Detroit: "You cannot have a nonviolent revolution," Luqman Ameen Abdullah said

“Nothing to do with Islam”

Federal agents working on a counterterrorism task force in Detroit, Michigan reported that during a gun battle they shot and killed the Imam of an Islamic group. Agents say the gunfight began after Luqman Ameen Abdullah refused to surrender and face various criminal charges.

FBI “expert on Islam” speaks:

Andrew Arena, the head of the FBI office in Detroit, says the men follow “a very hybrid radical ideology” that mainstream Muslims “would not recognize.” (if you only knew, Andrew, if you only knew…)

Updates from JW:

Video: Muslims assault news photographers outside Detroit mosque where imam called for “offensive jihad”

Son of jihadist Detroit imam caught in Canada; two other jihadists still at large

Feds: Islamic Radical Killed in Mich. Raid

AOL News

Soup chef Abdullah

Abdullah received at least 20 percent of any profit and claimed the “Prophet Muhammad said that it is okay to participate in theft; as long as that person prays, they are in a good state”-

“And know that whatever ye take as spoils of war, lo! a fifth thereof is for Allah, and for the messenger and for the kinsman (who hath need) and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer…” — Koran 8:4

The FBI said Abdullah, also known as Christopher Thomas, was an imam, or prayer leader, of a radical group named Ummah whose primary mission is to establish an Islamic state within the U.S.

“Simply shoot a cop in the head…”

Abdullah told followers that it was their “duty to oppose the FBI and the government and it does not matter if they die” and to “simply shoot a cop in the head” if they wanted the officer’s bulletproof vest, Leon wrote.

Muslims are victims:

Imad Hamad, regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Dearborn, said the FBI briefed him about the arrests.  “We know that this is not something to be projected as something against Muslims,” Hamad said.

That’s what it’s always about, eh, Hamad? Not — “We’re going to teach against these ideas to try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Just more spurious claiming of victim status.

CAIR to the rescue:

But that description doesn’t match what Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter, said he knew of Abdullah.

“He would open up the mosque to homeless people. He used to run a soup kitchen and feed indigent people,” Walid said. “I knew nothing of him that was related to any nefarious or criminal behavior.”

Al-Amin, a veteran of the black power movement, started the group after he converted to Islam in prison.

“They’re not taking their cues from overseas,” said Jimmy Jones, a professor of world religions at Manhattanville College and a longtime Muslim prison chaplain. “This group is very much American born and bred.” Yep. That’s what happens when you allow Islam to infiltrate your country. It spreads like a fever…. Here’s more>>

Debbie Schlussel:

What You Won’t Hear About the Detroit Islamic Terror Raids: Priorities, Shmiorities; The CAIR Connection

Police on heightened alert after followers’ threats: Detroit police are on heightened alert after followers and family members of a slain mosque leader threatened to retaliate against officers, officials said today.

8 thoughts on “Detroit: "You cannot have a nonviolent revolution," Luqman Ameen Abdullah said”

  1. I was concerned when I kept reading references to his membership in a “radical” group. Frankly, I was afraid it was an offshoot (so to speak) of Jamaat ul Fuqra since those guys have set up a compound not far from us (in fact, the D.C. sniper probably went to ground there in between the shooting sprees).

    So I finally found out the name of his group :”Ummah”. And who is the leader? H. Rap Brown…didn’t even know the guy was still extant. He is currently enjoying the amenities of the federal pen in Colorado so maybe he runs things from there.

    Jamaat ul Fuqra draws its membership from the prison population also. And they tithe their welfare checks to Sheikh Jilani in Pakistan. Some brave souls have taken pictures from a crop plane of the compound near us. Scary stuff. And they have places all over the US. Just waiting for the word from Pakistan…

    Abdullah *did* belong to a group called MANA. Their tentacles reach into the rotting corpse of American academe:

    BTW, those creeps managed to kill an FBI dog.

  2. * Andrew Arena, the head of the FBI office in Detroit, says the men follow “a very hybrid radical ideology” that mainstream Muslims “would not recognize.”

    Pick me! Pick me! (pick anyone in here, apart from the trolls)

  3. “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads,
    maim them in every limb!” – “allah”, via his false prophet Mo, Sura 8:12
    blasphemous koran.

    Doesn’t really matter what the vast majority of American muslims espouse; it is what “allah” and the false prophet espouse that is
    causing all the trouble.

  4. This is the most ridiculous website I’ve ever seen. I knew Imam Luqman, personally, known him my whole life, I know most of the people in the community and I know all his children. He was the one of the best, kind, funny, smiling, people I knew (God is my witness).
    Its kinda funny how you can find and quote fromrandom articles from all over and publish it as scripture, especially when the sources, like the FBI are known for being trustworthy (some satire for you idiots).
    How many articles did you find that say how many times he was shot by the FBI?
    18 times before being handcuffed.
    Twice after.
    And I went to the funeral today, it was beautiful. May Allah give him the best of the hereafter!

  5. Young Muslim,
    You are ridiculous – you have lied to protect a dead terrorist! And G_D is a witness!

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