UK: "Buckingham Mosque Belongs to Allah…"

You can’t make this s*#t up:

By David Pilditch/Daily Express

A FANATICAL Muslim group campaigning to impose sharia law on Britain wants to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque, it was revealed last night.

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The world belongs to Allah:

“In recent years the world has witnessed an Islamic resurgence which continues to grow in strength.

“We find ourselves in the year 2009, waiting for Rome to fall, waiting for the White House to fall and indeed waiting for Buckingham Palace to fall.”

Choudary said that under sharia law the Queen’s official residence in London would have a dome fitted and a tannoy system to call followers to prayer.

The Palace would be used as a judiciary court for handing down sharia punishments and a detention place for “prisoners of war”.

In addition, the building would become the headquarters of the Islamic States’ supreme leadership and the Department of Information and Culture.

Choudary also called for the Crown Jewels to be melted down into “more appealing jewellery, free from idolatrous engravings or symbols such as crosses or human beings”.

Islam4UK’s website shows mock-up images of the Palace as a mosque and the Crown Jewels being melted.

Choudary added: “At present, Buckingham Palace is nothing more than a hollow building exploited by the rich and withheld from any real use.

“Under the sharia this would never happen, rather the British community would see it converted into a flourishing mosque which would be of a great benefit, not only for those residing in London but also the country as a whole.”

The Islam4UK movement is made up of leading members of the banned radical al-Muhajiroun group which was once led by Choudary. Around 15 per cent of people convicted in the UK of terrorism-related offences in the last decade were either members of the group or had links to it.

The Centre for Social Cohesion last night warned of the dangers of Choudary’s preachings.

Houriya Ahmed, a researcher for the independent think-tank , said: “I think they are just doing this for publicity.

“Anjem Choudary is a ridiculous man. But that does not mean his ideology is not dangerous.”

Muslim leader Abdul Hamid Qureshi, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: “The sad fact is that this organisation is driving the agenda. What they are saying is totally wrong. They are only a small bunch of people. There is no sense in it – it is not Islam.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We are discussing the potential demonstrations on October 31.”

In other News:

Bunglawussi Watch is pleased with Boris Johnson’s sucking up to Islam;  no wonder, because  he is from a long line of illustrious Turks:

Boris has his eye on re-election in 2012 and is prepared to take a more pragmatic view than Phibbs. In the 2008 mayoral contest the publicising of Boris’s offensive journalistic remarks about Islam led to a significant mobilisation against him among Muslims in the capital, where they make up 8% of the population. This could well have cost Boris the election. So maintaining and publicising Eid in the Square is one of Boris’s ways of mending fences with Muslim Londoners, and if it means working with the Islam Channel and giving its CEO Mohamed Ali Harrath a platform then Boris is prepared to go along with that. More>>

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  1. The best reason so far for an Australian republic. (not that I’m really pushing for one)

  2. I think these militants should be deported. But they’re not, which couldn’t possibly be because goverment is afraid of them, now, could it? Poor Plod!

  3. I have a feeling saturday could potentially be the catalyst for an all out civil war! The vile vermin anjem choudary is boasting about being able to mobilise thousands of muslims to march on Downing Street and Westminister, in my opinion and undoubtedly the opinion of much of the British folk, is that this is a hostile invading army preparing for war!

    I am literally praying to God that we have enough British troops left in our island to contain this mob, as our police force will be impotent to control them once it all kicks off! How many more people need to be hurt or even killed for our establishment to wake and realise that our cultures are entirely at odds with each other???

    But then again, that’s probably the plan, isn’t it? The British people, who’ve developed this country to a certain status and power, and aided in the progression of the entire human race up till about the 1960’s, have done their job, we have now contributed to our own downfall, and are no longer needed! Nu-lab will now follow in the footsteps of their idols Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mugabe etc and begin the process of extermination, simply because they wish to retain power and control!

    I am absolutely disgusted with the depth of betrayal our political leaders have subjected us to!!!

  4. good luck Davey..we have posted on these topics is war..but how long will it be before anyone really says it is war??…the regular posters on here know this and many shun us , but one day the world will wake up and say in one voice…It is WAR.

  5. Excellent post Davey Crockett. I agree with everything you said – 100%. Saturday is a real worry. You are absolutely correct – it is a preparation for War. This Canadian, will be closely watching on Saturday – because I am very uneasy about how things are going turn out – in my family’s ancestral home. One of many things that worry me about Saturday, and the future war with Islamists – is that ordinary citizens are not prepared, trained, or armed. Inevitably many innocent people will be seriously harmed or worse. Furthermore, to make matters even worse, the Government continually sides with Islamists. When the blood starts to flow, and I believe it will – who will the Government be fighting against – Islamists or native Brits who are comprised of all colors, and religions? I think we both know the answer to that question. The UK government has consistently betrayed the very people they were obligated to protect. God help all of you.

    I’m very glad my parents aren’t alive to witness these things. Both would be beside themselves – especially my Father who fought in Europe during the War.

    Please keep us posted on what’s going on, keep your wits about you & stay safe.

  6. Muslims already have a claim on Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

    Quote: from article dated 30th September 2006.
    Queen grants Muslim prayer room
    The Queen has given permission for a room in Windsor Castle to be used as an area for Muslims to pray.

    The move came after 19-year old Nagina Chaudhry who works at the visitors’ shop in Berkshire, asked for somewhere to pray during Ramadan.

    A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said an office had been set aside for Miss Chaudhry to use as a lunchtime prayer chamber.

    A similar facility for Muslims already exists at Buckingham Palace.

