemen

Weapons for the Shi’ites who are rebelling against the Yemeni government. “Iranian ship laden with weapons seized off Yemen,” by Nasser Arrabyee for Gulf News

“Incidents” in France after a “youth” dies evading police

“After his death, at least 50 youths took to the streets and started to break windows at the entrance of Gabelle, an outskirt of the city. The youths also burned garbage, tires, a motorcycle and five vehicles in a shipyard, said the police. When the Police and the fire-fighters arrived on the scène, protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails against them. Then, the police retaliate by firing tear gas but it was unable to enter into Gabelle.”

Think about that last sentence for a minute.

“France/Civil unrest: clashes erupted in Fréjus after a young man killed himself,” from ESISC,

Saudi prof misunderstands Islam, says suicide bombings okay in Tel Aviv, not in Riyadh

Actually this is based on Koran 4:92, which forbids Muslims to kill other Muslims. But Infidels are fair game. “Saudi University Professor Salman Al-Abdali: Suicide Bombings Okay in Tel Aviv, Not in Riyadh,” from MEMRITV

Here comes the brain police:

When in Europe Watch What You Say – EU Attempts to Restrict Free Speech. Media Missing in Action

If all goes as planned, the 27 member states of the European Union will soon have a common hate crime legislation, which will turn disapproval for Islamic practices or homosexual lifestyles into crimes. Europe’s Christian churches are trying to stop the plan of the European political establishment, but it is unclear whether they will be successful. The media are silent on the topic. Brussels Journal

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  1. * (UK) Beheading Plotters Get Early Release – Back on the Streets…

    Good thing they didn’t commit a “hate crime”, like oppose the construction of a mosque…

  2. How can I get to Imam Anjem Chaudry so I may disembowel him and feed his entrails to dogs while he can still watch?

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