Erdogan Flatulence

Turkish Delusions

Tayyip “I am  the slime” Erdogan:

Israel Is the Only Country in the Region with Nuclear Weapons- lets be fair and nuke Israel….

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan

Lets be fair:  Kemal Ataturk remarked:

“Islam is an absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, a rotting corpse which poisons our lives.” (suck that, Tayyip!)


“Why is it that nobody talks about the issue of Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, a fact that has never been contested in the international arena?” added Erdogan, calling the whole world to deal with this matter.

Erdogan asked “Why are people talking about Iran who has done nothing, while they keep silent on the nuclear weapons possessed by Israel who has done a lot in Gaza, including using phosphorus weapons.”

“Islamic Fairness:” He called the world to leave Iran aside and direct attention to Israel, “We have to be fair if we really seek world peace.” More from Sanna

Turks intolerant of religious diversity, says poll

A survey conducted by a private research company has shown that a great majority of the public does not want atheists, Jews or Christians for neighbors and also disapproves of their employment at top state institutions, the Radikal daily reported yesterday.

Conducted by the Frekans research company as part of a project to promote the Turkish Jewish community and its culture, the poll gauged Turks’ views on different ethnic and religious groups in Turkey, the Jewish community in particular. Fifty-seven percent of 1,108 people surveyed in the poll said they did not want to have atheist neighbors, while 42 percent said they did not want Jewish neighbors and 35 percent of respondents were reluctant to have Christian neighbors. More>>

Turkey spys on Christians: police suspected in Malatya murders

In German/no translation unfortunately…

Oh joy! Hamas has acquired ‘advanced’ anti-tank missiles

AT-3 Sagger missile

World Tribune is reporting that Hamas has acquired ‘advanced‘ anti-tank missiles during mid-2009. The missiles were smuggled in from Egypt through the tunnels (Hat Tip: Free Republic). The report is based on ‘Israeli military sources.’ Carl has more>>

Former Arafat aide: Third Intifada on its way

From our “thousand little wars on Israel” department

“The Palestinians are preparing themselves to carry out another Intifada of independence and freedom in response to Israeli violations, massacres and policies against the Palestinians and their land, against Jerusalem, the confiscation of land and the geographic separation of the Palestinian territories,” said the former Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) spokesperson in a press conference in Ramallah. Ma’an News

“Kill Jews” Pamphlets Spread All Over Brooklyn

US Delusions:

U.S. intel: We’ve infiltrated Al Qaeda

Current and former senior U.S. officials, who spoke about intelligence matters on the condition of anonymity, confirmed what one former CIA official called “our penetration of al-Qaeda.” A senior administration official said that success had come “because of, first of all, very good intelligence capabilities . . . to locate and identify individuals who are part of the al-Qaeda organization.”

You wish!

But do we have a warrant? Do the parties know they are being taped or spied upon? Is this entrapment?

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4 thoughts on “Erdogan Flatulence”

  1. “Why is it that nobody talks about the issue of Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, a fact that has never been contested in the international arena?”

    I think it has something to with the fact that Israeli leaders are fairly reasonable, sensible people who aren’t prone to temper tantrums that would put the entire world in danger over trivial matters, such as for example a teddy bear.

    Leaders of the islamic world are fanatical, genocidal, schizophrenic lunatics, as per the example given by their prophet. Allowing any islamic country to have nukes is almost certainly a recipe for disaster!!!

  2. I’m with Senator David Crockett on this one as well.

    What we are dealing with in Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the 50 some-odd members of the League of Arab Nations.
    They are led by Islamic psychopaths, tyrants bent on the destruction of Israel and the erasure of all jews and infidels world-wide who do not accept their religio-politico-al-shari’ah Islamic doctrine of evil.
    Putting nukes in the hands of lunatics such as these is like putting sticks of dynamite into the hands of un-trained chimps on the Fourth of July.

  3. The arab league has 22 members.
    The organization of the islamic conference has 56.
    sorry for the mistake!

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