    I wonder if there is an “office set aside” for any other religion? Not that Islam is a religion. It is a political cult.

    Another more detailed article by Ruki Sayid, 30/09/2006, at:

    Sickening! The Queen is as bad as her son, Prince Charles.

    Find her on the House Of Commons Website.

  8. one love – writing to Jacqui Smith won’t make any difference. The Government stopped listening to folks like you a long time ago. They listen to the Saudis and others like them. It sickens me to say it, but your views are totally irrelevant to them. The bastards have sold the UK lock, stock and barrel. What do you think that lovely visit by the Saudi King was all about? He was having a look at his new possession – England.

  9. Hate to tell you guys, jacqui smiff is no longer home secretary, she’s gone, and afterwards admitted that she wasn’t qualified for the position. We now have alan johnson, an ex post office union official, another highly qualified labour politician!

  10. I feel I owe nothing less than my entire being moving against militantcy. But the Queen is cultivating harmony which could lead to…well, who knows? I have had two occasions that were directly affected for the good because of Royal intervention. I know Republicans will scoff.

  11. One Love. loved the Jacqui Smith comment. Gone for pocketing 100 grand of our cash. But of course these Madmadians are not concerned Dutch politicians trying to avert the coming European Civil War are they? They are trying to provoke it with the able assistance of the UK government and its deliberate genocide of the Brits.

    Those of you in the UK will know the anger being felt by all of us.Dont fear though , most of the army is in the UK and they know, as the government does not,whose side they are on.

  12. I heard recently that the Saudis are very concerned that there are so few muslims in South Korea so they are turning there attention to South Korea’s muslims and doing as they have been doing elsewhere..pouring the money in.
    So many South Koreans are such strong Christians…I can’t imagine that this incursion will be welcomed.
    And then the Saudis have the check to say that after their oil runs out they will be expecting aid from the West.

  13. Infidelicious – Hope you are right about the military. I agree that there are deliberate efforts to commit genocide on the British people. I haven’t a clue what will trigger all out … but tensions are rapidly building, and I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

  14. Red Rose, There’s already a room set aside in Windsor (st. Georges chapel, its really quite famous, ) and in Buckingham palace(the guards chapel) for Christians to Pray, is it really so bad awful that an office is opened a few times a year for someone to talk to an imaginary being?

  15. Levi,
    In answer to your question to Red Rose … Yes!!!
    It is poor form when the simple act of allowing a room for muslims to pray is then exploited with a barrage of selfish and unreasonable requests from muslims with these requests often infringing on our basic freedoms.

  16. We seriously need to let the militant Muslims amongst us know that we wont stand for much more of their demands. It was OUR fathers and grandfathers who fought to keep this land safe for us and our descendants. It was they whobuilt the houses, worked the land and who are buried in our soil. WHY are we letting this happen? WHY are we giving away our children’s inheritance, we are the authors of our own suicide…it truely is incredible, and so sad. Where I might ask is the English BullDog Spirit when we most need it?

  17. For record on The Winds Of Jihad, the Islamists failed to take over England on October 31st. as they had previously boasted that they would. We won the day, they lost.

  18. That right Annie – you carrying that spirit but you just don’t know it yet. That is partly why the nice “harmless” PC bunch are quite nervous.

  19. The more I think about the phrase political correctness the more irritated I feel, because no politician has the right to tell me what is correct.

    You’ve only got to insist on a proper Christmas, and object to what is called Winteral, the PC religion-free subsitute, to see the fear from the PC bunch. These pussycats are also nervous of offending the Muslims .

    The PC lobby are naive/misinformed, but they will be having their eyes opened very wide, as the stall that those pesky far-right parties lay out looks more and more attractive. To put it another way, tax-payers aren’t going to want to foot the bill for immigrants indefinitely.

    The coninuing UK recession will stop this absurd and unreciprocated generosity.

  20. @ One Love

    Just recently i’ve heard tales of Christmas being totally outlawed in several county councils around England, as England is no longer a Christian country. There was a short segment about it on London Tonight, an ITV news programme, as was recounted to me by my grandmother. Like many Brits, my grandmother (wrongly) still votes labour, and hates anything even mildly associated with the nartsies and mosley’s BUF. She hates that I have an affliliation with the BNP, however small, because the press have built them up as the next big thing in “racist politics”. According to the Daily Mirror, and the Mail if there is to be another holocaust it’ll be at the hands of the BNP…..

    Hope not hate they say…..

    But the hate is not coming from the BNP, nor the EDL, or even from the National Front. The hate is coming from nu-labour, the conservatives and the muslims they continuously try to court at every opportunity. For every Nick Griffin they try to present as a homophobe and islamophobe, there are ten thousand anjem choudary’s spouting true hatred. Believe me when I say that anjem choudary’s views are not extreme amongst the islamic community, they are the very basis of islamic belief!!!

    Unless there is a very serious and abrupt change in both the government and the attitude amongst voters, especially our elder voters who make up a large percentage of our electorate, Britain will fall to a force a hell of a lot more sinister than the nazi’s.

    In fact the death toll could make the holocaust pale in comparison many times over….

    I do not mean this as a mark of disrespect to the Jews who suffered horribly at the hands of the nazi’s, but if islam takes over, i’d say around 70% of British people (around 40million) would rather be put to death than live under the oppressive sharia law!!!

  21. “… Britain will fall to a force a hell of a lot more sinister than the nazi’s. …”

    Two sinister forces rising to power together: Mystery, Babylon the Great, and the Antichrist & false prophet.

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